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Wahl Diamond White

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Brand: Wahl

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2012 15:30
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      A shampoo which does what it says

      I own a very wonderful golden Labrador who is a very typical lab, she loves water, mud, puddles - basically anything dirty she can roll around it. Now as she spends a lot of time outdoors with me down with my horses or generally out walking I don't mind so much that she ends up looking like a chocolate lab instead of a golden one but as soon as she gets home it is bath time for her. It is recommended that you do not use human shampoo on dogs simply because they can be more harmful on their skin and it is recommended to use specific shampoos for dogs. I seem to have built up a collection of dog shampoos specifically for tackling a dirty Labrador!

      One brand of shampoos that I use for both my dogs and horses is Wahl. The products I have used so far have really lived up to the job and a few months ago I bought the Wahl Diamond White Shampoo which has been specifically formulated for animals with white to light coats. It is safe to use not just on dogs but horses, cattle, goats, llama, alpaca,, rabbits and ferrets so don't rule this shampoo out just because you don't have a dog as it is incredibly versatile!

      The whole idea behind the shampoo is that it will help remove dirt, grease and stains from an animals coat which will ultimately help keep the coat white or as light as it could be. Wahl claim it will leave the coat "silky and vibrant, shining with vitality and health". A claim which is quite a big claim especially when it is so noticeable with an animal's coat if it isn't in the best of health - a healthy coat tends to be the sign of a healthy animal.

      Like all the Wahl shampoos in this range this particular shampoo comes in a tall clear transparent plastic bottle. The design is incredibly simple, the Wahl font logo is on the front together with the product name in bold, white font and on the back there is a bit of information about the shampoo itself together with how to use it, an extensive list of ingredients as well as the contact information for Wahl. All of the Wahl colour shampoos come in clear transparent bottles so you can clearly see the colour of the liquid and are very easily noticeable on the shelf.

      The shampoo is a rich violet colour which is metallic and does actually look quite gorgeous in the bottle as it does look so rich and luxurious in colour. It has quite a thick almost custard like consistency if pour out from taking the top off completely but if you just press the top of the bottle cap in a little spout pops up and the shampoo is much easier to apply directly to the coat (this is the method I use especially with such a large dog!). The shampoo has a lovely almost citrus fragrance to it which again seems a bit lost on animals! Wahl have used extracts of cucumber, passion flower, lemon and lime which not only give this shampoo quite an impressive fragrance but they also manage to help lift dirt and grease effectively.

      My method of using the shampoo is simply squeezing it out of the bottle directly onto my dogs wet coat and gently rubbing in but of course it can be diluted in water and then washing the animal with it - I use this option when I use the shampoo on my horse's legs (they have white socks - horsey term!). I find it really gets into the coat if the coat is already wet and it doesn't take long for the shampoo to give off a rich, white lather which is quite nice and seems to stay on the coat until it is rinsed off. Because it does lather up as nice as it is, I have found that it does take quite a while to rinse out completely especially in a dogs coat when it seems to get right down to the skin but again this is hardly a problem but obviously leaving soap suds could irritate the skin.

      I've been using the shampoo for quite a while (I do use other dog shampoos in between) and I only tend to use it when her coat starts looking a bit greasy and in need of a good, deep cleanse which this shampoo seems to do with ease. Now, she is never a really dirty dog as I hate the 'dog' smell but this shampoo really does manage to clean her coat, not just removing the visible dirt but when I pull back her coat to look at her skin it isn't flakey and the coat is clean right to the root which is definitely a plus.

      Now despite being classed as a golden lab she isn't one of those really blonde looking labs she does have red tones (her dad was a fox red lab) going through her coat but the majority of her is a golden colour which is gorgeous and whilst I don't expect her coat to be lightened as much as say a pure white coat this shampoo manages to make her whole coat look a lot cleaner giving it a lovely softness to it and gone is that greasy feel. Instead, it has been properly cleansed and any dirt, grease or stains have been swiftly removed.

      I really like using this shampoo and whilst it isn't the shampoo I turn to every time I give her a bath it manages when I do use it to really cleanse her coat from all the nasties, it also works wonders with reducing odours especially if like me you have a dog that loves water. I can definitely recommend this shampoo as good, deep cleaning shampoo for any animal with a pale coat. Her coat is left in wonderful condition and it hasn't caused her skin to become irritated as it is definitely a gentle shampoo to use. I give this a whole 5 stars as it does what it says.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Wahl
      Size: 500ml
      Price: RRP £3.09
      Availability: Online, pet stores and equestrian stores


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      Pet Shampoo

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