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Wainwright's Buffalo Leather Dog Lead

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2 Reviews
  • Well made and comfortable to hold
  • Strong quality leather
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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 13:08
      Very helpful


      • "Well made and comfortable to hold "
      • "Strong quality leather "


      • None

      One the best quality leads I've seen

      When walking my dog I prefer to take him somewhere he can run about off the lead and expend some energy but unfortunately that isn’t always possible and if we are anywhere near a road he is always on his lead. He is quite well behaved and mostly does what I tell him but I wouldn’t take the risk.

      I have owned so many leads for my dog in the relatively short time that I have had him but this is the best one that I have bought. I also have the matching collar and together they make a really smart looking set. It is available in both brown or black and I have the brown as it matching my dog’s coat and I think it is the better looking of the two colours.

      The lead is available in different sizes which means different prices but expect to pay around about £15 to £20 depending on where you buy it and on what size you go for. I have the smallest sized lead and it cost me £15 exactly.

      The lead is made of a really good quality leather that is strong and sturdy. It is well made and any stitching in the leather is tight and secure. I find that the handle of this lead is the most comfortable of all the leads that I’ve had as it feels secure but the leather doesn’t chaff or dig in to my palms.

      It is a very well made lead and I would feel secure using this even on big dogs who pull a lot as it not only gives you a good grip and securely fastens to the collar but the leather is so strong that there is no worry about this snapping no matter how strong the dog pulling might be.

      The small lead isn’t the longest lead but this is exactly what I want when walking along busy roads. I want to be able to have complete control of my dog and make sure that he walks beside me instead of a mile in front.

      This really is a good lead that I think offers good value for money. You can buy leads much cheaper but there is no comparison with the quality of them when you see them side by side. They have their place but this is definitely the one that I personally would choose from maximum style and security.


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      24.04.2009 22:30
      Very helpful



      A throughly recommended lead, a must have for any owner of a large, powerful dog.

      *What is the Wainwright's Buffalo Leather Dog Lead?*
      This high quality lead is produced by the Wainwrights Company, well known manufacturers of a large variety of professional dog equipment including dry complete food, wet food, treats, leads, collars, gundog equipment and bedding.

      *The product itself*
      Living in the countryside is an ideal place to own a dog, my little cottage, although absolutely tiny, is surrounded by fields and woodland for as far as the eye can see and Grace and Benson absolutely adore it, it enables us to go off disappearing together, just the three of us, for hours on end just wandering about doing nothing much at all and I wouldn't change it for the world, it's a million miles from my upbringing in an absolutely packed city and living in the countryside surrounded by animals is something I've always dreamt of!

      Because we're so rural, Grace and Benson never really have to go on leads, they have the freedom to run about off lead all the time as there is no traffic and they have been taught not to chase farm animals and return instantly when called so it's great fun for them and lovely for me to see and know how much they enjoy their freedom. But of course, you never know when the situation may arise when a dog has to be securely restrained, for the safety of themselves or others, hence the reason I never leave the house with the dogs unless I have leads with me, the dogs may not very often be wearing them, but I'll always without a doubt have them on me.

      Grace and Benson are two very strong and very large dogs, who have a combined weight of over 80kg, so when it came to choosing leads for them I knew they had to be extremely strong, made to a very high quality and with no chance of breaking or snapping, they also needed to be comfortable for me to hold and look nice and smart. This is why I settled on the Wainwright's leads, my dogs have the Wainwright's collars so it seemed a sensible decision to go with the matching leads and also, I trust Wainwright's to make high quality products at affordable prices and I'm a big fan of the range.

      These Wainwright's Buffalo Leather Leads are made from 100% leather, selected from only the best quality and strongest parts of the hide which provides superior strength and durability and they are layered with up to 4 layers of nylon inlays, which helps to create one of the strongest leads available suitable for even the largest and strongest breeds of dog. The unique folding and cutting design on the Wainwright's leads eliminates any open edges which minimises any risk of abrasion on the hands making the leads very comfortable to hold and helps to reduce shock if your dog pulls on the lead.

      The Wainwrights lead is available in three sizes- large short length (50cm), large regular length (100cm) and medium regular length (100cm). The large leads are 2.5cm wide whilst the medium comes in at a smaller 1.8cm and both sizes are 0.5cm thick, which indicates just how strong they are. All the leads are then finished with a solid brass trigger style clip which enables the lead to be attached to any collar or harness with a regular D-Ring fitting.

