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Waggers Traditional Thermal Fibre Dog Bed

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Manufacturer: Waggers / Type: Dog Beds

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2010 19:06
      Very helpful



      Stylish, pratical, warm and comfortable. All you (and your dog) could want from a pet bed!

      *What is the Waggers Traditional Thermal Fibre Dog Bed?*
      This pet bed is part of the highly popular Waggers range which includes a variety of high quality dog items geared towards the 'outdoorsy' dog and active owner. Their extensive range includes beds, walking equipment, coats, travelling accessories, training tools, toys, I.D tags and feeding items amongst much more.

      *The product itself*
      Our little cottage, as lovely and picturesque as it may be, has one major drawback, and that is that during the winter months, it can become unbearably cold, especially with the snowy conditions and sub-zero nights we have been experiencing this winter! Although we have an open fire in the lounge, which is lit most nights and plenty of radiators throughout the cottage, we do not actually get a lot of warmth from these as our cottage is hardly eco-friendly, and a lot of the heat escapes through the ill fitting wooden window and door frames, that add so much character to the house, that we cannot bear to update them to modern plastic ones... despite the heat bonus!

      This means we resort largely on other forms to keep warm, especially during the night and whilst myself and my fiancé can get into a warm cosy bed with a nice thick duvet and a heated mattress topper, the dogs have no such luxury. Many people would simply yell ''they're dogs!'' at us, but we don't see them this way, and if they aren't warm and cosy at night, then we aren't happy!

      It is not so much the Bernese that I worry about, he has a very thick coat originally for keeping the breed warm in the freezing temperatures found in the mountains of Switzerland but my other pooch Grace, is a short haired Rottweiler, who certainly feels the cold.

      So with this in mind, every winter the dogs normal beds get replaced with much warmer alternatives to help keep Grace in particular, warm at night. This collection of warm winter beds includes this Waggers Traditional Thermal Fibre dog bed.

      The bed is part of the Waggers range, which specialises in equipment for active dogs who enjoy the outdoors life, but of course, every dog appreciates a nice bed to crash out on at the end of a long day running around, so this bed is part of their bedding range, and their website claims that this model is one of their best sellers, and I can certainly see why.

      The Waggers Traditional Thermal Fibre Dog Bed (what a mouthful!) is a thick 'overstuffed' mattress style dog bed which incorporates a soft yet strong and durable cotton cover filled generously with a fire retardant and thermal hollow fibre. This bed, although not electronically heated like some pet beds, promises to add extra warmth to your pet whilst sleeping thanks to the fibre filling which not only eliminates the unpleasantness of coldness from tilled or wooden floors from reaching your pet, but also reflecting the animals body heat back to them, which in turns keeps them at a comfortable, steady temperature, without the dangerous risk of burns or over heating often associated with electronically heated pet bed.

      The 'overstuffed' thick bed also allows your pet to 'sink down' into the bed, helping to protect them from cold drafts and also offering support for your dogs joints, which helps to make for a much more comfortable nights kip for older dogs or heavy/large breeds in particular.

      *Price & Availability*
      This dog bed, being a Waggers own brand product, is only available from the Waggers website (www.waggers.co.uk). It comes in a choice of 11 colours including olive & navy check (pictured), blue & brown check, green check, brown cord, navy cord, tan and raspberry check.

      It also comes in a choice of 4 sizes. Prices as below.

      Medium (66x89cm) - £49.95
      Large (86x107cm) - £59.95
      Extra Large (102x122cm) - £69.95
      Extra Extra Large (102x137cm) - £79.95

      All colours are generally the same price, but currently there is an offer for £20 off of any sized bed in the brown check colour (presumably this is one of the less popular colours and they are finding it hard to shift!).

      *My opinion*
      There is no denying my dogs are spoilt, but there is one thing I do draw the line at, and this is them sleeping on my bed! Besides the obvious problem of there being no room for myself, my fiancé and two large dogs in a double bed, I just find it too unhygienic to even think about. So, although I do occasionally allow them up for cuddles or when my fiancé is working away (and I know I'll be changing the bedding that day!), the vast majority of the time, they have to sleep in their own beds. This is the way it has always been, so they accept it very well. Although that said, if I had the choice of beds that they do, then I'd be quite happy to sleep in them too!

      The dogs, being the aforementioned spoilt sods that they are, have beds in every room of the house (apart from the bathroom of course) so they always have somewhere comfy to sleep whatever room of the house they choose to be in and when a pair of Yorkshire Terrier puppies that I was fostering took a dislike to Grace and Benson's kitchen bed, and chewed it to pieces in the space of two hours whilst we were out, it was time for a new one! Funny how two teeny tiny dogs (puppies at that!) can cause more damage than two huge ones eh?! Anyway, knowing winter was well on it's way, I decided to opt for a thermal bed.

      Straight away I headed to the Waggers website. I have brought numerous dog beds from Waggers in the past, and I have never been let down by them- they may be a little more expensive than some other ones on the market, but their quality is second to none so worth every penny, and this is what makes Waggers my first port of call when looking to purchase a new dog bed.

      The Traditional Thermal Fibre Dog Bed was pictured in their best sellers section, so I decided that numerous other dog owners must have purchased, and been happy with this bed, so it was the one I chose. I went for the XXL option to allow ample space for both Grace and Benson to use it, and chose the brown cord colour option to fit in with the cream and chocolate colour scheme of my kitchen.

      A couple of days later the product arrived and straight down on the floor it went for the dogs. I was very impressed, like I have been with all other Waggers products, at the quality of the bed. All the stitching was strong with no open bits that dogs could get a head start on to chew, thankfully Grace is over her bed chewing days, but it's a handy thing to note for other dog owners with chewy dogs. The colour of the bed was lovely, just as pictured on the website, and the cover was extremely soft and felt warm to the touch, I was confident it was an item that both dogs would enjoy sleeping on.

      It didn't take the terrible twosome long to wander in to inspect their new bed, and judging by their reactions, it was certainly a hit. They weren't long back from a 3 hour walk, so were both knackered and they didn't waste any time in testing out their new bed. The XXL large option provided them both with enough room to lie comfortably and as promised, the thick 'overstuffed' mattress allowed the dogs to sink right down into the bed, providing them with extra warmth and protection from drafts, which our cottage is very prone too.

      Both the dogs are large, heavy breeds but even so, when on the bed they were still supported by the filling and the bed didn't sink flat so they were practically laying on the floor. This pleased me greatly as Benson, as he gets older, is beginning to show signs of joint discomfort and the fact that he was fully supported by a thick bed and not getting any coldness from the chilly kitchen floor meant he could have a pleasant sleep without waking up with stiff, painful joints.

      The bed has been in use since November now, and I am still as happy with it since the day I brought it. Grace the heat seeker definitely uses it more than Benson but I can go to bed with the reassuring thought that the dogs have somewhere particularly warm and cosy to sleep on should they choose to opt for extra warmth during the night. Even with daily use the bed has not gone flat, and Grace will often sleep on it for 8 or 9 hours solidly at night. This is quite some achievement as some dog beds just can't stand up to the weight of large breeds of dog such as my two.

      Both the mattress and cover are machine washable and retain their shape and colour well whilst harbouring no nasty odours or ground in dirt.

      All in all, a top class pet bed that I would recommended to any dog (or cat) owner. If you are looking for a warm, cosy and comfortable resting place for your furry friend, and want something high quality and durable, then look no further than the Waggers Traditional Thermal Fibre Dog Bed.


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