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Shaws Paw Wax

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Brand: Shaws / Animals Equipment Type: Dogs

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    2 Reviews
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      04.06.2011 00:21
      Very helpful



      worth a go for extra protection

      My Rotti was accompanying me on the three peaks challenge and so I looked for everything that would help him and protect him.

      I am not entirely sure what this actually does but it looked good on the shelf and thought it was worth a try.
      To apply you simply wipe the clean paw on the wax in the tin and hey presto. A thin layer of wax covers the paw and offers protection. I'm not sure how this stops the dog slipping as they has pretty good grip anyway but It seemed like it gives a good protection to the paw from rough ground.

      The was is clear and doesn't smell of anything and really easy to apply if your dog allows you to hold thier paws.

      When doing the three peaks the ground we were traveling over was very uneven, rocky and could easily have damaged his paws. I used this on the start of each peak and when we were at the top ready for the decent. It seemed to work and the dog never had any cuts or sores on his paws after along day walking over some very uneven and rocky surfaces.

      This pot was only £2.99 and I am still using it 3 years later so not that bad value really. I wouldnt rely on this to protect paws, if the surface os that bad then little boots would be better than this wax but for rocky surfaces this is pretty good.


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      05.02.2009 15:05
      Very helpful



      My 100th dooyoo review!

      *What is Shaws Paw Wax?*
      This canine healthy and safety product is produced by Shaws, a highly popular manufacturer of a variety of dog related products but focuses mainly on shampoos, conditioners, grooming sprays and dog car crates.

      *The product itself*
      The snowy and icy weather that has swept Britain over the past few days has unavoidably created dangerous, slippery conditions for both us and our pets alike, and whilst we always take care to protect ourselves when walking in it, too many people fail to think of the affect the weather is having on their dogs, so now, with snow piling up outside, this seems the ideal time to review this trusty little product, a staple in my dogs grooming box all year round, but especially in this icy weather.

      Exercising two large dogs in this weather can be somewhat dangerous for them, if they were to slip on the icy ground, it could result in some serious damage to their bones and ligaments, and even without slipping, the irritation salt and grit can cause their paws is highly uncomfortable, so for these reasons I always make sure this product is applied to their paws before stepping outside.

      This product, produced by Shaws, is quite a fantastic idea and an item I find invaluable with my two. It's a almost clear wax, which resembles Vaseline but a lot thicker in consistency and is designed, as the name suggests, to be applied to the paws of your dog and helps prevent slipping and sliding in icy conditions and helps protect paws when walking on difficult terrain such as sand or gravel and lastly, prevents the salt and grit used to de-ice roads and pavements from reaching your dogs paws, which can cause considerable discomfort and irritation if allowed to remain on your dogs paws after they've been out exercising. It is also valuable for people who walk their dogs mainly on pavement, as it helps protect paws from the hard ground.

      The wax, although has a very thick consistency, is very easy to get from the tin and you only need to apply a very thin coating on each of your dogs paw for effective protection, you just simply need to wipe a clean finger over the wax and then smear on the black pads on your dogs paws and you're ready to go. The product does feel quite greasy, but if used sparingly like it's supposed to, and you avoid getting any on your dogs fur then this should cause no problems whatsoever. The wax is almost odourless and suitable for use on dogs with sensitive skin, and is safe for animals that lick their feet, although licking obviously shouldn't be encouraged straight after application. Aswell as protecting paws and help preventing slipping, the wax will also moisturise and condition the pads of your dogs paws, reducing the risk of uncomfortable cracking.

      The wax comes in small, shallow metal tins with twist off lids, which are unfortunately quite hard to open and then close again with waxy fingertips. The tins are very basically designed- silver metal, with a simple blue and red sticker on the lid which tells us the product and brand name, and then another one on the bottom which tells us directions for use, ingredients and a contact for Shaws. The tins can be rinsed out and recycled once empty.

      *Price & Availability*
      Shaws Paw Wax is available from various places online and many pet shops too- I purchase it from Pets At Home, where a 50g tin, the only size available which will provide around 20 applications (1 application= all four paws), costs £3.19.

      *My opinion*
      This is an absolutely priceless piece of equipment that I use with my dogs, and one that we couldn't be without. It may be cheap but it does what its supposed to do, and it does it extremely well.

      In snowy or icy weather I always apply it to Grace and Benson before we go out for walks and I'm safe in the knowledge it will help protect them from injuries occurring by slipping. It's very quick and easy to apply, you'll simply need to get your dog in a sit, and then ask for each of their paws in turn and it only takes a second to smear an adequate coating on. Whilst it may sound like an gimmicky product, it really does work- I apply it both when there is fresh snow on the ground purely just to protect paws and also in the days after snowfall when it is turning to ice and it genuinely does help prevent slipping, it obviously doesn't stop it completely, but it provides extra grip, the dogs may start to slide a little but then the wax allows their paws to get a grip on the ice and enables them to then walk properly again, and I also find it performs equally well in wet rainy conditions.

      It is slightly tricky to apply to dogs with hairy feet, Benson who is a Bernese Mountain Dog, has very furry paws and it takes a little while longer to just move the hair out the way before I can apply it to the pads of his feet but even if I do accidentally get some on his fur, it wipes off easily and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue. On short haired dogs, application couldn't be easier. When I apply it before walks and the dogs walk across the laminate floor on the way to the door you can see very faint paw prints where they have walked, but the wax is very easy to wipe off and won't leave your floors slippery, and when returning, although you can still feel the wax on the dogs paws, none seems to transfer to the flooring.

      The wax seems to moisturise their paws nicely- although it's important for dogs to have quite hard, rough paws for protection, this wax helps prevent them from becoming so dry that they begin to crack and another feature that I like about this product is that although it is a wax, which you would perhaps imagine to be quite sticky, it doesn't make things such as loose grass, sand or grit stick to your dogs paws whilst walking.

      As I mentioned before, this is a product I use all year round, not just in snowy weather- Benson competes in a lot of agility, and I always use this on his paws before he does a round to help him get a good grip on the equipment and prevent him from slipping off, and also to protect his paws when he is jumping and landing back down on them, or when changing his running direction quickly. I shall do the same with Grace when she is physically mature enough to compete in agility too. I find the wax stays on the dogs paws very well- we can be out walking for 2-3 hours at a time and I never need to reapply, although I will reapply before each round of agility as I find it wears off Benson quicker when he is doing more demanding activities than walking.

      All in all, this is one of the products I count as a necessity for the dogs. It's very cheap and considering you don't need to use a lot it's good value for money too, and really does do what it claims- providing grip and protection in icy and snowy conditions for both the dogs, and then for Benson when he's doing his agility. My only little complaint is with the size of the tins, we get through one a month with me applying it for Bensons agility which he does a couple of times a week, and then even more if its snowing- but for the price, I can't really moan too much.


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