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Arden Grange Partners Premium Wet Dog Food

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Brand: Arden Grange / Type: Wet Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2014 15:45
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      A decent wet food

      My dogs are predominantly on a dry food diet plus a bit of raw i.e. chicken wings. However, they do get wet food during the week even if it is just a small token amount as it gives them some variety and for my fussy canine he seems to prefer it this way. Because of both my adult dogs tend to be a little sensitive when it comes to food I do have to watch what they consume so finding a sensitive or hypo-allergenic wet food is generally on my shopping list.

      The wet food of choice mainly tends to be Arden Grange Partners canned food. Arden Grange is a middle of the road brand who create hypo-allergenic foods for dogs both wet and dry. Arden Grange have a decent selection of dog foods and most will be suitable for any dog. The Partners range comes in lamb, beef and sensitive ocean white fish so there is limited choice but as my dogs have never not eaten it for me its fine.

      Regardless of variety you buy they all come in the same can with a ring pull top. The lamb variety comes with a green label, beef with a red label and the sensitive in a grey label (each match the colours of the dry food). Currently I have the lamb variety at home and on the label not only does it feature the product name and variety but also the Arden Grange logo together with a picture of a dog. On the other side of the can, there is information about the product, feeding guidelines, ingredients list and contact information.

      The Partners wet food has been formulated for dogs over the age of 9 months and for those that have a dietary allergy or intolerance. The wet food apparently is also good for those dogs that are ill or recuperating as it is incredibly gentle on the system. Of course, it isn't only for dogs with issues but can also be fed to dogs on normal diets so it isn't restrictive in any way.

      As I said above my dogs are currently enjoying the lamb variety which they both love. Upon opening the can you do get a waft of that typical dog food smell but what you see in the can isn't like the gravy based meaty chunks you get in certain brands of form. What you do get with Arden Grange Partners is a light brown coloured solid block of food. The texture is like a soft pate and is easily broken up with a fork as it just glides right through the wet food.

      Because of its soft texture you can easily mix this in with the dry biscuits and it seems a little does actually go quite a long way. Occasionally you will see a small piece of carrot but the majority of the ingredients are completed blended in to make what is a very smooth wet dog food. It also has a low water content compared to other wet dog foods which makes it quite smooth. When feeding this food alongside your normal dry food you do need to take the amounts into account, the general rule with feeding Arden Grange foods together is reduce the amount you feed by 40g for ever 120gs of Partners wet food. Obviously, if feeding a different brand you should still reduce the amount accordingly.

      My dogs adore this wet food and whenever they do have it combined with their dry food and it doesn't take them long to demolish what they have been given. I do like the fact that the food does contain Glucosamine and Chrondroitin which is great for looking after the bones and joints, ideal for me as I have large dogs. Despite being a wet food and the initial waft of that wet food type smell, it actually isn't as bad when you are mixing it with a dry food as it really isn't that strong.

      Overall, I can't complain about this wet food at all. It hasn't caused any problems with either of my adult dogs in terms of skin/coat condition or little gifts left for me in the garden! I haven't stopped buying this wet food and I do switch from the beef to lamb to give them a little variety even though there really is not much difference other than protein used. It may be more expensive per can than say Pedigree but it is far more beneficial to your canine and definitely worth the extra. Easily 5 stars from me.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Arden Grange
      Price: £5.99 per a pack of 6 (Zooplus March 2014)
      Size: 395g
      Availability: Pet stores and online pet stores
      Analytical Constituents: Moisture 70%, Crude Protein 11%, Fat Content 8%, Crude Ash 3.5%, Crude Fibres 1%.
      Composition: Fresh lamb (70%), Rice (6%), Minerals, Peas, Carrots, Beet pulp, Fish oil, Seaweed extract, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Cranberry, Yucca extract, Yeast Extract (High nucleotides)


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