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Profender Spot-On

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Manufacturer: Profender / Type: Wormer

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2010 09:02
      Very helpful



      Mew is happy - we are happy!

      I am pleased to announce that we have finally found a suitable product for making sure that Mew, our gorgeous cat, doesn't get worms!

      To begin at the beginning Mew was living rough in the Great Orme Country Park in Llandudno when we went to live on the slopes of the Orme. He came to us and mewed so pitifully we let him adopt us - incidentally the mewing led to his name if you hadn't guessed!

      As he had been fending for himself he was, and still is, a good hunter and regularly brings back mice and the occasional rabbit or pigeon. This in turn means that we have to be very careful about keeping his worming treatments up to date and that's where the problem started!

      The first product that we tried was Bob Martin's Granules which were sprinkled on Mew's food and after trying a mouthful of the food he was violently sick! I have written a review about these granules and I did get my money back from Bob Martin's.

      Our next idea was to try tablets and for a while we used Drontal tablets but Mew eventually got wise to the fact that we tried to hide them in his food and would either eat round them or just leave his food completely until it was replaced with tablet free food. Again I have written a review on these if you are interested.

      Last September we had to take Mew to the vets with a slight eye infection and as he was due to have his worming tablets I took them to the vets with us. When she had finished treating Mew's eye I held the tablets in my hand and pointed first to the tablets and then to Mew and said, 'How do I get one of these into one of those?' She laughed and held Mew's head in one hand, opened his mouth and popped in the tablets rubbing his throat so that they went down into his tummy before he could spit them out! I didn't see me being able to do that with such efficiency somehow!

      She then said that there was a liquid available on prescription that would suit Mew and that it has to be put on the back of his neck in the same way that we do his flea and tick drops. She suggested that we try the next time he was due for his treatment. This sounded like the product that we had been looking for!

      Sure enough when he was due his next worming treatment we popped into the vets to ask about this liquid. The assistant first had to check Mew's file to make sure that the vet had checked that it would be ok for Mew to use the product. It is not suitable for all cats and it is only available on prescription.

      After all the relevant checks had been made she sold us a phial of Profender Spot On, the correct level of application for a cat of Mew's size, at a cost of £5.78. This was only one treatment and sounds a bit expensive but to be honest I was expecting it to cost more like £15 as we had bought it from the vets and the fact that it was only available on prescription. Anyway if it was easy to use, suited Mew and did the job it was worth every penny!

      The product came with a full set of instructions on how to use it, which cats it was suitable for, what side effects might appear, special warnings and how to dispose of the empty carton.

      The phial containing the liquid was bright blue and a flat triangle in shape with a long application piece on the one corner. To use the Profender you just have to cut the end off the straight piece so that the liquid can be squeezed out of the triangle bit through the straight piece and onto the cat, I hope that makes sense!

      To apply the liquid I held Mew on my lap and spread the fur on the back of his neck so that his skin was visible and Dave cut off the end of the applicator and squeezed the liquid onto Mew's skin. It didn't cause him any problems initially as he is used to having his flea treatment applied in this way and he is very good about it. I just kept him on my lap for a minute or so fussing him and telling him what a good boy he was and then he jumped off my lap no worse for his experience.

      It would have been easy enough for me to apply the treatment alone but it was even easier for Dave to help me. After we had finished we threw the empty phial in the dustbin and we both washed our hands well as instructed on the leaflet enclosed with the Profender. We were also advised not to touch the area of treatment on the cast until it was completely dry although we avoided stroking Mew on the back of his neck of a couple of days.

      The main side effect that we were warned about on the instruction leaflet was that the cat might salivate or vomit after application but this was because he may manage to get some of it in his mouth when grooming whilst the liquid is still wet. Sure enough that is exactly what Mew did! He was slightly sick about twenty minutes after the application of the Profender, but it didn't seem to trouble him and he was fine afterwards. I think next time we use it I will try and get him to sit on my lap for a little while longer until the liquid is dry. He'll get more fuss so he should be okay with that!

      Anyway Mew then went out for a walk and I didn't really think any more about it until he returned. His neck had a brown patch on it! Bearing in mind that Mew is a predominantly white cat I was horrified - I thought that it was some kind of allergic reaction and began to panic.

      I calmed myself down and found the instruction leaflet and read the 'Special Warnings' again. It states that 'the solvent in this product stain certain materials including leather, plastics, fabrics and finished surfaces' - what they forgot to say was that it may stain the cat!

      Anyway this information reassured me and Mew certainly wasn't bothered by his new colouring so I just kept an eye on him to make sure that he was ok. The stain wore off after a couple of days with no lasting effects so it wasn't a problem.

      The final thing that we need to know is did the treatment work? Well the answer to that is a definite yes! Mew has been worm free and we will be buying another application of this product from the vet when he is due for his next treatment three months after this one.

      There are a few warning to bear in mind when using this product and as I said earlier these are all clearly stated on the instruction leaflet. It is advised that pregnant ladies either do not apply this product or at least take extra care when doing so. You must not smoke, eat or drink during application - although I can't imagine why you would want to do this anyway! You must wash your hands thoroughly after you have finished using the product and not touch the area treated until the liquid is completely dry. If you accidentally spill any onto your skin you should wash immediately with soap and water and if you get any in your eyes you should wash it out with clear water straight away. So really it is all common sense really.

      All in all I would recommend this product without hesitation. It was much less stressful for both Mew and for us as it was so much easier to administer and at least we knew that he had received the complete treatment instead of us wondering just how much of his tablets had actually got inside him!


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