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Visiglo LED Dog Collar

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Manufacturer: Visiglo / Type: Dog Collar - LED

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2013 12:16
      Very helpful



      Small price to pay for peace of mind

      These collars were highly recommended to me by a friend. I often take my dogs up to my friends house in the lakes whereupon she has a huge expanse of open land for the dogs to run and run. This is all very well of a day - but at night when I let them out it becomes rather difficult and I end up having to use one torch to find two dogs.

      I have resisted buying one of these light up collars before now, simply due to expense, at over £10 from Amazon they are not a cheap collar, then there's the thought of replacement batteries etc however my wits end needed them so I decided to take the plunge.

      They were ordered from Amazon and delivered within three days which I thought was brilliant - what let the delivery aspect down however was the fact that it came in a huge huge huge box, with lots of crumpled paper as fillers for these tiny collars. What a waste!

      However - on to the collars. I must say I was impressed. They are not as heavy as I expected and are no bigger or heavier than a standard material collar. They have a little button on the front that is large enough for you to find and press but not big enough to be obtrusive to the dog. By pressing this button it powers up the light up effect on the collar which has three variations. The first is a solid light, the second is a steady flashing light and the third is a faster flashing light - all selected by simply pressing the one button either once, twice or three times. So it's really easy to use.

      I personally use the solid light I like this the best as I can constantly see where my dogs are. The light itself also impressed me. I was expecting a dim almost reflective light, but no it is a really bright light. I tested the collar out on my dogs before we went to get them used to them and they were not bothered by them at all. They are no different to an ordinary collar.

      They work wonderfully and I can see where both my dogs are, even if they are hiding amongst the trees. They are easy to use, and well worth every penny! I am so glad I bought them and wished I'd bought them sooner instead of struggling. Thoroughly recommended


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      05.12.2010 17:18
      Very helpful



      A glowing review on a bright idea!

      It's that time of year again. When the clocks have gone back and the misery of pitch black dog walks are upon us once more, as owners everywhere find themselves doing the before and after work dog walks, in the gloomy depths of darkness!

      It's rarely good fun, especially when the wind is howling and the rain beating down, and you are struggling to keep an eye on your off lead dogs as they run after every squirrel or rabbit that tickles their fancy, completely oblivious to the fact they are giving yourself a headache straining your eyes trying to keep track of them in the dark! It's a scenario I'm sure nearly all dog owners are familiar with, and I am positive I am not alone in having thought I'd rather a goldfish as a pet during these times!

      My two dogs, like a lot of others I'm sure, would turn into unbearable hyperactive maniacs who'd be bouncing off the walls all day if they did not get an opportunity for offlead, free running exercise, so keeping them confined to the end of a lead really isn't an option for me, as easy as it'd make in-the-dark dog walks! So every winter I seem to find myself purchasing another new product that promises to make keeping track of dogs in the dark, that little bit easier. Over the years, we must have tried every gadget going, from those little flashing blinkers, to hi-vis collars and even these little contraptions that looked like a glow stick around their necks, making Grace and Benson look like they were on their way to some mad rave up!

      Illuminated collars have always been something I resisted purchasing however. The simple reason being that Benson is an exceptionally hairy dog, and his normal collar disappears into a mass of fur within moments of being put on, so I'd always imagined illuminated collars would do the same, and the lights would be blocked by the ridiculous amount of fur that Bernese Mountain Dogs feel the need to have!

      Last year however, fed up of ''loosing'' my dogs in the dark whilst on the field, going into a complete mad panic that I couldn't see them, shouting their names at the top of my voice, only to turn round and see them standing there as if to say ''what on earth is your problem?'', I took the plunge and ordered a couple of Visiglo collars to try.

      According to the Visiglo website, these collars have been made focusing on four crucial factors- safety, value, functionality and style- resulting in an end product of a high quality, good looking dog collar, which offers peace of mind and safety for pets in the dark, whilst at the same time, being affordable and available to all. The collars are made from strong, durable heavy duty nylon with snap shut plastic buckles, sturdy steel D-rings and lined with soft touch material to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog.

      What sets Visiglo aside from other dog collars however, is the addition of ultra bright LED lights, stitched all around the outside of the collar, allowing your dog to be seen from all angles, thus eliminating the problem that often arose with traditional flashing blinkers that hang from collars at the front of the dogs chest- meaning when the dog has it's back to you, the light, and therefore the dog, can't be seen! Reflective piping is also sewn all around the collar, for extra added safety on night time walks.

