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Sharples & Grant Funn E Bones Os-Bone Dog Toy

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Brand: Sharples n Grant / Type: Dog Toy

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2010 16:09
      Very helpful



      A kitsch dog toy that works

      The range of Sharples n Grant Funn E Bones toys which are made for dogs to chew and play with, are such a fun idea that when we came across the Ozzy Osbourne tribute bone called the Os Bone we just had to buy it (sorry Ozzy). When coming to review the item it wasn't listed here, but as its now been added I can share my thoughts about it. I just hope poor Ozzy doesn't become 'Paranoid' about his self image, because there is a tribute bone made in his likeness.

      Its such a fun little dog toy that comes from a much wider range of Funn E Bones which I will touch on about a bit later on in this review. Although we partly bought this because we thought it was a bit of fun, its what our dog thinks that matters and having seen her at play with the Oz Bone I have to say she rather likes it.

      Our little Os Bone dog toy is based around a normal vinyl bone dog chew toy with a difference. Half the bone looks like, well... a bone of course and the other half is based around the image of the 'Prince of Darkness'. The Dark Lord still puts on a rather good live act these days, just ask ' Mr Crowley ' , although I am not sure we ought to take our dog to see it, as she can often be found biting and nipping at this mini dog toy likeness.

      Anyone who has seen the real Ozzy will know he is often outfitted in black which sets of his rather nice long flowing locks. Our Os Bone also has a fantastic mane of vinyl hair and wears the trade mark dark toned jet black that the real Ozzy is famed for. Our Os Bone also sports a large crucifix and circular glasses frame which again the real Ozzy often wears.

      The fact that the Os Bone is shaped and has some texture to it hasn't been of any bother to our dog at all, in fact I think it gives an added feature to the chew toy. Looking at our Os Bones rather distressed expression I have to say its no wonder he looks like that! He has been thrown about for our dog to fetch and munch on time and time again....in the words of the man himself 'Let me here you scream' Mr squeaky Os Bone Toy.

      The Os Bone is not just a thing of rare beauty to look at either, it has a secret side that makes it even more appealing to our dog. It squeaks! In fact our dog being rather partial to a squeaky dog toy is always keen to seek out the Os Bone if we give it a quick squeeze. The sound of the squeaker certainly sends our dog off on a ' Crazy Train' as she gets very excited when the bone squeaks and squeals and trys to hunt it down.

      We bought our Os Bone for £3 which was a fair price as far as we were concerned. You can find these toys in some of the bigger pet super stores if wanted and there are a number of types to choose from. Having seen these dog chew toys priced at as much as £5.99, its best to shop around when looking for the one you want your dog to take out its energies on.

      The Sharples n Grant Funn E Bones that we have seen have been the Gor-Bone, based on the tv chef Gordon Ramsey complete with his usual scowling features and a cooking knife. Then there is the Bone-O chew toy based around the U2 front man, that looks rather funky in a cool hat with shades. Another mad addition to the range is the Si-Bone based on the ever present Simon 'I wear high waisted trousers' Cowell. Now if ever there was a chew toy you wanted to buy then Mr Cowell might be the one. Each bone shaped super star comes in at 26cms by 9 cms and so is certainly cut down to size.

      As a fun and rather naughty spoof toy for dogs to play with the Sharples n Grant Funn E Bones offer something a bit different that can appeal to both pet and owner at the same time. We have found our Os Bone to be durable and tough when in use and our dog has enjoyed having it.

      Whilst these types of dog toys are more a bit of fun than anything else, this one has worked for our pet and so we can recommend it. Dogs that are partial to a squeaky toy will be very suited to having one of these Funn E Bone Toys and there is no reason not to consider them that I can think of. With all this in mind the Nibble and Squeak Os Bone toy gets a 5 star rating. In the words of the makers of the product, why not let your dog 'Reach for the stars' with a celebrity based chew toy. Our dog loves the Os Bone so I can recommend it.


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