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Trixie Dog Drinking Bottle with Water Dispenser

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1 Review
  • Doesn't leak
  • Compact
  • Some dogs may take a little while to get used to drinking from it.
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    1 Review
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      03.03.2013 00:29
      Very helpful



      A good product for providing a small dog with a drink of fresh water while out and about.

      Years ago, when we used to take our dogs out on long walks, we would always bring a bottle of water and a small lightweight bowl with us. This was never an issue as we would bring a rucksack full of doggie essentials anyway. Nowadays things are a little different, we've recently adopted a 6 month old alsation cross rescue called Max, we love taking him on nice long walks but have to be more practical about what we bring with us. There's more than just me and my husband walking Max now, we have our 2 year old son and our 11 month old daughter with us too and they need an awful lot of stuff brought for them if we're going out for any length of time. Que the Trixie dog drinking bottle and water dispenser.

      I didn't actually buy this, my mum whose fiancee has 3 dogs, had a spare. When we got Max she offered it to us allong with a lot of other doggie bits and pieces that they didn't need. I must admit I was in two minds about wether or not I liked the idea, it seemed practical, only taking up just slightly more space in the bag than a bottle we would normally bring. But I was scheptical as to how well Max would be able to drink from the dispenser.

      I decided to try it out on a shorter walk first of all just incase. It was easy to fill up before we went out, the bottle dittaches easily and once filled with water re-ataches into the lid forming a nice seal. It was while filling it that I realised theres a clip on the top, meaning it could be clipped onto the outside of my daughters changing bag, or as became the case onto my husbands belt. I thought this was a really nice idea as it saves on bag space, or if you dont take a bag when walking your dog saves you carrying it.

      So with the bottle safely clipped to my husband we set off to the local park for a game of fetch. When Max began to tire I decided to give him a quick drink before heading home again. It was pretty simple to use, you simply hold the bottle upright and flip down the tray so it forms a right angle, you then squeeze out some water into the tray and offer it to your dog. It took Max a few minutes to figure out what he was supposed to do, he sniffed at the hard plastic dispenser tray wondering what I was offering him, then just looked at me puzzled. My husband suggested maybe he wasn't thirsty, but when I took the bottle off and poored a little on the ground he lapped at it. I decided to perservere for a while with the water dispenser, I tried with it both on the ground and held a foot or so in the air nearer his mouth. Eventually he got the hang of it and began to lap at the water.

      It was deffinately not a pretty sight, there was water and slobber flying about and I'm pretty sure the water he actually drank was a lot less than the amount spilled. It seemed that the tray was neither deep enough nor wide enough for him to be able to properly drink from it. When dogs drink they position their tongue in such a way that it forms a small bowl that collects water, they then flick their tongue and throw this water into their mouth. I don't believe there was enough room for this to happen within the tray hence it being such a messy affair.

      My rating of 3 stars is based on two points- The first goes in its favor, as, although it isn't very useful for Max and we've subsiquently gone back to using a good old fashioned bowl when out, it may infact be useful for some dogs. Max is by no means a little dog, he's a large alsatian/lab cross and this may have been our issue, his size. I do believe a smaller dog would have a better experience using the Trixie water bottle and dispenser. It's a fantastic idea and gets full marks for innovation, it's just a shame Max is too big for it. Seconly is the reason I knocked off a further star and that is that I have seen an almost identical product in my local 99p store. I don''t believe in paying for branding especially with a product as simple as this. The fact this product is made by Trixie means it costs over 3 times the price of the cheaper one at around £3 from zooplus, on ebay and at Pets at Home!


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  • Product Details

    The practical dog water bottle for on the go. With this combination of bottle and water tray your pet never has to go thirsty no matter where you go!

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