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Waggers Virtually Indestructible Dog Bed

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Brand: Waggers / Animals Equipment Type: Dogs

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2008 22:30
      Very helpful



      If it can withstand a Rottie, it can probably withstand any dog!

      *What is the Waggers Virtually Indestructible Dog Bed?*
      This bed, designed for dogs who chew or tear at their bedding is produced by the Waggers company, an online store who sell a wide range of bedding, collars, leads, gundog equipment, feeding bowls, coats, training aids, towels, toys and car safety devices for dogs.

      *The product itself*
      Anyone who owns a large or strong dog, and even a small one, who likes to chew at or tear their bedding up with their paws will know how frustrating and disheartening it can be to go through bed after bed for your dog, each claiming to be 'tough and strong' or 'chew proof' only to find they don't live up to their claims, and that's more money down the drain. I have this problem with my dogs, they are both big breeds and still young- so have plenty of energy and mischief inside them, and Grace in particular has a fondness for chewing the bedding I put in the car boot for them to lie on during journeys! I then spotted this bed and decided it was worth a try!

      It claims to be a highly durable, long lasting and virtually indestructible dog bed which aswell as being strong, will provide your pet with a comfy and cosy place to rest! The bed consists of a water proof backing material on the base, with a thermal flame retardant hollow-fibre inner duvet and then covered by a soft yet strong removable cotton-based cover, which is secured by Velcro fastenings. The bed has the added advantage of being machine washable which makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic for your dog, but one major downside is that the bed, although able to withstand the chewing of an adult dog (apparently!), will not withstand the needle like teeth of a puppy, which I personally found a bit daft as the age range of dogs most likely to chew their bed is puppies! But anyway, the bed comes in three sizes:
      Medium (26 x 35 inches) suitable for Collies, Springers and smaller dogs.
      Large (34 x 42 inches) suitable for Labradors, Boxers, Retrievers etc
      and Extra Large (40 x 48 inches) suitable for German Shepherds, Rotties etc.

      So there is a size suitable for almost every dog, apart from perhaps the 'giant' breeds such as Great Danes and comes in a choice of two colours, olive green or navy blue.

      The bed simply comes contained inside a thin clear film bag, which just keeps the product clean and dry until use. This can be recycled once its no longer needed.

      *Price & Availability*
      Waggers is an online store, and their products are not sold in shops, therefore this bed can only be purchased from their website - www.waggers.co.uk , there is generally a link from their home page to this products page so it must be one of their best sellers, however if its not there, simply go to the navigation bar on the left, to dog beds and then you will find it. Prices are as follows:
      Medium- £54.95
      Large- £64.75
      Extra Large- £74.95

      Spare covers can be purchased from £32.95.
      You can place orders online or by phone and delivery is excellent, I really cannot fault their service, I have ordered several times from this site and I have never had any problems.

      *My opinion*
      I was just about at my wits end with my dogs and their habit on munching on their bedding during car journeys, they'd been through duvets, water proof sheets, blankets, VetBed and other so called 'tough beds' and one way or another, have managed to chew their way through them all, and then I came across this bed on the Waggers website. It seemed just what I was looking for, and after I had got over the initial shock of how expensive they were, I added an Extra Large bed to my order and waited for it to be delivered.

      A few days later it arrived and I was instantly very impressed with it. The material looked and felt very tough and strong but was soft to the touch and the bed was a nice thickness, meaning it would be good for the heavier breeds like my two, as thinner beds tend to go as flat as a pancake after a week or so. It looked very comfortable, but of course I had to try it before letting my dogs have it, so down on the floor it went and I had a little lay down, it turned out to be as supremely comfortable as it looked and if I hadn't had my fiancé sat looking at me as if I had a screw loose I could have probably stayed laying there quite happily for a good while. After it passed my comfort test, the dogs were then free to try out their newest present. I had brought the bed to go in the back of my car for them but let them have it down in the lounge for a while first for them to get use too, and it was instantly a big hit with Grace and Benson both rushing straight over to the bed, having a good sniff of it then settling down for a snooze, both dogs slept for over an hour so they were obviously happy with the comfort of it, but I was still waiting to see if it stood up to the wear, tear and teeth of my two monsters! It soon got its first test, when the horrors woke up and began play fighting, their claws were digging into the bed and the pair of them were bouncing on and off of it for ten minutes at least, but on inspecting the bed afterwards, it showed no sign of damage whatsoever, whereas beds I have had in the past have been instantly ripped by the dogs claws.

      I moved it out into the car the next day, and the real test began! The bed fitted nicely in the boot of my 4 x 4 and there was plenty of room for both dogs to get comfortable, Grace instantly started to have a bit of a chew on the corner but I left them to it whilst I was driving and was eager to see what damage had been done once I got to my destination and let the dogs out. I was very pleased, and actually quite shocked to find not even a teeth mark on the bed, now Grace is a Rottweiler, not some tiny little terrier, so she has very powerful jaws and a massive amount of strength and I was half expecting to see the bed in a several pieces, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see how well the bed had stood up to her chewing. On the way home after their walk the dogs were bundled back into the boot soaking wet and covered in mud, but once back home I was able to simply remove the cover and machine wash and place it back in the car ready for next time, the cover kept the inner duvet bone dry and clean, and the cover washed and dried very well without loosing shape.

      I've now had the bed 5 months or so, and although it has started to show a few bits of damage, its still in one piece and still withstanding Grace's chewing, its been washed weekly during those 5 months and the colour hasn't faded at all, with the inner duvet still plump and thick, the cover keeps doggy odours from reaching the duvet so its stayed clean too. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this product, it may have been expensive but it was worth every penny!!

      *Pro's & Con's*
      + Lives up to its claims- I have found it is honestly virtually indestructible
      + Easy to keep clean, machine washable cover
      + Won't get ripped by the dogs claws
      + Water proof backed
      + Very comfortable
      + Three sizes and two colours available
      + Strong yet soft material
      + Doesn't loose shape or plumpness
      + Extra large size big enough for two large breeds to lay on
      + An excellent back of the car bed, the dogs won't damage it jumping in and out and it won't get ruined by wet and mud
      + Dog hairs don't penetrate the fabric

      - Won't withstand puppy teeth
      - Expensive
      - Only available online


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