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Puppy Kong Dental Stick

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2014 02:09


      • fun


      Long lasting and keeps him busy for hours sometimes

      I actually did not realise this was a puppy toy, we have had it since he was a puppy but he still uses it today. I remember when we first bought this we had a can of flavoured stuff that we used to spread into it and he would lick and chew at it to get it out, after a while we stopped buying because our dog trainer at the time said to use peanut butter instead and we still do to this day.

      This toy is basically a rubber item shaped a bit like a toilet roll, about the same length actually but thinner. All the way around it there are shallow groves that you are meant to fill with the paste and then give it to your puppy, they should chew at the rubber to get to the paste, the idea is that while doing so the rubber flaps rub against the teeth and clean them and also massage the sore gums.

      Alf has always loved this but along the way we had forgotten it was a puppy toy and its now classified as one of his self entertainment toys. Basically a toy that we give him to occupy himself with for a decent period of time when we are out. We simply fill some of the grooves with peanut butter and he spends a good hour or so licking the bits out of it. He has several similar toys and he really enjoys them all.

      This is in it's 3rd year now and still with us so it's doing well! It's very easy to clean, it just goes under the tap and gets washed with some washing up liquid. I would not advise using this on carpets as the product can come out of the gaps sometimes.

      I do not know if it ever helped him much with teething as he still killed the entire skirting board while he was teething but it certainly did and still does keep him very much occupied.

      This is available at Pets at Home for £5.00 for the small and £7.00 for the medium.

      I have no problem recommending this as a puppy teething toy or even just one to keep them entertained.


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  • Product Details

    For playful tooth cleaning and gum massage - especially suitable for puppies

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