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Trixie Snuggle Dog Bed Sammy

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2 Reviews
  • inner padding is removable
  • keeps teh draft off his body
  • did begin to lose filling after a while as stitching began to fail
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    2 Reviews
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      26.10.2014 01:35
      Very helpful


      • "inner padding is removable"
      • "cushioned well"
      • "keeps teh draft off his body"
      • "comfortable for my dog"


      • "did begin to lose filling after a while as stitching began to fail"

      Give your dog a comfortable nights sleep... draft free

      There were three sizes in the shop, small,(500mm), medium, (700mm) and large(900mm), although they are the outer ring numbers as the rings are a goof 150mm thick so you have to take that into account when deciding whether to get one for your dog.
      I went for the larger bed as my dog does like to spread himself out a bit when he's sleeping.
      Apart from the ring itself this came with a rather padded centre piece that can be taken out in order to wash it, but when it's in the ring it give a good cushioning for my dog, giving him a padded outer ring to keep the drafts away from him from above.

      The colours of this are beige and black, with paws prints being the opposite colour of the bed itself, with this being a sort of two in one bed. By that I mean this bed can be used upside down or the right way up, with one side being black paws on a beige background and the other side being beige paws on a black back ground. The same pattern as the blankets that come in this range.

      I washed this in the washing machine on a low wash and it went in the drier without any shrinking problems, although I really had to shove it through the little hole in the drier door in order to get the thing in there. And when it came out of the washing machine it was soaked, with the packing inside the ring and the inner cushion soaking up more water than had gone through the machine, it seemed.

      This ring bed sells for about £10 - £20, depending on which size you need to get, with each one having the same designed and comfort for your dog.
      Sadly, although this bed lasted quite a while, it was fell apart to the point of the stuffing inside the ring seeping out on the floor when ever this was moved, and with my dog doing what he does with his beds, this one moved quite a lot.


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      21.07.2013 07:35
      Very helpful



      Good value, good quality

      ~*~*~ WHY I BOUGHT THIS DOG BED ~*~*~
      I have got a westie called George who I didn't want to leave behind when I moved in with my fiancé so he came with me. My fiancé didn't want him upstairs or in our bed though. George was used to sleeping with me every night in my bed, so rather than getting him one of the run of the mill plastic beds I decided to have a look around at all the different ones online. I ended up getting him this one as it looked nice and soft and comfortable.

      ~*~*~ PRICE ~*~*~
      The price varies for this bed depending on the size that you buy. It's available in three different sizes - small, medium and large. I bought the medium which is 70cm in diameter and I paid £12 for it. This was a discounted price as I bought it from a cheap pet supplies website and the full retail price is £17.99 which is still a reasonable price in my opinion.

      ~*~*~ MY OPINION ~*~*~
      I bought this online so wasn't too sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Compared to most of the other dog beds I came across this was very cheap so I didn't think it'd be that good but it is fab and just what I wanted for George. George likes his comforts and this is lovely and soft and he loves laying in it and sitting in it. When I first moved in with my fiancé George was quite upset and anxious as he wasn't allowed upstairs with us so the fact that this bed is lovely and comfortable and warm was probably of some comfort to him.

      I wish in hindsight that I has bought it before we moved so that he could get his smell on it and be used to it but nevermind. The bed we have is round, black on the outside with beige coloured paws and beige on the inside with black paws, however as the bed is reversable this can be changed around. I think there are different colours available but this was the only colour in stock on the site I bought it from and it's a nice basic, neutral colour scheme. George is white so it's good that the black is on the outside of the bed else his hairs would show up and look scruffy, so that's handy!

      The bed is just the right size for George, who's a little on the porky side and big for his breed and a large cat would easily be able to fit in it. This could be used as a bed for a range of different animals and if me and my fiancé end up getting the kitten we spotted for sale a couple of days ago, I will certainly be buying another of these beds for it (there's no chance George would want to share!)

      The only disadvantage to this bed is that the fleecey bit doesn't come off, it's all in one part so it needs to be washed as a whole and takes a day or two to dry completely. I've only washed it around 3 times in over a year as George is a very clean little guy so I've only needed to wash it when it starts looking a bit hair-ridden and scruffy! The material became noticeably more bobbled after the first wash, but this is only noticeable up close.

      If you have a dog or puppy who isn't the best at going outside for the toilet and who often has accidents, then I wouldn't recommend this bed as you will end up having to wash it very regularly and I'm not sure that smells would come out of this very easily. Luckily George has never piddled on it so i cant really comment on how much it holds smells/how well smell comes out of it, but because of the material this bed definitely isn't best suited to a dog that isn't fully toilet trained.

      ~*~*~ ALL IN ALL ~*~*~
      I'd definitely recommend this dog bed! It is soft and comfortable and george sleeps like a baby in it so clearly he finds it nice and cosy. It is very good value even at the full RRP and I give it give out of five stars.


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    • Product Details

      Cuddly and comforting small round Trixie dog bed colour black with beige paw print pattern