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Safe4 Pets Disinfectant

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Manufacturer: Safe4 / Type: Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2010 21:27
      Very helpful



      Hamster cage or stable? There's a Safe4Pets product for whatever the job.

      *What is Safe4Pets Disinfectant?*
      This disinfectant is produced by the Safe4 company, who produce a small range of disinfectant aimed at different areas of usage- including Safe4People, for use in hospitals, dentists, restaurants and domestic home use, and Safe4Pets which is their product for cleaning animal areas and equipment.

      *The product itself*
      With an exceptionally large collection of pets that includes dogs, cats, small animals, parrots, reptiles and even a couple of donkeys and a goat, hygiene is obviously my paramount concern. I've numerous pet cages, enclosures, vivariums and of course a stable to clean aswell as seemingly endless stacks of feeding bowls to scrub, copious amounts of pet toys to rinse and of course, all the usual bits and pieces such as litter trays and blankets to keep fresh.

      So therefore the need for a high quality, broad spectrum, pet safe disinfectant is obviously a very great one, and I need something of professional quality that I can be sure isn't going to let me and my animals down.

      I'm a bit OCD-like when it comes to cleanliness regarding my animals, with so many pets, there is of course the ever present risk of germs and illness spreading between them, and if I didn't stay 100% on top of my cleaning regime, there is the horrible thought of them falling ill through unsanitary conditions. As you all know though- my pets are my life, and I dread to think of any one of them becoming ill or unhappy through living in dirty spaces, so I am bit like the Kim & Aggie of the animal world- all pet areas and living spaces are thoroughly scrubbed and disinfectant at least weekly, and things like feeding bowls are done everyday, in a bid to keep all the animals happy and healthy.

      There is where Safe4Pets disinfectant comes in. Normal household cleaners are generally too harsh or strong to use in areas that pets frequent, not to mention many of them will not kill most germs that could possibly be found in pet living spaces and on pet related equipment, so it is always important to use a disinfectant designed specifically for pets, and Safe4Pets is my number one choice.

      Safe4Pets comes in three formats- you can purchase it in bottles of undiluted neat disinfectant, in trigger spray bottles of 'ready mixed' diluted disinfectant or tubs of disinfectant wipes- the only thing that differs is the way the disinfectant is presented since all three formats have the same super germ busting properties!

      Safe4Pets is a anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved product and kills a whole host of nasty bugs and germs including canine parvovirus, feline immundeficiency virus, kennel cough, ring worm, tetanus, feline leukaemia, swine flu, tuberculosis, avian flu, MRSA and E Coli.

      It's formula does not contain any harmful phenols or alcohol and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-staining and will not irritate your pets skin or paws (if used at the correct dilution rate)- meaning animals can be placed back into their enclosures before the disinfectant is fully dry. It has a neutral pH level of 7.6 and is water based and biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice!

      The packaging differs depending on which Safe4Pets product you use, but they all seem to follow a very basic, minimalist design and give full details for use on all of the product packaging, as well of contact details for the Safe4 company.

      *Price & Availability*
      As far as I am aware, Safe4Pets disinfectant is only available online, and I purchase all our supplies direct from the Safe4 online shop (www.safe4pets.co.uk/shop). Prices as follows:

      500ml 'Ready to Use' Trigger Spray- £3.95
      900ml Disinfectant Concentrate- £10.21
      5 litre Disinfectant Concentrate- £29.13
      200 Wipes tub- £14.69
      500 Wipes bucket- £40.53

      (Oh and if you happen to own a zoo or something, 25 litre drums of concentrate can be purchased for £133!!).

      The disinfectant comes in three varieties- odourless, mint or apple scented.

      *My opinion*
      Since I own so many pets, buying those little bottles of normal disinfectant spray from the pet shops just isn't practical- I'd probably get through about ten a week! So since I've owned such a large number of animals, the easiest and most economical choice for me has always been to buy in bulk- big 5 litres bottles of concentrate from online stores.

