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Wainwright's Buffalo Leather Dog Collar

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  • Well made high quality leather
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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 10:20
      Very helpful


      • "Well made high quality leather "


      • None

      Good quality dog collar

      When my dog was a puppy and an adolescent I just bought cheap collars for him as he was growing so quickly that they soon became inappropriate for him. When he finally got to an age where he wasn’t going to grow anymore I wanted a really good quality collar for him that was going to last for years so I wouldn’t need to replace it for a few years.

      I ended up buying this one and got it from Pet’s at Home. I looked at it in the shop and was impressed with how it looked as it looked to be very sturdy and well-made and the leather looked to be a really thick good quality one.

      You can buy the collar in a small, medium, large and an extra large size so no matter the size of your dog there will be a collar to fit. The prices of the collar depend on what size you go for. I went for the medium collar and it cost me £13 but the small costs £10 and the extra large costs £20. I actually don’t think any of these prices are bad as it is such a good quality collar.

      It is made from leather and available in brown and black. I went for the brown as my dog has a sandy coloured coat and the brown collar matches his coat really well.

      The dimensions of the medium collar is 41-45cm and it is a good size with several holes placed on it so that you can make it tighter or looser depending on the size of your dogs neck. The stitching on the leather is great and it I very tight along the loops so you can rest assured it isn’t going to snap.

      The leather is quite tough to begin with but it softens with age and I think it is comfortable on my dogs neck. He certainly doesn’t appear to be irritated with it and hasn’t tried to get it off.

      The buckle strap is very secure so even if your dog is a puller it won’t come loose and let him get away. It also has the added benefit of having an Id tube for you to put your dog’s information in so that if he does get away you know that whoever finds him will be able to get in contact with you.

      For £13 I think that this is a really good value, quality and smart collar.


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      09.01.2009 19:12
      Very helpful



      A faultless dog collar that won't let you down.

      *What is the Wainwright's Buffalo Leather Dog Collar?*
      These collars are produced by Wainwright's, a company that makes a large variety of products for dogs, including premium quality leather leads, collars and harnesses, and a selection of dry complete kibble, wet tray foods and an assortment of biscuit treats catering for all age ranges through puppy hood, through to adult and senior life stages.

      *The product itself*
      If there is one absolutely essential piece of kit you need for owning a large breed powerful dog, then it is a 100% reliable and strong collar that will never let you down. One that will keep you, your dog and others around you safe should there ever be an emergency when you need to keep your dog securely restrained. I own a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Rottweiler, two very large and very strong dogs which are both extremely powerful and if they tried, could quite easily snap an ordinary nylon or lesser quality leather collar purely by pulling on it, thankfully they aren't dogs that pull on the lead- infact, they are rarely on leads as I live in a rural area surrounded by fields where they can be off lead the entire time but I will not leave the house with them unless they have a collar on (and leads in my pocket) in case the situation ever arose when they needed to be securely restrained.

      So when looking for collars for my two in Pets At Home, these ones caught my eye. They are produced by a brand called Wainwright's who specialise in products for large and strong dogs, all their collars, leads and harnesses are made with the finest quality materials and vigorously tested for safety before going on sale so they seemed like an ideal purchase.

      The collars are made from super premium 100% buffalo leather from the strongest and best quality part of the hide and contain four layers of leather layered with nylon inlays for maximum strength and durability. Wainwright's also claim that the unique cutting and folding of the leather eliminates any open edges therefore minimises abrasion and makes the collars supremely comfortable for the dog to wear. They are fitted with solid stainless steel buckle fastenings and a D-ring for your dogs lead and I.D ring to attach and being made from leather, they are waterproof and will not harbour any unpleasant smells. They come in one colour only, which is the lovely deep brown colour shown in the picture which makes them unobtrusive and stylish for most coloured dogs to wear.

