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Stronghold Flea Treatment for Dogs

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Brand: Stronghold / Type: Flea Control

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2012 19:00
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      An ideal product which keeps your dogs flea free

      When you own a dog there are a few small things that you need to do to keep them happy and healthy. One of those is keeping them flea free. Regardless of how well pampered your pooch is they can all get fleas and adequate prevention is required. My dogs are very much outdoor, working dogs so are definitely susceptible to those pesky fleas. The last time my other half was at the vets I asked him to buy flea treatment for the dogs stupidly knowing he wouldn't know which manufacturer I preferred.

      He ended up coming home with the Stronghold Flea Treatment (Large Dogs). I had never used this particular flea treatment although I was well aware of it but I have always used Frontline which I have been very happy with but wasn't going to get him to return it as it may work just as well. Stronghold is a well known brand providing pet care so trying these flea treatments wasn't a major problem for me or my dogs!

      What is it?

      Stronghold Flea Treatment is a veterinary produced flea treatment used on canines only although Stronghold do have a cat version. In a nutshell Stronghold manages to provide one of the most complete flea treatments available in an easy spot-on application and it is also available without having to have a prescription from your vet.

      The key ingredient used within the flea treatment is absorbed through the skin and for around a month it will help kill fleas, lice, worms and mites whether inside the body or living in the coat. On top of this it is also helps to prevent heartworm which as all dog owners should know is very important to keep at bay.


      The flea treatment comes in three small pipettes and they come in a slim cardboard box which depending on the weight of your dog is colour coded. I have the 'Large Dogs' flea treatment and the colour coding is teal green/blue together with an image of a golden retriever. The box has all the usual information including the weight limits for the pipettes (Large Dog is 20.1-40kg), what the treatment is for and precautions. There is an information leaflet inside the box for directions on how to use the pipettes.

      Each pipette is around 2 inches in length and each one comes in its own foil packaging together with the batch number and expiry date. To open you simply tear the top of the individual packet and empty out the pipette.

      In Use

      To use the pipette you simply need to push down the cap which will break the pipette's seal/spout and then remove. To apply on your dog you need to find a small patch at the base of the neck making sure they cannot lick that area, part the coat so you can see the dog's skin and then gently squeeze the pipette so the flea treatment can slowly pour out onto the skin.

      The flea treatment is clear in colour and from what I can tell is odour free. It really is important that you get it on the skin of the dog rather than applying onto the coat as it won't be absorbed. Once you have finished with the pipette it is vital that it is disposed of correctly (and straight away after use) and that you wash your hands.

      The Dog Test

      Putting it on the dogs is incredibly easy provided that they sit still! However, as they have been having flea treatments for as long as they were able they are both pretty good. As I said before I have always used Frontline so this product was completely new to me despite doing the exact same thing.

      I have used it three months in a row and have found that it is incredibly vital in keeping my dogs flea free. I haven't noticed a single flea appear on their coats, they are not scratching or acting as if they have fleas. It hasn't irritated their skin either with I know can happen with some flea treatments so I really have no grounds to complain.


      A decent Frontline replacement as it does exactly what it offers. My dogs manage to have flea free coats as well as any other nasties that wish to bury themselves inside the coats. Easy to apply and it doesn't leave a horrible residue on their coats either which is a plus. Definitely a product that I would use again as it manages to keep everything at bay. 5 stars from me.

      Useful Info

      Brand: Stronghold
      Availability: Vets and online
      Price: From £11 for 3 pipettes but shop around!


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