      For many years, I quite happily used a product called Trigene, which is an exceptionally high quality broad spectrum disinfectant widely used in hospitals, vets, dentists, restaurants etc, and I was very happy with it. I never had an animal fall ill through contact with germs, so it obviously killed all what it was supposed to, and it always left areas clean and fresh. However every bottle I purchased seem to steadily rise in price, and when I went to order a new bottle towards the end of last year and discovered the price was now standing at £60 for 5 litres (bearing in mind I get through 5 litres in a month)- I decided it was time for a change!

      I knew I had to be realistic- if I went for any of the very cheap disinfectant concentrates that retail for as little as £5 for 5 litres, then I knew they wouldn't kill all the germs that I needed them to, so I set myself a budget of around £30, and browsed online to see what I could find.

      After a while of searching, I stumbled across the Safe4 range, and couldn't believe my luck- could it really offer all what it claimed (basically killing the same nasties as Trigene) for half the price?! Well, there was only one way to find out- I ordered a bottle of the 5 litre concentrate, in the apple fragrance and gave it a shot.

      As soon as it arrived, I began using it in the same way I would with Trigene- using it diluted to scrub out hutches, small animal cages, parrot stands, my aviary, my stable and all the other bits and bobs my pets use- such as feeding bowls, toys and litter trays, and I was very impressed- when diluted with hot water, it brought all areas and items up fresh and clean, removing all traces of food, urine, faeces, dried on bedding, dirt, grime and debris- and left behind a wonderful, fresh, clean fragrance. First impressions- top marks!

      In order to give it a fair trial, I continued using it until my first bottle ran out (approx. 1 month) and waited to see how it compared to my usual Trigene. Well, each and every time I used it, it performed excellently, and gave brilliant results- cleaning every surface spotlessly clean, and removing all traces of soiling, so I was more than happy to make the permanent switch from Trigene, to Safe4Pets.

      With my next order I purchased some of their wipes too, and found these incredibly handy for wiping down the bars of rodent cages, the glass of vivariums, and giving pet bowls and toys a quick freshen up between proper washes. Safe and assured in the knowledge that even the quickest wipe over was killing a whole array of nasty germs and bacteria, that had the potential to make my animals ill.

      For small areas, such as hamster cages, I tend to use one capful of concentrate in a 5 litre bucket of water, and use this to scrub everything out, and then for larger areas, such as rabbits hutches and runs, I use a dilution rate of 2 capfuls in a 5 litre bucket, increasing the dilution rate according to the task in hand- for example, I have 3 macaws that use parrot stands, and they often make them very messy (bird poo is a night mare to remove!) so I add around 25ml of concentrate to 5 litres of water for this job, and similarly, in my stable that my 2 donkeys and goat use, I dilute the disinfectant at a 100ml in 5 litre rate- increasing this all the way up to 200ml in the area in which they toilet in when shut in their stable at night.

      For small items, such as dog/cat toys, or feeding bowls- a couple of drops in some hot water is all that is required to get items hygienically clean.

      I also find the disinfectant great for soaking my dogs and cats bedding in prior to washing and sometimes I even add a capful to my washing machine alongside regular detergent if they've made their beds particularly dirty (I have a separate washing machine for pet bedding use), and it freshens and cleans their beds fantastically well.

      To conclude, I cannot rate this product highly enough, and I only wish I had found it sooner! I purchase a 5 litre bottle of disinfectant concentrate and a 200 tub of wipes monthly, totalling around £45, and I believe this disinfectant is just as good as the Trigene I previously used, which like I mentioned earlier cost £60 for 5 litres of disinfectant alone.

      The fact animals can be placed back into their areas whilst the disinfectant is still wet is just priceless and so handy- for example, in horrible wet weather, when my donkeys and goat have to be stabled for most of the day- I previously had to leave them out in the rain/snow whilst I cleaned their stable and waited for the Trigene to dry, but with Safe4Pets they can get back inside in the warm before the Safe4Pets is fully dry, which is of course so much better for the animal.

      All in all, a top quality, fantastically broad spectrum disinfectant that I thoroughly recommend to all pet owners, especially those with multi-pet households. I will just knock one star off of it's rating- purely because I can only seem to find it online, and it'd be handy to be able to pick it up from an offline pet shop for the times I forget to order ahead!


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