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Weatherbeeta Jasper Quilted Dog Rug

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Manufacturer: Weatherbeeta / Type: Dog Equipment - Rug

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 19:01
      Very helpful



      A great everyday dog rug for those chilly walks

      Once again this is another review about a dog rug (and I've still got some to review!). I will openly admit I spoil my dogs as probably most dog owners do from time to time. Since discovering the Weatherbeeta range of dog rugs a few years ago my two dogs now have quite a substantial wardrobe! Both are incredibly wimpy when it comes to the weather and I'm not the sort of person to see them suffer, although they are probably absolutely fine!

      One rug in their collection is the Weatherbeeta Jasper dog rug which unfortunately Weatherbeeta no longer make but it is still available if you search for it. The Jasper dog rug is the doggy version of the Jasper stable rug for horses (will be reviewing that shortly!). It is made from exactly the same material and has the same features albeit it's for dogs. It is not a waterproof dog rug so should never be put on a dog when it is raining as the poor pooch will get wet!

      I generally use the Jasper dog rug on the cold but dry days when I am at home or walking the dogs. I don't use it when I take them down to the yard as it will no doubt end up covered in mud and puddle water. When it gets incredibly cold on an evening here in rural Lincolnshire I take the dogs out in their Jasper dog rug to take the chill off but to keep them warm.

      The Jasper dog rug is actually warmer than the waterproof dog coats which Weatherbeeta make. It has 400g of polyfill (more grams of polyfill the warmer the rug) which keeps the dog incredibly warm. The outer material is incredibly soft and made from what seems like a nylon mix, it reminds me of a mini quilt which is nicely padded. It has a 420 denier (higher the denier stronger the fabric) outer shell which unfortunately makes this rug slightly more susceptible to little rips and tears, especially if the dogs go foraging.

      The rug is fastened by a touch tape chest strap which fastens by Velcro, this strap isn't adjustable but you can choose how tight you want it on your dog depending on the width of your dogs chest. It then fastens under your dogs belly with a single surcingle strap which keeps the dog rug in place, this is fully adjustable. Both straps colour co-ordinate with the rug. My dogs have been wearing this rug for several years and the surcingle has never rubbed the hair/ skin but it's vital that it isn't too tight or too loose.

      The dog rug is machine washable which is great as my dogs wear it quite often in the winter. It needs to washed on a cool wash (30 degrees is best) but it shouldn't be tumble dried as it may shrink, best to leave to dry naturally. My Jasper dog rugs have never shrunk and the colour has never run. The dog rugs come out as good as new which is great as they last a lot longer. However, after a few years the quilted fabric does tend to feel a bit thinner but this is due to general wear.

      As I said above the Jasper dog rug is no longer made by Weatherbeeta and the best place in finding it would be online but it may be in limited sizes. The rug comes in navy/ silver and claret/ storm and you could probably pick it up for around £11.00. The sizes start at 30cm and go up to 70cm. Both of my Jasper dog rugs are still in great condition and will once again be used this winter. The next best thing to this dog rug is the Weatherbeeta Kennel dog rug which is the updated version and still being sold by Weatherbeeta. The dog rug should be measured from the scruff of the neck to the base of the tail to ensure a good fit.

      This dog rug is certainly no necessity for a dog! But for me and being a little obsessive I had to have them for my two when I first saw them. They do however, keep my dogs warm on those incredibly cold, bitter days which for me is great as it means my dogs actually volunteer to go out for their evening walk instead of being dragged out! My Jasper dog rugs have lasted around 3 years and are still going strong so my initial £12.00 I paid 3 years ago was definitely a good investment!


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