      The Wainwright's collar doesn't have any packaging, it's just attached to a small piece of plastic which enables them to hang on the racks in the pet shop. Attached to the plastic hanger is a small sticker which tells you the product name, size of the collar and the promise that it is made from the highest quality buffalo leather. There is also a contact number for Wainwright's should you have any questions or comments about the company or product.

      *Price & Availability*
      As I mentioned before I purchased my dogs' collars from Pets At Home which is the only place I have seen Wainwright's products stocked, I am even unable to find them many places online except for eBay, so if you are looking for one of these collars then Pets At Home is probably your best place to look. However, quality does obviously come at a price and these collars are very expensive compared to most on the market:
      Extra Small- £26.00
      Small- £27.00
      Medium- £29.00
      Large- £33.00
      Extra Large- £37.00
      Extra, Extra Large- £41.00

      *My opinion*
      I knew from that the moment each of my dogs reached their fully grown adult size and weight that a very good quality collar would be the first thing I had to purchase for them. I needed ones that were very comfortable and lightweight for the dogs to wear and ones that would be extremely strong and never let me down in any circumstances. I was also looking for ones that could cope with all the mud and dirty water my dogs get on them when they go swimming or for walks, these Wainwright's collars ticked all the boxes.

      I'm a vegetarian and won't buy any products from, or tested on, animals for myself and I took a while deciding over whether or not to buy these collars. In the end I decided that I would purchase them as they way I saw it was that I feed my dogs meat as it is essential to their wellbeing and that these collars would be essential to their wellbeing too, they would keep them safe and well secured in situations where they needed to be, such as road walking or around unfamiliar animals and people.

      I needed an extra large collar for Benson and a large one for Grace meaning the two collars set me back £70, so I had extremely high hopes for them. Thankfully I wasn't let down.

      Grace and Benson have had these collars for just under a year now and they are still in just as good condition as the day I brought them. The dogs have been swimming wearing them, both in lakes and the sea and the collars have dried up nicely after each time with no ill effects to the leather or the buckle and D-ring, any mud or sand simply brushes off easily when dry and any stubborn stains can be spot cleaned off with mild soap and a nail brush. Thankfully we've not been in a situation, and hopefully we never will be, where the dogs have had to be restrained in an emergency but I am confident these collars would never let me down if that situation ever came up. I've had leads clipped to the collars and if one of the dogs gets a bit too excited and starts to pull the collar doesn't even so much as strain, which is quite impressive considering Benson weighs in at 47kg and Grace not far behind at 35kg. The dogs seem very happy and comfortable wearing them too which was another important factor that I needed these collars to have as although the dogs don't very often wear collars inside the house, as I mentioned before they don't step foot outside without wearing one, and the dogs spend an awful lot of time out as they come to work with me and then we'll be out walking for 2-3 hours a day too. The leather is soft and doesn't irritate the dogs around their necks like some nylon or cheap leather collars quite often seem to do, especially when wet and the D-rings are large enough to hold an I.D tag and still leave room for a lead to be attached.

      The collars are reasonably thick which probably doesn't make them all that suitable for smaller breed dogs, although the small collar sizes may be made from thinner leather, I'm just judging off the collars my dogs have. They're also quite wide, which reduces strain and distributes pressure evenly over a dogs neck if they pull on the lead, but they aren't so thick that they are uncomfortable or heavy for the dog to wear. The stainless steel buckle and D-ring are also impressive, they're both absolutely solid and extremely strong which was another thing I was looking for when looking to purchase collars, I'm not a fan of ones that have those snap shut plastic fasteners as I'm scared they would snap but there is no chance of that happening with these Wainwright's collars.

      Overall, I'm extremely impressed with these collars from Wainwright's, they were initially expensive but I'll never need to buy another collar for my dogs again, these will do them for life. They look attractive and tidy on the dogs, are comfortable for them to wear and could potentially save your dogs life in an emergency as there is no possibility of these collars snapping or the buckles breaking. Worth every penny.


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    • Product Details

      Collar is sewn with nylon inlays and has up to 4 layers of leather to ensure considerable strength and durability.

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