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Trixie Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

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Manufacturer: Trixie / Type: Dog Bowls / Feeders

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2010 12:40
      Very helpful



      An absolutely essential piece of equipment for owners of large dogs

      *What is the Trixie Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand?*
      This adjustable raised dog feeder is produced by the Trixie company, a well established pet care brand that produces a wide range of products such as toys, housing, bedding, feeding equipment and grooming tools for cats, dogs and small animals.

      *The product itself*
      If you own a dog, then the chances are high that you would have heard about, or seen, stands for raising feeding bowls at some point but have shrugged them off, thinking they're only necessary for the 'giant' dog breeds, such as Great Danes and Saint Bernards. In reality however, ANY dog, regardless of size, will benefit from eating from bowls raised to a suitable height, and this is for a number of reasons.

      Firstly, it is simply much more comfortable. If you've ever watched a dog eating from a bowl on the floor, you will notice the awkward, bent, crouched down position they are in, which puts unnecessary strain on the front legs, back and neck- raising the bowl to a suitable height makes for a much easier, comfortable eating position. Secondly, it minimises the amount of air dogs swallow whilst eating their food, and subsequently this helps prevent vomiting and the risk of choking, not to mention drastically reducing the chance of potentially fatal ''bloat'', which is when the dogs stomach turns inside of them. Lastly, they offer extra piece of mind for the owner- safe in the knowledge your pets food is up and away from the floor, and away from any bacteria, dirt or germs.

      Owning two large dogs, who resemble giraffes bending to drink, when trying to eat from bowls on the floor, means a raised feeder is an absolutely essential piece of equipment in my household, and this Trixie Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand is our current model of choice.

      The design of the feeder is quite simple. It consists of a large 'H' shaped base, which has two upright poles, that join at the top and these poles feature two ring attachments, with an adjustable sliding fitting, to enable you to fit your dogs feeding bowls, to raise them up to a suitable height. What sets this particular feeder aside from other raised dog bowl stands however, is the ability to be able to have the two bowls raised at different heights, to cater for two different sized dogs- rather than having them both set at the same height, like with standard raised feeders.

      The feeder, made from strong sturdy steel enables you to set the bowls at a maximum height of 43cm and on the lowest setting, you could have them just a couple of centimetres off the floor, thus making this feeder suitable for the vast majority of dog breeds, and will be a particularly good purchase for a puppy owner, as the stand can grow as they do.

      The Trixie Bowl Stand comes complete with two stainless steel dog bowls that slot perfectly into the rings on the feeder- with the bowls being supported by the ring running around the rim on the top of the bowl. These bowls have a diameter of 24cm, and have a capacity of 2.8 litres, making them more than adequate for any dog, including the big 'uns.

      *Price & Availability*
      I've yet to see this particular model of the Trixie Bowl Stand in any offline pet shop, although it seems to be readily available online. I purchased our stand from Amazon for £31, but recently I've seen the price as low as £23 on some sites, so make sure to shop around first!

      *My opinion*
      When I got Benson as a puppy, he was my first ''all mine'' large dog. I'd had a Rottweiler and a Great Dane cross amousght others whilst growing up, but since leaving home and having dogs of my own, Benson was the first biggie, only having a little Cavalier prior to him. So the world of raised feeders was a bit bewildering to me! I knew a needed one, I could remember my mum would always sit down and have the dog bowl between her knees when our big dogs were eating when I was a kid, so even back then it was recognised large dogs need to be fed up from the floor, but I didn't have a clue what one to go for, and ending up purchasing the first one I saw whilst in Pets At Home.

      Thankfully, it turned out to be a good purchase, and that particular raised feeder served us very well, and stayed with us right up until about one year ago, and that was through no fault of the product, our needs merely changed.

      You see, when I just had Benson, I had both his water and his food bowls raised, and he had the raised feeder to himself, but when I got Grace, big bad me was a bit of a meanie, and made him share! Relegating the water bowl to the floor, and allocating the space to Grace for her feeding bowl, once she was of similar height to Benson (having used Yellow Pages and Argos catalogues to raise her bowl whilst she was growing!!!). This was never really ideal however, since Benson is a larger breed of dog to Grace, and since our older feeder only allowed us to have both bowls at the same height, this meant I had to find a medium height to suit them both, and this was a little too low for Benson, and just a tad too high for Grace!

