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Wahl Smartgroom Dog Claw Pliers

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Brand: Wahl / Type: Dog claw clippers

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    1 Review
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      02.04.2011 13:29
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      A few months ago my lad (cat) had a very long claw that my usual cat clippers couldn't deal with. Cat clippers often have a hole in the blades where the tip of the claw goes which works fine most of the time and is safer than blades without a hole but when cats get older (my boy is 16) sometimes their claws get thickened and don't fit in this hole which makes that type of clippers impossible to use on them. This has happened with some of my boy's claws and the one that was really troublesome was one of those. A visit to the vets for a check up saw me asking our vet to clip this claw before it grew so long it curled round into his pads and my vet produced a fabulous pair of metal clippers that didn't have the hole in the blades and took the claw right back to it's proper length. This got me thinking about buying a different pair so I went on Amazon and found these Wahl Nail Pliers that are actually intended for dogs but exactly what I was looking for. They cost me a mere £4.19 and arrived not long after.

      These pliers are stainless steel wire sprung which means when you take a piece of metal that is hinged into one handle and place it against the top of the other handle it produces a spring to power the blades when you use the clippers. When not in use this peice of metal is placed flat against the handle it attaches to and this leaves the blades closed. The clippers are 12cm in length and suitable for medium to large dogs, and cats but it doesn't say that on the packaging! They come on a piece of cardboard that advises extreme care should be exercised when clipping claws and if unsure ask your vet or a dog groomer to show you how or do it for you.

      That brings me to my next point, when clipping claws it's vital to make sure only the claw is being clipped and not the blood vessels that are found in the quick. The quick is the pink bit inside the claw and if this is cut is incredibly painful for the animal and will cause bleeding. Imagine pulling some of your nail off the pink nailbed and you get the idea. Anyone who is uncertain they know how to clip claws or has a very wriggly or irritable cat should get the vet to do it instead. I've been trimming my lad's claws for years with various clippers and he's perfectly fine with having it done so I didn't anticipate any problems, although I will confess that having that safety hole in the blades gone was a bit worrying.

      The clippers are very solid and quite heavy, the blades are slightly curved and nice and sharp so as soon as you receive these they are ready for action. My lad grows claws like nobody's business, he doesn't go outside much to wear them down and although he does do plenty of scratching they grow really fast and he usually needs some trimming every 4-6 weeks nowadays. A number of the claws on his front paws have thickened and become brittle which is an age related thing that no-one seems to be able to explain so these clippers were going to be used on the front paws the most.

      With my gentle boy I just sit him on my lap and hold each paw and just carefully clip each claw. It does take me a few minutes because I always spend quite a bit of time making sure I'm not near the quick because the last thing I would ever want to do is injure my angel. My reason for buying these clippers was so there was no size limit on the claw that could be inserted in between the blades and this is exactly what I got from them. They do take quite a bit of pressure to get the blades to snip the claws but it's a good clean cut that has no ragged edges. I'd advise people to do what I did and try them on a nail of your own first so you know roughly how much effort you are going to need.

      My boy likes having his claws clipped so he sits still and purrs throughout the procedure but most cats won't be this amiable about it so you may need two people or a towel to hold them still. Once my lad's claws are clipped he goes off to try them out for size on some old sofa cushions I kept for him to scratch (I have a leather sofa now so no good for scratching!) and loves the fact his claws no longer get caught up in beds and blankets and even his thickened claws, which are tougher than the others, are easy to trim with these Wahl clippers. I can't comment on dog claws but as these are supposed to be for dog claws they should work fine.

      Pet owners should check their animal's claws at least once a month in my opinion to make sure none of them seem too long as it can get painful for the animal. With cats it tends to be obvious because they start to get claws stuck in soft furnishings and as soon as that starts to happen they need a trim. Older animals need more regular trims because they don't wear them down as much as younger animals and indoor cats need their claws checking frequently as they don't go anywhere to wear them down.

      These clippers are a huge success and look alot like the ones my vet had except his were larger, I highly recommend them but do be careful and stay away from the quick! A full 5 stars from me and my boy.


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