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Trixie Wooden Ladder with Food Bowl

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Brand: Trixie / Type: ladder / Dog Bowl

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 19:48
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      A bargain cage accessory for your wee furry one

      This is yet another of my favourite Trixie cage accessories. I love Trixie products as they look great and let me provide lots of interesting things for my little critters without breaking the bank. I like to keep their lives as entertaining as possible and my bank account as unbruised as possible! I have 3 of these and they are just great. I have a further 2 that are a lot longer, but they are the same thing basically.

      As with a lot of Trixie products, they are made from natural wood making them safe for chewing and very attractive I think. These ladders are fully bendable, and consist of lots of little logs threaded on thick bendy wire, with a little platform at the end. This platform has a cut out section which you can use as a little bowl for food treats. They can clip onto cage bars, by way of two little hooks screwed into the wood of the platform; this is my biggest gripe with these ladders. Unfortunately the hooks come out of the wood far too easily, as the screw threaded part is very short. They go back in easily enough but longer hooks would be a huge improvement. The hooks themselves are great though, they are curved enough that getting them to clip over the bar is not the easiest, but it does mean they stay put (unless the hooks come out the wood!) However, if you were a little bit handy you could buy longer hooks and fix it yourself. I have done this and there is a marked improvement. Just get hooks from a DIY place and hand screw them in - the wood is soft enough that this is pretty easy.

      The overall size is approx 27cm x 7cm, which is plenty big enough for Syrian hamsters to scamper about on, but I prefer to use them with dwarf species. I have used these for both Syrians and dwarves with equal success though. Apart from the issue with the hooks, they are robust. The logs are a bit bigger than 1cm in diameter so plenty of room for chewing, and the wire they are threaded on is thick and not liable to snap even with a lot of bending.

      What I like about these, is that you can bend them into an arch and sit on the floor (with the ends buried under bedding) to make a little bridge and tunnel; put it against a cage wall and it becomes a little hidey hole and could also be a platform up to an exercise wheel. You can also attach the hooks to cage bars and wedge the last couple of logs through the bars (if your cage size allows - I do this wit the longer ones) to create a platform/ledge. And, you can attach the hooks and use it as 'steps' up to a water bottle or to treats in the little bowl.

      The longer ones I mention are 50cm x 7cm and have a platform with little bowl and hooks on either end. I am not going to review these separately as I would be saying the very same things! I bought these online from Zooplus as part of a big order late last year, and they are still in great condition. With the hooks sorted by myself I have no complaints. I paid £1.12 for the small and £1.99 for the longer ones which I think is brilliant value. They take a pretty good clean too, but as they are untreated wood I do not like to fully submerge them in water as they would take a long time to dry out again. I simply give them a scrub with a dry brush and a wipe if needed. I am lucky though and my critters don't seem to make a mess on items such as these!

      I would definitely recommend them as they can be used in so many ways. They are a very reasonable price for a chewable, multipurpose and attractive cage accessory that your little critter should get plenty use out of!


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