      So when I spotted this dual feeder, previously unaware they existed, I snapped one up right away!

      Like I mentioned in the opening section of my review, this feeder has two separate poles, rather than just the one, meaning you can attach one bowl to each pole and set them both at different heights, thus making it absolutely perfect for people in my situation, with two dogs in need of a raised feeder, but not wanting two different feeding stands cluttering up the kitchen.

      Once our order had been delivered, I wasted no time in setting it up. Assembly was very minimal, all that was required was to fix on the fittings that enable you to attach the bowls, slot the bowls in the rings and you're done.

      Once pieced together, you can then tailor it to suit your individual needs. Benson stands at 59cm at the withers, so I put his bowl right to the very top of the feeder (43cm) and for Grace, who is around 46cm at the withers, I put her bowl about 4cm lower, which adequately raises the bowls for both dogs, but if you've got an extremely large breed of dog, this feeder probably won't be tall enough. Adjusting the height of the bowls is very easy- you simply need to unscrew the knob on the fitting, and slide it to the desired height, and then tighten the knob again to prevent the bowl from slipping down, and you can adjust the positions of the bowls as many times as you like- making this product ideal for puppy owners, who can adjust the height as the dog grows. The knobs do need to be done up tightly however, so this could be problematic for those who struggle with strength in their hands.

      The feeder has a nice, sleek silver finish to it which looked much smarter than our older feeder, which was coated in white, and it fitted nicely into our kitchen. I liked the wide base of the stand, and the little non-slip pads on the bottom of this- our kitchen is a busy place with a lot of hustle and bustle, and the dogs eat with a lot of enthusiasm, so I knew both these features would help ensure the stand remained upright at all times.

      The bowls that come supplied with the feeder are of a good large size, and whilst they may be a little bit too big for smaller breeds of dog, they were perfect for my two- well able to contain their food portions, without having to fill them to the brim. They were also very easy to get in and out of the feeder. When the bowls are removed, you're left with two metal rings, and this is what supports the bowls- the rings sit just underneath the rims of the bowls.

      Come tea time, we were able to put our new feeder into practice, and placing their bowls into the rings, I allowed them to tuck him. The new feeder by far outperformed our old one on all counts- the whole construction of it was a lot sturdier, meaning it didn't wobble when the dogs were eating, the supplied bowls were much deeper meaning food did not spill over the edge and the customised positions of the bowls suited both of the dogs perfectly.

      It should be pointed out however that Grace and Benson are perfectly happy to eat side by side but please bear in mind this style of feeder is NOT suitable for two dogs that have issues over food, and other dogs being near them whilst eating. The two poles of the feeder are positioned around 5 inches apart- and whilst this is an adequate distance to prevent food from one bowl being over spilled into the other, it still means the dogs head are very close together whilst eating, and I know some dogs just wouldn't tolerate another dog so close to their meal. So it's worth taking into consideration the temperaments, and feeding behaviours, of your two dogs before purchasing this feeder.

      We've had our Trixie feeder for just over a year now, and I'm pleased to say it is still looking as good as new. I haven't needed to replace the bowls that came supplied with the product, and they're still sparkling and looking good- I just give them a quick wash with hot water and washing up liquid after each meal, and then soak them in pet safe disinfectant for 15 minutes each week, and this keeps them nice and clean. The deep bowls largely prevent any food from over spilling, but unavoidably the occasional drop of food will make it's way onto the main body of the feeder, so a quick weekly wipe over with some wet kitchen roll and a spray of disinfectant keeps it in a good clean condition.

      Overall, I'm extremely impressed with this Trixie feeder and can see it being a permanent fixture in our kitchen for years to come. It allows me to situate the bowls of my two different sized dogs to heights to suit them without the need to have more than one feeder, it is strong and durable, easy to clean, keeps food off the floor, is well designed and all in all, just a fantastic piece of equipment that makes eating a lot more comfortable, not to mention healthier, for my two babies.


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