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Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy/Junior Dry Food

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2 Reviews
  • Great Customer Service Via Facebook
  • Hypoallergenic and easy on the stomach
  • Only in chicken flavour
  • Biggest bag is 12kg not 15kg
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    2 Reviews
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      01.10.2014 17:37
      Very helpful


      • "Gives pup a nice coat and firm stools"
      • "Great Customer Service Via Facebook"
      • "Made in the UK by a UK company"
      • "Hypoallergenic and easy on the stomach"
      • "Smells nice"
      • "Slightly Larger Kibble Size"


      • "Biggest bag is 12kg not 15kg"
      • "Not good for those sensitive to chicken"
      • "Only in chicken flavour"

      Brittish owned and made, hypoallergenic food for big puppies!

      I have an English Mastiff pup and found it hard to find a food that interested her and also didn't give her loose stools. At first we fed her Autarky puppy (not a large breed one) and this gave her constant runny backside. After doing a bit more research we decided that a large breed puppy food was needed. Large breed food helps them to grow at a slower rate, as larger breeds suffer with joint problems if they put too much weight on too quickly. The large breed food also usually is a larger kibble size which helps to stop them wolfing their food down, causing bloat, which is a very dangerous condition.

      The first large breed food we tried was a local shops own version of a large breed food. She loved to eat it, but it didn't come out the other end how it should (to put it nicely!) so we switched to James Wellbeloved large breed puppy, which she liked at first but we swapped about with the flavours as she got bored of it. We switched up to the junior food (larger kibble) and she wasn't really that interested and her tummy problems started again. So again I went online and checked out some other comparisons to see what other options I had, and found Arden Grange.

      Since starting our pup on Arden Grange, her bowels have been brilliant. The only time she has had a dodgy tum was after her jabs/worming which was to be expected. She is still not great with eating her food (she likes to leave it until she realises we wont be giving her any of our food!!) but she eats it, and it agrees with her. Her fur looks lovely and she also loves the treats that Arden Grange do.

      The kibble is about half an inch in diameter and has a hole in the middle. You can buy them in 2kg, 6kg and 12 kg bags. We always buy her 12kg bags and it lasts us a month. We can usually buy it for around £30, which works out at about £1 a day to feed.

      The food has Boosted levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM – to help maintain supple, strong joints and cartilage, which helps them to grow at a slow and steady rate to avoid hip displasia and other common joint issues that large breeds have. Arden Grange use HUMAN GRADE meat in their foods, why feed them a meat quality that we wouldn't eat ourselves?

      This food is recommended to be fed to large breed puppies up to 12-18 months (or for smaller breeds that like bigger kibble).

      Another thing I like about Arden Grange is they are a Brittish owned company and make their foods in Britain too. I feel I can trust them to provide good quality kibble and they also provide excellent customer service. I have recently contacted them via their facebook page, to which they reply quickly.

      I would not hesitate to recommend this food to any other owner of a large breed puppy. I have bought our last bag of junior food and will be moving her onto the large breed adult food next month, and I am really hoping that the adult food does as much good for her as the puppy/junior food.


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      23.05.2013 13:36
      Very helpful



      A great dry food for large and giant breeds

      My golden Labrador (15 months) has quite a sensitive digestive system and I find that the cheaper food i.e. Pedigree just didn't sit right with her and from a very young age has been fed on Arden Grange. Since getting my lovely flat coat retriever it made sense to put him on the same diet as it would be a lot more cost effective and easier to keep control of what both were eating.

      The dry kibble of choice for both is the Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy/Junior so ideal for both dogs (although my Labrador could technically go on to adult food). Both retriever breeds are classed as a large breed and I want to ensure that they get everything they need in a dry food that will try to ensure that their diet is balanced and help them develop as they should - skeletal growth in large breeds is incredibly important as you don't want excessive weight gain to cause problems.

      "Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of developing large or giant breed puppies. Controlled energy & fat contents support growth without excess weight gain."

      The quote says it all really and if you know of Labradors, you will know they are prone to getting fat eating fresh air. So having a kibble which helps with weight gain is essential. Obviously if you feed ridiculously large amounts then clearly weight gain will be an issue! The theory behind the dry food is that it helps to control a steady growth rate in large/giant breeds. The kibble can be fed wet or dry depending on what each dog likes - both of mine with eat it either way although the puppy does prefer it a little softer especially as he is currently teething.

      The kibble itself only comes in one flavour which is chicken and rice which my dogs both seem to enjoy quite happily and rarely leave anything. The kibble is a decent size for a large/giant breed and is circular in shape with a hole in the middle - basically looking like a kibble version of a polo! It is dark brown in colour and does look quite grainy in comparison to other dry kibble. It doesn't really have a smell to it so it is easy to store as the smell doesn't get everywhere. I find with brands such as Pedigree the dry food has quite a distinctive smell, where as this one doesn't.

      So other than mentioning the importance of the skeletal growth above the Arden Grange Puppy/Juinor Large Breed is also beneficial in other ways. One being a good digestive health. Arden Grange use high quality chicken as the primary ingredient as it has a very high biological availability which is needed to keep the intestinal flora balanced. Joint care is obviously high on the agenda for large/giant breeds and there glucosamine is added together with Chrondroitin.

      Lastly, Arden Grange use Vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene, as well as yucca, cranberry and rosemary extract to help with immunity and disease prevention. The antioxidants when combined overall try to help with cleansing the body (getting rid of any chemicals), help prevent faecal odour and of course cranberry helps to maintain the urinary tract.

      The food is recommended for:

      ◦Large Breed puppies aged 2 - 12 months
      ◦Giant Breed puppies aged 2 - 18 months

      It can also be used for:

      ◦Smaller Breed puppies with a large appetite

      Now my Labrador has been on this for the last 8 months and the flat coat retriever has been on it since 8 weeks old (he is now just shy of 5 months) and neither of them have had any problems whatsoever. Both of their coats are lovely and smooth (the flat coat's coat has a lovely glossy shine to it) and their skin isn't dry or irritated. Both are always full of energy which I know is bound to be the case when they are so young but I find that they are happy, well looked after dogs.

      Neither of them have turned their nose up at a bowl of this dry kibble and I think the fact that their skeletal system is being looked after is a bit positive for me. I have seen so many large breed dogs with problems that it is vital as an owner to help look after them is a duty for your dog. Therefore, if you have a large/giant breed dog then this really should be worth trying. My dogs are both in great shape and I put a lot down to a good diet. A definite recommendation from me.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Arden Grange
      Sizes: 2kg, 6kg and 12kg
      Prices: 2kg - £8.70, 6kg - £17.90 and 12kg - £32.90
      Availability: Pets at Home, Zooplus, MedicAnimal etc


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