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The Seat Guard

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  • easy to attach to the head rests
  • weather proof
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    1 Review
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      24.10.2014 11:54
      Very helpful


      • "dribble proof"
      • "weather proof"
      • strong
      • "low cost"
      • "easy to attach to the head rests"
      • "Keeps your car seats clean"


      • none

      Save money on car cleaning after your dogs been on the seats

      Anyone that has a dog and takes them in a car knows how dirty the dog can make the seats of the car, especially if they have been running through the dirtiest parts of the field or even finding the only puddle in a square mile of lush grass. So, in order to protect your car seats from the dogs dirty fur coat you think about going to the shops to get yourself a seat protector. Then, whilst in the shop you come across this, a hammock for a dog...???
      Yes.. a hammock. It doesn't mean that it's a mesh of netting that your dogs swings on in order to get some sleep, it is actually a hammock that sits in the back of your car, attaching to the headrests of the four seats, that your dog then sits, or lies, on in order to not only keep the seats clean but also to help keep your dogs from falling down between the seats themselves.
      This hammock/sheet is about 1450mm square, that's almost 1.5 metre square, which covers enough space in the car for any size dog to sit on. It has four good size lengths of strong fabric attached to it, two either side, about 250mm away from each end. The fabric straps have clips on the ends of each one. These strap go around each headrest, the front seats and the rear seats, clipping closed once done. This then makes the hammock shape that your dog then rests in.
      It's as simple as that. A sheet with straps on. The sheet is strong, even where the straps are sewn on to it, which means that it can withstand the claws and dribbles from my dog as he lies there, resting, after a long run or swim.

      This sheet is water proof, which means that any dirt of water that gets onto the sheet can be washed off or dried with a cloth. I tend to leave mine out on the line after washing it down so that it can get a good airing.

      The cost of this car-dog-hammock/sheet is a low £6.00, which, considering the price of getting your car seat cleans, is a good price to pay. So, if you are a dog owner and you have a car, then this is well worth getting as it will save you money and fuss in the long run.


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  • Product Details

    Easy to attach protects your rear seat car interior from moisture dirt and dog hair.

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