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Nobby Ergo Raised Dog Feeder

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Brand: Savic / Type: Raised dog feeder / Features: Two removable stainless steel bowls / Height: 28 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      31.01.2011 02:07
      Very helpful



      A simple and effective solution to letting your dog feed more comfortably and safely

      Savic is probably well-known to many dog owners as a manufacture of good quality dog crates and safety gates. But in fact they produce a wide range of accessories for pets of all descriptions.

      My Labrador had always been quite a messy eater and more especially drinker. This meant having a plastic mat on the floor under her feeding and drinking bowls, which was generally wet and dirty as well as a slip hazard. And as you can imagine, having these in our small utility area did occasionally lead to accidents with a foot in the dog bowl! Not very nice for us or for her. More seriously, she was often off her food and having a lot of upset tummies for no obvious reason. The only thing we could get her to eat without any problem was boiled chicken and rice and I was rapidly becoming chef for the dog.

      It was really to solve the problem of untidy messy mats and loose bowls around the place that we decided to get a raised dog feeder though we were also aware that it would make it more comfortable for our Lab to eat without bending right down to floor level and reduce the risk of her sucking in too much air, which can lead to a dangerous condition known as "bloat".

      Looking at the products on the market there seemed to be basically two types. First a metal stand with usually an adjustable clamp for holding bowls at different heights. Checking a few reviews led to the conclusion that rusting was a serious problem with this design. The second type was the Savic which uses a large plastic base with recesses for the two stainless steel bowls. This seemed to offer both simplicity and durability - no rusting - and I ordered the large 28 cm high model for our dog.

      When I unpacked the box I thought I had made a mistake: it looked huge. The plastic base is quite bulky with a footprint (or should that be pawprint?) of 61 cm by 35 cm. The two stainless steel bowls look to be good quality, are very shiny and deep enough to hold enough food for almost any dog. Their claimed capacity is 1.5 litres each. In regular use for some months now they always clean up like new.

      When our Lab first saw her raised feeder she took to it instantly. It does seem to be in her temperament that she likes new things though. Not only that, but she started eating her food properly and even ate up all her Hills Science Plan, something she hardly ever did before. Whether it was the raised feeder or something else I can't be sure but she has been free of tummy upsets and tolerating a wider range of foods for some time now. No need to boil her chicken and rice every day.

      I find too that it is no longer necessary to use a mat and in fact she is spilling and splashing much less than before. What does get spilt is easily wiped off the plastic base. Both bowls lift out easily as there are large recesses built into the base for your fingers and thumbs.

      A raised feeder could also be of benefit if your dog has arthritis and finds it painful to bend right down.

      At the time of writing (January 2011) the large 28 cm Ergo Feeder is available from Pets at Home for £19.99 with the small 18 cm version £14.99. They also have an offer for 10% off on-line purchases if you sign up for their newsletter.

      The Savic website is at www.savic.be

      Dimensions for large model:

      Base 61 cm x 35 cm

      Height 28 cm

      Capacity of bowls 1.5 litres each


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        25.01.2011 20:02
        Very helpful



        Five out of five stars- I would recommend trying to any dog owner

        Savic Ergo Feeder Doggy Bar

        I own a beautiful labradoodle dog, labradoodles are a breed that varies dramatically in size from dog to dog, and I recently saw one that was the same age as mine but less than half his size. I believe that we ended up with one of the larger labradoodles and I have been told many times by vets, dog groomers and acquaintances that they haven't seen one quite his size before. My labradoodle is the first large dog that I have ever had, in the past we have always owned smaller terriers or collies, because he is the first larger breed dog I have had there was quite a big learning curve for myself. It wasn't until I noticed that when he was eating from his bowls that he was at a rather stooped angle that I thought about getting him a raised bowl to eat from and I went about finding out how to make him more comfortable.

        Why would you or should you get one of these dog feeder bars? Well I initially decided to invest in some sort of food stand or feeding bar because I noticed how hunched over and uncomfortable looking my pup was while eating his dinner. He never seemed to overtly complain or indicate that he was uncomfortable but I can imagine that having to try and bend your legs and lean over is not the most comfortable way for him to eat and enjoy his dinner so I looked into fixing that. These dog feeder bars don't just make eating more comfortable for your dog but there are some other health benefits associated with them. For instance they can help to aid digestion and help reduce the amount of air your dog could gulp down with his food, which could like us humans make him feel bloated and uncomfortable. It is also better for his back and posture, this feeder bar takes away the strain on his muscles that eating from floor level was doing. Although my dog is still quite young I can imagine that in years to come this will really help to make eating his meals that bit more enjoyable and I would suspect that this would be great for more senior dogs as well.

        When I first introduced this to my dog he seemed a bit sceptical of it and although I had cleaned it and filled it with his usual biscuits and some nice cool water he went nowhere near it. Even after a little coaxing he gave it a little sniff and turned about on his heels in search of his bone. I was a bit worried that my great idea would turn out to be an expensive flop. However, determined to get him to at least consider eating out of it I broke up one of his tastiest treats (he adores raw carrot) and plopped it into the food bowl, well that did the trick and from that moment I have never had another complaint, in fact I believe that he prefers this over his old bowls which were just placed on the floor.

        This is a simple idea and concept and usually the simplest designs are the best. It measures 61 x 35 x 28 centimetres and comes with two 1.5 stainless steel litre bowls. The bowls are nice but basic and being stainless steel these are easy to clean and won't be easily broken even if like me you can be a bit clumsy and drop plates from time to time. The whole product is relatively light and is easily moved around if you would need to relocate it from time to time. The bowls are also easily picked up from the dog feeder as there is a small cut out insert in the plastic frame to give you easy access to the side of the bowl.

        This is easy to clean, which is a very big plus when I have a very messy pup. To clean this all you have to do is remove the bowls (which I usually wash once a day anyway) and give the plastic stand a bit of a wipe down with a small squirt of Dettol and water. I tend to only wash this a couple of times a week, it really doesn't need much maintenance to keep it looking good.

        What really led me to choose this dog feeder bar over similar steel stands was the fact that this is much harder for him to knock over and make a mess. When placed on the floor (we also put it on a mat) this stays pretty much in place even when he hurtles past doing his best race car impression and throwing toys and balls about the place. This can and does take a knock from time to time and it really stands its own well.

        If I had one complaint about this product it would be that I couldn't get it in any other colour other than a rather boring grey colour. It would have been nice to have had a choice, black, blue, pink, etc. The grey is by no means ugly and really this is more of a small nuisance than an actual complaint. It really is a nice, practical and clever pet accessory that I would like to think has improved the quality of my pets dinner time.

        I paid around about £25 for this and although that might seem a bit expensive for a chunk of plastic and two steel bowls this has been worth every single penny. I really believe that this has offered my dog a much more enjoyable and comfortable eating experience. I bought mine online (from Zooplus.co.uk) and I haven't seen it available in any of my local pet stores so you might have to look around online to get one.

        I have had this for about four months now and it really doesn't look any different from the day it first arrived on my door step, I can't say the same about the dog who just keeps getting bigger. I doubt that I will ever need to replace this and although this was the largest size I could find it would be easy to get a plank of wood to raise it ever so slightly if your dog needed a slightly higher dinner table.

        This Savic ergo raised dog feeder bar really gets a well earned and deserved five out of five stars. If you have a slightly larger dog then this would be a fantastic dog feeder to choose, it is sturdy, easy to clean and the bowls are a decent size. It is one of those simple ideas that really do work well and I would happily recommend this to all dog owners.


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