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Zooplus RunningEgg Doy Toy

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Manufacturer: Zooplus / Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2011 20:30
      Very helpful



      It's an expensive plastic egg.

      It seemed like a great idea at the time. I can remember fondly the many hours my puppy spent excitedly throwing himself and my waste paper bin around the flat in an effort to fit the big plastic bucket into his mouth. I could almost feel his determination to proudly trot around with the bin, much like he did with the loo brush.

      I thought I would recreate those happy memories with the running egg dog toy. The premise is simple; it's a large egg shaped... egg, made from plastic. Due to its size and shape, dogs are unable to hold it in their jaws, and attempts to grip with a paw result in it spinning off in random directions. Theoretically, this means your dog has hours of fun and frustration trying to grab the ungrabbable thing.

      The reality, in my experience, was somewhat different. On receiving my plastic egg, I took it from the packaging and rolled it happily at the dog. I was far more excited at this point than he was. He glanced briefly at it and gave me a look that clearly said "did you spend money on that? It's a plastic hollow egg. You did, didn't you? You play with it then". So I did. I batted it all around the place trying to get him interested and he couldn't have cared less. After 15 minutes or so of looking like a complete fool on my hands and knees with a big plastic egg I gave up.

      He did eventually have a go himself some hours later. I stubbornly pretended that the hollow clinking sound of plastic repeatedly meeting furniture wasn't highly irritating. At least, due its light weight, it can't really do any damage indoors, although the same doesn't apply to the 90lbs of bouncing dog that was following it around. This play session lasted around 10 minutes, at which point he twigged that there really wasn't any incentive to continue this particular exercise in frustration. So, just long enough for the plastic to become quite scratched.

      I tried kicking it around outdoors, which was somewhat more successful, but only because the dog loves chasing anything that moves. For fun, I made a list of things that can be chased and are much cheaper. It's very long and includes balls, kicked leaves, other dogs, imaginary-objects-so-long-as-you-make-the-throwing-move-with-your-arm, and old rope.

      In summary, it's OK for a bit of a kick about. Some dogs might like battering it all over your house too, which quickly becomes irritating. It is a large, hollow egg made from easily scratched plastic. It costs a fair chunk of money relative to other toys.

      (Also posted on Ciao.co.uk under the username PiratePix).


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