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Wag Ware Dog Towel Coat

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Brand: Wagware / Type: Clothing

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2012 13:12
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      A great towel coat for your dog

      I am quite happy to admit that my dogs are spoiled and why shouldn't they be? They are members of my family and should be treated as such but don't get me wrong they are not my children and life does not revolve around them though they are generally factored in to most things. I do like to pamper them especially when they are always generally being bathed for being incredibly wet and muddy (roll on the winter!). Now the colder weather seems to be coming back I've noticed after their bathes their coats don't dry as quick so me being me give them a little help!

      We use towels when we get dry and I have therefore decided the dogs need towels to but not just any towels a towelling coat! I did a bit of a search a few months ago in order to find a specific towelling coat for my dogs. I ended up purchasing one from Wag Ware; a website only store which specifically makes bespoke dog coats (a large selection) as well as various personalised products. The towel coats start from £10.00 and go up in price depending on the size and whether you want sparkles added.

      There is a decent choice of colours available and the one I bought was bright pink in colour and I opted for white script embroidery for my dog's name which is embroidered on the one side. I also opted for 'sparkles' which are just little clear gems stuck on around the embroidered name. Each coat is made to measure and there is quite an extensive list of measurements you need to take and in put them on the website when you order. This is to ensure the towel coat is specifically made for the shape of your dog which I think is ideal.

      The towel coat is made from soft towelling material which is what is listed on the product description and of course what you'd expect. My particular towel coat features a belly strap which although isn't adjustable does seem to be slightly stretchy and fastens on the velcro at the other side of the coat. There is no chest strap as the rug is simply pulled on over the head and then simply put in position where you then fasten the belly strap.

      The design of the coat is basic regardless of what size you end up needing and buying but obviously a coat say for a great dane will look far different then one for a Yorkshire terrier! However, the coat for my Labrador is nice and deep in the chest, goes up slightly by her front legs and goes back to being quite deep which is great and it does go down quite a way down her back legs. In order to help keep the coat in position is the little elasticated leg straps which are on the inside of the back of the rug. They are not tight on the leg and don't restrict the dog's movement whatsoever they simply just help keep the rug on the dog which will obviously make the coat dry quicker.

      The towel coat gets used regularly at least once or twice a week. Although my lab did wonder what on earth was on her back as it is a lot deeper than her outdoor coats it only took a few minutes for her not to give it a second thought and found she could quite easily run around, lie down and more importantly eat whilst wearing it! It is so incredibly lightweight and unrestrictive making it comfortable for a dog to wear. Best of all it really does help dry her coat quicker than without and of course her coat is left smooth and soft whilst wearing it.

      My towel coat has been used plenty of times already as I find having a lab her coat takes a while to dry as although she is short haired the coat is very thick. Because of being made from towelling material you can easily pop it into the washing machine and it comes out as good as new. It doesn't shrink, lose shape and the colour doesn't run and so far none of my sparkles have come off either! I would however advise to dry it naturally and resist the urge to put it in a tumble drier just in case but I dry mine on an airer and it always dries soft, never like a horrible stiff towel not that my dogs would complain but its nicer for me to know they are comfortable in a soft towelling coat!

      I really have no complaints about the towel coat from Wag Ware it does what it says and it is nice that it has been made specifically to fit my dog and it does fit her perfectly. The quality of the material is perfect and it is incredibly well made so I know it will last for quite some considerable time. If wanting a towel coat for your dog then this should definitely be considered and compared to a lot on the market it won't break the bank but you still get the great standard of quality and it doesn't take long to arrive either. 5 stars from me and my pooches!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Wag Ware
      Availability: www.wagware.co.uk
      Colours: Numerous
      Sizes: from under 30cm to 100cm
      Prices: Start from £10.00 - all dependent upon size


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    • Product Details

      Toweling Coat for Dogs.

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