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Yap Dolgi Super Soft Donut Pet Bed

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Manufacturer: Yap / Type: Dog Bed

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2012 22:53
      Very helpful



      Luxury dog bed thats so comfortable

      I love my dogs and like to think that I look after them and make sure they are well cared for.

      I think that it is important that they both have a really comfortable bed, but I have to admit I also like to buy something that fits in with my décor, but my number one criteria is the comfort of my dogs.

      However the YAP Donut dog bed does meet both criteria as it is brown with a lovely cream soft furry lining.

      It was the furry lining that attracted me to this bed as it is really luxurious to the touch and looks so inviting , so much so I wish I could get a throw in the same fabric.

      YAP make a range of beds and we do have another one, so I knew that this was a quality brand that would stand the test of time.

      The bed is round and is made of padded brown suedette fabric , which is lined with cream furry material . There is a furry cushion which is padded and reversible. The other side is made of the same fabric as the outside of the bed and this fits into the bottom of the bed.

      This bed is made of padded fabric and the bottom of the bed under the cushion is also a thin fabric.

      The whole bed is fully machine washable at 40c.

      The bed measures 24"

      What Do My Dogs Think
      Well they spend an awful lot of time asleep in this bed and seem to approve, particularly my older dog. The bed is a generous size for both of my dogs and they can lie at full stretch and rest their heads on the edge of the bed, on their back with legs up in the air , or hang their head out of the opening in a variety of poses that show their bits and demonstrate how flexible they are.

      They prefer to sleep alone, but both small terriers could fit in this bed comfortably. Sometimes when they are under my feet or are barking for no reason I tell them to get in their bed in a raised voice - OK I admit I shout and they will jump in together then.

      They also love to duff the cushion up and can spend many happy minutes pawing and nudging it with their heads before settling. Strangely the cushion doesn't move after much nudging and pawing , but they curl up happy dogs.

      What do I think
      This is a very practical bed as the bottom cushion can be washed regularly , which is the part that picks up most dirt. I usually wash this more than the whole bed but both wash very well and the pile stays furry and fluffy.

      I estimate that we had the last bed for at least 2 years and although it didn't look as luxurious and the colour had faded because it has been washed so many time it was well padded even after that time.

      The only reason we replaced it was the bottom of the bed which is a very thin material was torn and the removable cushion had started to look worn and lost a bit of its oomph.

      What I love most is that the dogs like to cuddle into this and look so cute especially when they sleep in unusual positions. The material feels and looks luxurious , it feels like a really soft teddy bear material and they often nuzzle into the material and rub their heads against it.

      This looks comfortable and there are no hard edges, but if you want a sturdy firm bed this probably won't suit as it is soft and squashy. Having said that it has kept it's shape and when we do on holiday it is easily transported as you can squash it into a small space.

      I paid £24.50 a few years ago from a petshop. I think that was a reasonable price for a really good quality durable pet bed, which has withstood several years of occupancy by my dogs, their toys and various food items they hide in there that they pick up but don't eat- like peanuts, mints liquorice allsorts, raw carrots .

      My dogs don't chew and aren't destructive , but they do paw and scratch at the material and wriggle about in it , but it may not suit dogs who like to chew, especially as the interior is just like a big furry toy!

      Amazon have this for £26.44 at the moment

      I have no hesitation in giving this 5 stars


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