      The lead just comes attached to a small green piece of plastic which enables them to be hung on pet shop shelves, on this we are told a small bit of information about the product and also care instructions to keep the lead in best possible condition. Contact details for Wainwright's are also provided, should you have any questions or comments.

      *Price & Availability*
      Quality comes at a price, and these leads do cost considerable amount more than regular quality leather or nylon leads. I purchased two of the short length leads for Grace and Benson from Pets At Home for £14.00 each. Strangely enough, I have not seen Wainwright's products stocked anywhere other than here, not even online.

      *My opinion*
      As I mentioned earlier, living where I live means I am lucky enough to be in the situation where I never really have to have my dogs on leads during walks as there is no traffic or any other dangers around and they've got a good rock solid recall which enables them to have a lovely amount of freedom. But of course there are times when they do need to be on leads, such as when they come to work with me, which they do everyday or when I'm walking with them by a road. I also feel it is important to carry leads with me whenever I am out with the dogs, regardless of whether I use them or not, I feel its necessary to have them there at all times in case of an emergency.

      For Grace and Benson I needed two leads that wouldn't let me down at all, with their sheer strength either of them could quite easily snap a lesser quality leather or nylon lead purely by pulling on it, which is why I settled for these Wainwright's ones, they already have the Wainwright's collars (already reviewed!) so I had high hopes for the leads. As I mentioned on my review for the collars, I did initially have my reservations about purchasing them seeing as they are made from leather, and being a strict vegetarian, I refuse to buy leather for myself but the way I decided to look at it was that I feed the dogs meat as it is essential to their wellbeing and I decided to purchase these leads as they too are essential to their wellbeing, potentially saving their lives in an emergency one day.

      The leads are very simply deigned, they're quite plain in a dark brown colour which suits me fine as I don't really like brightly, coloured fancy collars and leads as I like them to look unobtrusive and smart on the dogs, and these certainly do, they look equally nice on Benson who is a male, and also Grace who is of course female. The quality is also clear to see purely by looking at them and they are identical in appearance to the Wainwright's collars, so everything matches nicely if you want to buy the set.

      The leads are easy to attach to collars, the trigger clasp is absolutely solid, with very little chance of breaking and is very easy to operate, it matches the colour of the lead nicely and can be operated with one hand, which makes removing or reattaching the lead to your dogs collar very quick and easy. The handle of the lead is great too, it is very soft and even if the dogs are tugging on their leads a tiny bit it doesn't rub against my hand nor does it go slippery if it is raining, which makes the leads nice and safe to use in all weathers.

      As I mentioned before, the quality of the leads is clearly visible, there is no open edges or fraying bits of cotton and I've had them for a year now with daily use in all weathers and they are still looking brand new. The clasp hasn't rusted at all and there is absolutely no fading of colour and they cope with Grace and Benson very well, even if one of them gets a bit excited and starts to pull a little bit, the lead doesn't even strain in the slightest, which is quite some achievement given the strength of my dogs. Despite their strength and multiple layers of leather and nylon the leads are quite lightweight, I can have them draped around my neck when I'm out with the dogs and the leads are not in use and the handles are not so chunky that I cannot hold both leads with one hand.

      The leads are very easy to clean. Regular readers of my reviews will know that Grace and Benson both have a fascination with mud and water so the leads do unavoidably get a little bit wet and grubby at times but they clean up very easily. I either tend to hand wash them or pop them in the washing machine with a sock tied around the clasp (as not to crack the glass on my washing machine door!) and they come up nicely, although they do take a fair while to dry.

      All in all, absolutely fantastic leads made to an incredibly high standard which will no doubt last your dog throughout its entire lifespan. I've never been in the situation, and hopefully never will be, where the dogs have had to be restrained in an emergency but I am confident these leads are well able should that situation ever arise. I feel confident knowing the dogs are very safe when walking along busy roads with them and when I take Benson to agility competitions, I know the lead will hold him securely until it is his turn to compete, despite how excited he gets and how much he strains against the lead!

      To conclude, thoroughly recommended. They may be a little bit more expensive than regular leads but they will last Grace and Benson for life now, I highly doubt I will ever have to buy either of them another lead and I am safe in the knowledge knowing the leads will safely and securely restrain the dogs with ease should an emergency ever arise when they need to be.


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