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Weatherbeeta Landa Deluxe Dog Rug

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Manufacturer: Weatherbeeta / Type: Dog Equipment - Rug

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2010 11:36
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      A great dog rug offering great protection

      Over the past few days here in the east of England we have had quite a lot of snow and freezing temperatures which for me have been unpleasant as I am far more of a warm weather sort of girl! My cats are perfectly fine with this weather as they can come and go as they please out of their cat flap. My dogs however are certainly not impressed with this weather and it takes quite a lot of persuading to go on their walks. Fortunately for them they have quite a substantial wardrobe when it comes to dog rugs and during the past few days they have made my dogs a bit more accepting of having to go out in the cold!

      Weatherbeeta are my choice of dog rug as they are incredibly good value for money and are great quality. Weatherbeeta manufacture horse rugs and various other equipment globally and a few years ago they started to produce dog rug versions of the horse rugs, made of the same materials and basically to keep the dog just as warm as a horse.

      Over the past few days the snow has been pretty bad and my one dog does really suffer with the cold and one rug I invested last year for both of them was the Weatherbeeta Landa Deluxe dog rug. It comes in navy with silver binding and looks exactly the same as it does in the picture! The Landa Deluxe is similar to the basic Landa dog rug (see my previous review for reference) but it differs slightly as it has a belly flap which offers the dog slightly more protection from the elements. The belly flap does require your dog to step into it before pulling it up and attaching around the side (velcro attachment) but providing your dog stands still this isn't a problem! At the front of the rug it has a collar which can be put up or down and has a hole for the lead to attach to the collar which has been securely embroidered in. The front of the rug is attached by a heavy duty velcro strap.

      The main difference with the Deluxe other than the full wrap belly closure and the collar is that the Deluxe has elastic leg straps at the back of the rug which help secure the rug in place and prevent it from slipping. Normally leg straps are only on horse rugs but Weatherbeeta have added them to the Landa Deluxe dog rug which I think was a great idea as they help keep the rug down on the dogs back. My dogs haven't had any issues with these leg straps, they are not tight on the dogs legs and don't restrict their movement whatsoever.

      The Landa Deluxe dog rug is made from a waterproof and breathable 600 denier diamond outer weave shell which is incredibly strong and durable, basically higher the denier the stronger the rug. The padding of the rug is quite substantial as it has 220g of polyfill, again higher the polyfill warmer the rug. The rug features taped seams which help ensure the rug remains waterproof. A great feature of the rug is that it features Weatherbeeta's repel shell technology whereby the outer shell of the rug has a coating on it designed to repel mud, dirt and water thereby keeping the rug clean as much as possible. For the night time they rug has a reflective label making your dog a bit more visible at night.

      For me this rug offers great protection for both my dogs and they really don't seem to mind wearing it whatsoever. As long as they stand still in order to actually get in the rug (belly wrap and leg straps) this rug is incredibly easy to get on. The rug stays in place well and doesn't slip to one side. When I feel my dogs coat when they have their rugs on they are incredibly warm and toasty but not overheated but I do make sure I take them off when they come from the freezing outside to a warm house! The dog rugs can be easily fitted into a standard washing machine and come up looking like new.

      The Weatherbeeta Landa Deluxe dog rug starts at 30cm and goes up to 70cm. The dog should be measured from the front of the chest to the top of the tail. The Deluxe can be purchased from most Weatherbeeta retailers both online and in stores and costs around £14.99 - £17.99 depending where you purchase it. As I said above it is only available in navy and silver.

      Overall, this is a great dog rug for those dogs that suffer with the cold temperatures. It offers far more protection from the elements than the standard dog rug and really keeps the dogs warm and comfortable. Both of mine are kept warm and toasty and even though they don't particularly want to go out in the snow they can at least keep warm and get some well needed exercise.


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