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Trixie Food Bag

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Brand: Trixie / Type: Dog Food Bag / Storage

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2011 16:56
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Trixie Food Bag Black

      Primarily, I have chosen to feed my dog a dry food diet. However, I do personally believe in giving him a good quality wet meat food mixed in with his dry food most nights with his supper. More to keep his diet varied and interesting, but I firmly believe that dry food is the best option for him. It guarantees that he is getting everything he requires health wise, it is also much more affordable and it is recommended for keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthier. After I had spent hours labouring over which dog food to choose for him and then finally bringing it home and much to his delight feeding it out, I realised that I hadn't given any thought whatsoever about storing it. It did take me a little while to work out what was going to be the best method of doing this for us, as I just didn't like the thought of leaving his food in the open bag. I was delighted when I came across this Trixie Food bag and it has been a welcome addition to the growing mound of dog related items that are taking over my house.

      One of the main reasons that I choose this Trixie food bag over the vast majority of other options is its flexibility. When I started looking for a dog food storage container I kept on coming across fixed sized, huge plastic tubs and when I measured them I wouldn't have been able to put them away in any of my cupboards. I wanted something that wasn't going to be so rigid and that would fit in a smaller space. This Trixe food bag is made from a nylon material and even though it is structured and does retain its shape well, it does have a bit of give about it so can easily be pushed around to share its space without damaging it.

      Personally, I think that this actually looks quite attractive. I keep mine in a large cupboard at the end of my kitchen and unless you inspect this you wouldn't automatically assume that it is for your pet. It looks like some sort of black laundry bag, unless you do notice the label. I don't mind doggy things lying around, we have chews and a few toys everywhere, but it is nice to get a product that does its job well and keeps a low profile. Personally, I never liked having huge bags of dog food lying around and this just keeps it out of the way and my kitchen looking tidier and not like the dog has taken over - which he has!

      As a proud puppy owner I rarely ever admit that mine is anything other than an angel. However, anyone with a dog will know that just like humans they can and will get into trouble whenever your back is turned or your attention is elsewhere. I have on occasion forgotten to put this bag back in the kitchen cupboard and went to do something else only to return to an angelic puppy sitting next to the bag, looking like butter wouldn't melt as I notice saliva marks all around the opening. He has never succeeded in getting into this bag (but I don't tend to leave him alone with it on purpose or often) the bag also seems to look in perfect condition even though puppy teeth have tried hard to free the tasty biscuits inside.

      Although this isn't an airtight container it does work well and by the time he has come to eat the last of his biscuits they have never noticeably been soft, but have looked and felt pretty much the same as the day the bag was opened. However, I only fill mine with one bag of dog food at any one time. Before I refill this I really do prefer to wait until I have used nearly all his biscuits, just because I want to make sure that what is stored in there currently is well within date and as fresh as possible.

      The bag uses two zips which makes it always easy to open regardless of the angle you have it place at and the lid opens all the way around with only a small connection to the body of the bag. Making this really easy to refill as you don't have to try and manoeuvre any biscuits into a small opening, especially when you are dealing with heavy 15 kg bags.

      In my opinion, the one main and only flaw of this food bag is that it suggests that it is capable of holding 25 kg, but I would say that it just isn't. It might comfortably hold 20 kg but I doubt that it would ever comfortably fit 25 kg in it. I believe that the vast majority of dog's food bags come in the largest size of 15 kg, or at least the majority of ones that I have seen in my local pet store do. I find that 15 kg is a great fit as there is still loads of room at the top so you don't have to worry about opening it and finding that food is spilling out everywhere.

      We have been using this Trixie food bag for nearly 4 months now and it still has been a fantastic purchase. It really has withstood up to a lot of close inspection by our pup and still looks as good as new. Although cleaning this can be a bit of a pain it still really isn't all that difficult a task. I just wait till all his biscuits are nearly done and then tip out any remaining ones into a Tupperware container or my dog's dish, he loves any freebies. Then I simply take a clean cloth that is slightly damp (usually with a bit of fairy liquid) and give it a good wipe over. Generally, the bag doesn't really require much more cleaning than that because his biscuits are dry and besides from a few crumbs don't really make any mess. I also leave the bag inside a cupboard so it isn't getting dirty from the floor or anything like that.

      I bought mine from an online store as I hadn't seen anything that I wanted in any of the local pet stores. In regards to how hard wearing this has been and for how well it has kept its shape and appearance I believe that this has been worth every penny. I paid £12 for mine (from zooplus) although it does have a £23 recommended retail price. As I have mentioned I bought mine in the largest size which holds 25 kg, but the same bag is also available in 10 kg size with a recommended retail price of £15. The smaller size would obviously be far better for owners of smaller dogs that don't need to buy the largest of large bags of food.

      This doesn't come with an inbuilt scoop (which would have been a great addition) so that might be an added extra to think about buying. Personally, I use an old over sized mug that works out to be roughly one recommended serving of his food for my dog's size. But a lot of other dog food storage containers do provide you with an attached scoop, which would have been nice as I am constantly misplacing his even thou the mug is bright yellow.

      Not that I use this much, but the food bag does have an attached large and fully adjustable strap. The strap does make it easier for moving this bag about. However, it does also mean that you could if you wanted to store the bag on a peg or from a hook, to keep it even more out of the way of prying little noses. I found that the strap came in useful when we went on holiday to stay with my brother for a week, as I could easily move the food carefully and securely in the bag and the strap made it far more portable than it would have been otherwise.

      For me this was a perfect solution, working better than a large Tupperware type of box would have. Therefore, I would happily recommend this to anyone and in my opinion it really does deserve a full five out of five stars.


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