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Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper

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Brand: Wahl / Type: Clipper / Power: Mains / Rechargeable

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 10:17
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      Good clippers for your dog

      My mum has two dogs, one poodle cross and a big ball of fur and we aren't actually sure what his pedigree may be but as these two dogs are quite possibly the hairiest dogs known to man she has to send them to the groomers every few weeks to be trimmed and made presentable looking.
      A session with the groomer costs £20 per dog so she was spending quite a lot of money over the course of a few months so I suggested she buy herself a dog clipping set. She agreed but as it was my idea I got myself volunteered to be the one who actually trims the dogs.

      *The clipper set*

      After a bit of research on the internet we decided on the Wahl pro series groomer set as it seemed ideal for our needs and had quite a few recommendations from people.
      My mum paid £48 for the clipper set from Amazon and when it arrived and we got it all out we were both surprised with how few accessories came with it. The clippers, some guards, oil, brush and some instructions was just about it but then we reasoned what else would we really need but I was surprised because my own clippers that I use on myself came with loads of different accessories.
      The clipper itself is quite heavy and feels very sturdy in the hand. It doesn't feel overly plasticky and I like the feeling of weight it has and it just feels substantial and like a quality product.
      You can choose to either fully charge it and use it independantly of any cords or else you can use it whilst it is plugged in to the wall socket but the wire isn't very long so it is much easier to use it cordless.

      *Using the clippers*

      The clipper set comes with an instructional DVD that does an ok job of showing you how exactly you should be using the clippers depending on the type of dog and the fur that they have.
      Getting the dogs to actually sit for the clipper was the biggest job and unless you have one of those elusive well behaved dogs that I keep hearing about it is going to be a two man job to ensure that you make the trimming as neat as possible.

      Attaching the guard head to the clipper is easy enough and they just snap into place with ease. Once the clipper is turned on the buzzing noise is on the loud side and this is the thing my mums dogs dislike the most.
      The clippers are comfortable for most of the time to use but the strong vibration can become uncomfortable after using them for some time.
      Bobby who is the poodle cross he has really thick curly hair and is the harder of the two dogs to clip and I feel as though I am shearing a sheep whilst doing it. The clipper manages really well most of the time to go smoothly through his coat but occassionally it will get stuck and this then means I have to spend a few minutes untangling him. Although the clippers don't hurt him when they get stuck he really doesn't like it and spends the time yapping and trying to bite them.

      On Zach who's coat is much smoother they glide through pretty much effortesly although in the begining when his coat was longer I did have trouble with getting the clippers through first time. It also took me quite a long time to actually do both dogs but now that their coats are shorter and I do them on a regular basis it doesn't take me hardly any time at all in which to just whizz over them.
      Because they are cordless it makes them so much easier to use than if they would have to be kept plugged in. I can manouvere with ease and because they are dogs and not exactly used to heeding my orders this is really important in being able to ensure that I have made them as neat and as even as I can.
      Although I am very careful and try my best to ensure that they are neat the clippers do still leave track marks which although faint wouldn't impress the judges at a dog show but for everyday clipping the performance and the precission is perfectly adequate in my opinion anyway.

      The clippers do heat up quickly and can the razor part can become uncomfortably hot which really unsettles the dogs. Even though I follow the inscructions with the oil it never seems to make a difference and I usually have to stop and let them cool before continuing with using them.
      The actual charge that you get with the clippers is good and it also lasts a long time when not using them. For example the last time I did the dogs I forgot to recharge them but 3 weeks later they still held enough charge to do both dogs.

      *My opinion*

      At nearly £50 for the clipper set they aren't the cheapest things to buy but the money that you will save in the long term means that they will quickly pay for themselves which means that they are a bit of a bargain in my books.
      My mums dogs don't particularly like being clipped but because they are good quality it means that I can get on with it and finish them quicker than I would if we had got a cheaper set that didn't glide through the fur as qucikly.
      From just holding the clippers you can feel the quaility and the level of workmanship that has gone into the manufacturing so I am confident that they are going to last a long time. We have had them for over a year now and they are still as sharp and as poweful as the day we got them.
      They might never make your dog immaculately groomed but for most people the level of precision that they give will be absolutely fine and my mums dogs look so much better when I have quickly given them a once over with the clippers.


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