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Red and White Dog Jumper

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Brand: Pets At Home / Type: Dog Jumper

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 21:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely jumper for your dog

      I am not the type of person to dress my dog up in outfits really, or at least not in a Paris Hilton way, but I do like to get Sawyer the odd coat or jumper so that a) he looks super cute, and b) he feels slightly humiliated (it's revenge for all the barking and chewing he does).

      I was in Pets At Home just before Christmas buying his presents, and this caught my eye due to the bright colour. As Sawyer is a miniature schnauzer, he gets groomed around every 8 weeks in order for him to look properly schnauzery, and I had noticed that during the winter, after grooming, he would sometimes shiver in an attention-seeking and dramatic fashion. Therefore I decided to get him this in case he was feeling the cold too much with most of his fur gone.

      The jumper comes in 4 different sizes - Extra small, small, medium and large. I bought Sawyer the large version and it fits him perfectly.

      This is made from wool and just looks like a typical stripey woolly jumper. It has a design of thick white and red stripes, which is perfect for winter/Christmas. The red is a rich, dark red - not quite maroon but closer to that than orangey red. At the top of the jumper is two wooden buttons - when worn, the buttons sit at the top of your dog's back.

      This jumper has no zips or buttonholes - you just pop it over your dog's head and then put their front paws into the sleeves. There are no sleeves for your dog's back legs. The jumper covers your dog's back, and is cut slightly shorter on the bottom half, so your dog's entire belly will not be covered.

      This is nice and stretchy due to the material, so I have had no problem getting this on and off Sawyer. I have found that it maybe stretches a tad too easily, particularly when Sawyer runs around attempting to get it off by running along the side of the sofa.

      I have washed this once and it doesn't seem to have affected the look or feel of the jumper too much. It didn't shrink or stretch it either.

      While this comes in 4 sizes, this is really only suitable for small dogs. Miniature schnauzers are not especially big dogs, and yet I had to buy the large size for Sawyer. I can only assume the extra small are for dogs the same size or smaller than a chihuahua! Therefore sadly I cannot recommend this for large dogs.

      I love the colours of the jumper, it was perfect for the winter and looked very festive, but it can be worn at any point during the year, really.

      After a few wears, one of the buttons fell off. This of course can be sewn back on easily, but I will be keeping an eye on them while Sawyer is wearing this, in case he swallows one. I don't think they are big enough for a dog to choke if they swallowed a button, but it's something to be aware of.

      The fact that the jumper is cut shorter along the belly has proven a big advantage - this means that if Sawyer is wearing it while we're out for a walk, he can have a pee without the jumper getting wet (ugh).

      This can be bought on the Pets At Home website, or in their stores.

      The extra small, small and medium sizes cost £8.49, while the large costs £9.99. A tenner is perhaps a lot to pay for a jumper for a dog, but I was caught up in the spirit of Christmas present buying! I still think it was worth the price as Sawyer looks ridiculously cute in it, and it kept him warm over the coldest winter months.

      I would recommend this - it's cute, and will keep your dog cosy and comfortable.


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