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Vetzyme High Strength Flexible Joint Tablets

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Brand: Vetzyme / Type: Dog vitamin supplements

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2011 13:07
      Very helpful



      A useful supplement especially for dogs who have trouble with mobility.

      I have three dogs, two of whom are springer spaniels and trained to be working dogs. Recently the youngest of these dogs, who is only three years old, sustained a bad back injury after springing out of a river and over a log that was twice his height. We didn't know how serious it was at first but even with veterinary subscribed painkillers he literally couldn't move for a week. To aid his recovery we thought it might help if he took some sort of health boosting supplement and we went to Pets at Home to see if there was anything he might be able to take. A staff member at Pets at Home recommended these High Strength Flexible Joint Tasty Chicken Bites as they contain the amino sugars Glucosamine and Chondroitin both of which help to form and rebuild cartilage, tendons and ligaments and lubraicate joints. They also contain Omega 3 fish oils for pain free joints and for increased flexibility. At the time of purchase I realised I could also give these little bites to my oldest spaniel, a ten year old who suffers from arthiritis, to try and improve her mobility.

      I initially purchased a small bottle of bites which contain 30 bites but you can also buy this in larger packs containing 90 bites. The product really looks like a bottle of tablets which comes boxed with an information leaflet inside the box. Most of the information about the product is printed on the outer box so I recommend keeping this when you buy the product. You can get these bites in two variaties, normal and high strength. They look practically the same in their boxes except for the red strip which says 'HIGH STRENGTH' on these ones.

      Vetzyme are the brand who created these bites to help maintain "pain-free, supple and mobile joints". They say that the product is suitable for:

      * Senior Dogs
      * All Dogs
      * Puppies Over Twelve Weeks Old
      * Feeding With All Pet Food
      * Dogs Prone to bad joint problems

      How They Work:

      There are four key ingredients in the bites. These are:

      * Fish Oil (Omega 3) : Omega 3 has been clinically researched and found to help improve the heart and blood circulation as well as helping to promote flexibility in the joints in order to keep them pain free.

      * Glucosamine and Chondroitin: These amino sugars help to "rebuild cartiliage, ligaments and tendons" and help lubricate joints to provide more ease of movement.

      * MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) is a sulphur compound which is said to help keep muscles and joints supple and flexible. It can help maintain "healthy joint cartilage" and "maintain elasticity". Although not mentioned by the brand on their packaging I have also read that this compound is said to have anti-inflammatory qualities.

      * B-Complex: The bites contain a blend of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12) which help to control the nervous system, provide a shiny looking coat and to help "release energy to muscles".

      The ingredients are listed in full and are listed according to quantity with Encapsulated Fish Oil and Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl being at the top of the list. They also contain mussel extract and vitamin E. The ingredients are also broken down into a handy analysis which lists nutritional values. These are as follows:

      Protein 19.1 %
      Oil 5.24 %
      Calcium 3.47 %
      Fibre 0.16 %
      Ash 16.56 %
      Phosphorous 1.57 %

      The bites look like capsule shaped tablets and have a indentation mid-way down so you can snap the tablet in half. This is because you have to feed a certain amount of bites according to your dogs's weights. The categories are:

      If your dog weighs 5-21 kg (11-46 Ibs) you should feed half of a bite daily and so on as below,
      22-33kg (48-72lbs) 1 bite
      34-46kg (73-101lbs) 1 1/2 bites
      46 kg + (101 lbs) 2 bites

      The bites require no effort to snap in two as they have a softish texture. They don't crumble into pieces either so there is no mess.

      My Expereince:

      I started feeding my young spaniel with the back injury straight after he had finished his pain medication from the vets. If you want to use these bites alongside prescribed medication then consult your vet. I also started feeding my oldest arthritic spaniel them at the same time. My dogs responded to the taste of the bites differently. The bites are flavoured with chicken and my old dog absolutely loved them and snatched them out of my hand. The young spaniel wasn't so keen though and I ended up snapping up a bite for him and throwing it into his mouth until he swallowed it!
      I have been feeding my oldest spaniel these for about three-four weeks now. She takes half a bite a day and this is most days a week unless I forget. She has severe arthritis and has done since she was about 6 or 7. Nowadays she has days when she won't get out of her basket for the pain and limping. She usually has to be taken out for a walk on her own as she can't manage the long woodland walks I take my other two dogs on. However, a week after taking these bites she suddenly insisted on coming with me on the long, rough walk and managed it very well for a whole week, climbing hills and even swimming in the river. This was totally out of the blue for her and something she hadn't done in about a year. She didn't limp or yelp when walking and looked in good form. After a week of this amazing change, however, she went back to how she was before and has been limping again and going out for very short walks. However, I was quite astounded by the initial boost that these bites seem to have given her and I'm hoping that if I continue to feed her the bites she'll go through these periods where she feels a lot better and is able to move about more easily.

      My youngest dog gadually recovered from his back injury. I'm not sure how much taking these bites helped him but he took around three weeks to be totally back to normal and able to jump around again and two of those weeks he took these bites. I have stopped feeding him these bites now as he is fully recovered and he wasn't enjoying taking them because of the taste. However, I'd have been happy to continue giving him them if he'd liked the taste of them.

      I think that these bites are a high quality supplement and I don't think you can go wrong feeding them to your dog as they contain such beneficial ingredients. As I mentioned I am certain these had an effect on my oldest dog's health and wellbeing and I feel that it is likely that these might have helped my youngest dog back to recovery. I would therefore recommend these, particularly to anyone with a senior dog who has difficulty walking.

      You can buy these bites at Pets at Home and on their website they are around £13.99 for a 90 bite bottle. Look instore for offers though as I got my bites at cheaper than the RRP. Also check out the below website for more information:



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