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West Paw Design Tux Dog Toy

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Brand: West Paw Design / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2009 16:30
      Very helpful



      A great all-rounder dog toy, perfect for any high energy, playful and strong dog!

      *What is the West Paw Design Tux Dog Toy?*
      This Tux dog toy is part of the West Paw Design range of dog products which includes a wide variety of toys designed for use by dogs of all ages, including puppies, adults and senior canines.

      *The product itself*
      Whether you are a regular reader of my reviews or not, you will probably still have noticed the common theme running through my reviews of late, and that is that many are about dog toys I have tried, with varying success, in a bid to entertain my two complete bonkers canines who seem to be hell bent on proving to me that they can murder the vast majority of dog toys, no matter how tough they claim to be, within a matter of minutes.

      As much as I love the pair of them, their habit of making light work of chewing to death even the toughest of dog toys is extremely frustrating, not to mention incredibly expensive too! So in recent months, I have started to look a little further a field than Pets At Home, where most of their toys use to come from, and have a little search around, particularly online, to try and find them some decent quality toys that tick all the boxes, which are being strong and durable, fun and entertaining for the dogs, and lastly, of a reasonable price, just in case they don't last the distance and end up in the bin!

      One of the more recent toys I have purchased is this Tux Dog Toy, produced by an American company called West Paw Design. The unusual looking toy is made from West Paws unique 'Zogoflex' rubber, which is not only eco-friendly, being recyclable which will make it popular in today's environmentally conscience world, it also claims to be super durable, extremely pliable and has an erratic bounce and will float in water, making it the perfect all rounder dog toy.

      It is advertised as being suitable for aggressive chewers and is intended to be a multi-use dog toy- a chewer and a tugger, whilst also being able to be used for fetch games, both on land and in the water. It also has a hollow cavity which can be filled with food treats, this helps provide mental stimulation as your dog must use his brain to figure out how to release the food, and also physical exercise, as your dog chews at the toy to remove his reward. Chewing on the non-toxic Tux toy will also help to strengthen the muscles in your dogs jaw, neck and shoulders and help keep teeth and gums strong and healthy.

      As I mentioned earlier, the Tux is quite a strange looking toy, it has three solid circular parts which form a triangular shape and then a forth hollow circle which provides the 'back' of the triangle- this is the part that can be filled with food. To get the best idea, you'll probably be better off just looking at the picture as it really is quite hard to describe!

      The Tux comes attached to a small piece of cardboard which gives information about the product such as intended purpose of use, care instructions and also contact details for West Paw Design, should you have any questions or comments. This is an American contact however, so any queries may best be dealt with via the internet to avoid a hefty transatlantic phone bill or air mail costs!

      *Price & Availability*
      Although I have not seen the Tux in any offline pet stores, they are stocked on various sites across the internet and come in a choice of three colours- green, orange or blue. I purchased my large Tux toy, which measures fifteen centimetres wide, from www.scruffmacduff.co.uk for £16.99.

      As with all products made outside the UK, remember they will have needed to be imported, which does increase the price somewhat.

      *My opinion*
      If you've ever owned a dog like Grace or Benson, you'll understand how annoying it can be to keep buying nice toys for them to play with, only for them to be destroyed and placed in the bin, all within minutes or them being presented to the dog, and if it isn't annoying enough that the toy has been chewed up, your hard earned cash practically has been too, which isn't a lot of fun as I'm sure you can imagine!

      Most of Grace and Benson's toys meet their death in one of two ways. Firstly, is that they'll get chewed up. The jaws of a Rottweiler and a Bernese Mountain Dog being inflicted on most dog toys is a recipe for disaster, they just munch their way through with ease and then proceed to try and swallow all the little tiny pieces, or better still, just leave them scattered all over the floor for me to clear up. Or, if a toy is lucky enough to survive long enough to be brought on a walk by one of the dogs, if it doesn't float or I can't get the toy away from them quick enough before the crazed canines charge into the water with it, it'll be joining the graveyard of dog toys lurking at the majority of the lakes, ponds and streams in the east of England. Combine two dogs who probably had fish for fathers, with brains the size of peanuts, a couple of ducks to bark at and a non-floating toy and you'll get the picture.

      So, when looking for new toys for the pair of them (which I seem to do on a near weekly basis!), they have to have two main properties to them and they are that they must at least claim to be fairly durable, and they must float. The Tux won on both counts so I went ahead in placing my order and waited for it to be delivered a couple of days later.

      When it arrived, I was quite pleased with it, it was pretty heavy and seemed very tough but also had some flexibility in it, so it didn't appear it would be a toy that hurt their teeth whilst playing, and also not one that would knock their teeth out if they caught it mid air in a game of fetch! The colour was also fantastic, I'd ordered the orange one and it was great- very bright and vivid and would be easy to spot in both long grass and murky waters. The dogs were waiting eagerly at my feet to test their new toy so off I took them out the back for a game.

      The Tux flew a good distance with little effort, which is great for a pathetic thrower like me and sure enough, like it claimed, it had an excellent erratic bounce that confused the dogs immensely when it hit the ground (well, it isn't hard to do), they both found it easy to pick up too, which is a great bonus for flatter faced breeds, like Rotties. On their second go, Benson did jump and catch the toy before it hit the ground and I'm pleased to say there were no ill effects to his teeth, it just landed softly in his mouth. So it'd passed the fetch test, they loved it, but only time would tell if it stood up to their chewing!

      It was only a matter of time before one of them tried to kill it and later that day it was Grace who took it upon herself to try. When she started chewing, she appeared to be able to get quite a good grip around the three circular parts of the toy, so I thought she'd probably be able to get them off quite easily but I was very impressed when I inspected the toy later on to find that there was no damage greater than a few tooth marks. It also coped with the huge gob of Benson equally well and they enjoyed a couple of small biscuits inserted into the hollow place for treats, which they were able to remove with relative ease. After use with food, the Tux was very easy to clean, it could be popped in the dish washer or like me, you can opt to use warm water and regular washing up liquid to give it a good scrub by hand and then leave to air dry.

      New toys are treated like blocks of pure gold by the dogs for the first couple of days, they go everywhere, so that evening when I took Grace and Benson out for their walk, of course the Tux came too, proudly carried by Benson. They had great fun flinging it around together and also joining in games on fetch with me until we neared the lake and off they darted with the Tux in tow for their daily swim. Gladly, the Tux did float, and they loved playing fetch in the water with it. When I threw it from the bank, it made a huge splash on the water but floated pretty high and was easy enough for the dogs to grab and keep hold of whilst they were swimming back to me. It dried incredibly quickly once they'd finished in the water with it too.

      We had the original Tux for a good couple of months before they did finally manage to chew through it, but considering how long it did last, and they enjoyment they got from it, I was happy enough to purchase a second one which they are still enjoying to this day.

      Overall, an excellent toy which Grace and Benson both adore, it has plenty of uses and is impressively strong- being well able to cope with the chewing demands of my two for a good amount of time and has the added bonus of floating and also being able to be used as a treat dispensing toy.

      Highly recommended by both me and the dogs and we'll be looking forward to trying the other toys West Paw Design have to offer!


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      Toy can be filled with dog treats

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