      *Price & Availability*
      I've yet to see Visiglo collars offline, but they are readily available for purchase on many online websites. The collars are available in three colours- black with green lights, blue with blue lights and red with white lights, and in three different sizes. The prices from DogOnline (www.dog-online.co.uk), where I purchased our collars, are as follows:

      Small (to fit neck size 25cm to 35cm)- £13.03
      Medium (to fit neck size 33cm to 51cm)- £14.05
      Large (to fit neck size 41cm to 61cm)- £15.07

      *My opinion*
      When the weather is OK (cold as it wants, as long as there's no rain) and I'm actually able to see my dogs (!), walking Grace and Benson in the dark is actually something I quite enjoy. There is just something weirdly relaxing about having a peaceful walk in the dark, just the three of us. When the dogs go out of my sight however, this is when I panic, so some form of lighting on the dogs when out in the dark is an absolute must to ensure my blood pressure levels are kept down, and an enjoyable walk is had by all!

      Grace and Benson are both predominately black dogs, with just the little tan Rottie markings on Grace, and a few patches of white and tan on Benson, so it really is absolutely impossible to see them when I have them out in the dark, especially when they are off lead and enjoying their walk, running through the long grass, unless I have some form of light on them to keep track of where they are!

      Working full time, this unavoidably means the dogs must be walked first thing in the morning between 6-7am before we go to work (they come with me) and then again after work, at about 6 o'clock in the evening, so both these walks take place in complete dark, from start to finish. Not as nice as bright spring morning or summer evening walks, but the dogs don't seem to care, and it doesn't particularly bother me either, as long as I can see where they are.

      Enter the Visiglo LED Dog Collars! We seemed to have exhausted every other method of dog safety lights, and not had any huge success with anything we tried, so these collars were a last resort product, before I considering draping the dogs in battery powered Christmas lights, or sellotaping bike lights to their heads and bums!

      I came across the collars online, and after reading up a bit about them, I decided they were worth a try, ordering a couple of the large sized collars for Grace and Benson, and when they came a few days later, I was eager to try them out.

      On first inspections, the collars look just like any other nylon dog collar. The battery compartment that powers the lights is craftily hidden in the buckle of the collar, so it's nice and unobtrusive, and there is nothing big and bulk to annoy the dogs. Likewise, the lights are stitched on really securely, so there is no danger of them coming loose and presenting a choking hazard to the dogs or anything like that. Overall, they looked very sleek and smart, and were very easy to adjust to correct sizes for the dogs to wear.

      The collars are powered by two replaceable CR 2025 batteries (if that means anything to you!) and two buttons operate the lights. The first is a small button on the side of the buckle- this is the test button, which when pressed, will activate the lights briefly for a few seconds before turning off again, and the second button is a larger button on the front of the buckle marked with a paw print design. This is the on/off button- press once to turn on, and then again to turn off, so pretty idiot proof really, which is great for technically challenged people like myself!

      Inside the house, the lights looked nothing special, infact, they didn't even look particularly bright, but later than evening when we went out for our walk, I got to road test the collars for real, and any disappointments I previously had were banished!

      Once out in the dark, the collars really came to life. I'd ordered a black collar with green lights for Grace and a red collar with white lights for Benson, and they looked absolutely fantastic worn by the dogs outside! The lights were bright, vivid, colourful and chased continuously around the collar, giving off light from all angles, and ensuring Grace and Benson were easy to spot whatever position they were in. The dogs never go more than, say, 100 meters away from me, but even at this distance, the lights were as bright as if the dogs were right next to me, so are perfect if you have dogs like mine, that like to hang back sniffing at something whilst you keep walking, and then bomb towards you as fast as they can when they realise you've continued without them!

      Unavoidably, Benson's collar did sink a little down into his fur, but this was expected and couldn't be helped, and the lights remained bright and vivid, even when partially covered by fur. The collars performance on Grace however was faultless.

      The collars can be worn alone, in place of your dogs regular collar, or aswell as your dogs regular collar. If I am walking Grace and Benson in rural areas (like we do 99% of the time) and they are unlikely to be put on leads for whatever reason, then I'll use the Visiglo collars alone, and they function just aswell as a regular collar- the D-ring is ample to hold an I.D tag, and they are strong enough for me to grab to quickly restrain the dogs should I need to in an emergency. On the rare occasions we do road walking however, I use the Visiglo collars alongside their regular ones, purely because I wouldn't attach a lead to anything other than a leather collar, given the potential strength of my dogs.

      Overall, I'm extremely impressed with these Visiglo collars, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any dog owner. They are affordable, have a long battery life (I haven't had to change our batteries yet, and we've had the collars over a year, being used in winter months for 2/3hrs daily), the lights are bright and vivid, they're comfortable for the dogs to wear, they look great and offer peace of mind. They make your dog not only more visible for yourself to keep an eye on, but also more noticeable to other walkers, horse riders, cyclists and motorists.

      My one and only niggle is that the collars are not waterproof. They'll cope with a bit of rain or long wet grass but shouldn't be submersed in water. This can be a bit problematic if you happen to own a fruit loop of a Rottweiler (mentioning no names... Grace!) whose recall goes out of the window and turns into a dog on a mission when hurtling towards a lake at 100 miles an hour and you'll probably find the collars won't survive perhaps as long as they should (although we've been lucky, and her collar has thankfully always dried out and remained working after an night in the airing cupboard!).


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