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Arden Grange Sensitive Dry Dog Food

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Brand: Arden Grange / Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2011 13:30
      Very helpful



      The best dry food for a dog with a sensitive stomach

      As you may or may not already know I have 2 dogs with quite a big age gap between them, the eldest who has just turned 12 is fed Arden Grange Senior, where as Little Red who is 4 has the usual adult Arden Grange. Along with the usual, I have started to mix in some of this Arden Grange Sensitive as he was having a problem going to the toilet.

      ~What Arden Grange Say About Arden Grange Sensitive~

      Arden Grange Adult ocean white fish and potato is a nutritionally complete dry food which is ideally suited for dogs with a delicate digestion. Completely cereal and grain free, Arden Grange Sensitive provides all breeds of dog with a hypoallergenic, wholesome diet full of natural goodness. With a blend of low GI carbohydrates, our food ensures a sustained energy release throughout the day providing your dog with all the health and vitality it needs.

      ~Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato~

      This particular variety of Arden Grange is made especially for dogs, who like Red may be having digestive problems and because it's grain free it helps aid him when he needs to go to the toilet. I think the flavor of this Arden Grange sounds rather tasty, Ocean white fish and potato yum! However it's a pity the actual food doesn't smell as inviting. The kibble is quite small, a dark shade of brown and looks like little 3 leaf clovers. The smell is incredibly strong and to me smells nothing like what you'd expect fish and potato to smell like. However I don't have to eat it so I don't suppose it matters.

      I didn't want to give Red a complete bowl of this to start with so I mixed some of it in with his usual Arden Grange. Now Red always loves a new flavor food and with Arden Grange the flavors of food are quite limited, he usually has chicken or lamb, so when I introduced this new flavor he was very excited. I mixed the kibble up in the bowl and gave it to him to eat. He was straight there munching away on his new kibble. Once he moved away from his bowl, I noticed he had separated the two flavors, all his usual kibble was placed all over the floor where as the new kibble was all gone. I can safely say he did indeed enjoy this new flavor. Eventually he did start to eat both flavors, he does get tired of the same flavor day after day so I tend to mix each of the flavors up, sometimes he'll have lamb and sensitive and others he will have chicken and sensitive. He seems happy enough with this little variety.

      ~So has this food made any difference to Red's toileting?~

      Yes, this variety of Arden Grange has made a big difference, where as before he had got to the point where when taking him for a walk I'd be waiting for what seemed forever for him to go... so to speak, and I could see that he was really struggling. This had me concerned and that was why I wanted to do something to try and help him. Since I've been mixing this food in with his usual, he has found it a lot easier to go to the toilet and so I'm happy as indeed Red must be.

      ~Other information~

      On the pack of this Arden Grange Sensitive, there is a list of ingredients, typical analysis, feeding quantities and guidelines. You can always visit the Arden Grange website which is very informative and helpful when it comes to making your mind up which variety would be best for your dog or cat as they also do a wide range of food for cats as well.

      This product should be stored in a cool dry place and fresh drinking water should be made available for your dogs at all times.

      I buy a 2.5 kg bag of this for Red and because I mix it with his other food, a bag of this seems to last a very long time. I was buying it from a pet shop, but Arden Grange is quite difficult to find and the only pet shop I could get it was miles away so I've since started buying it online where I've found it to be much cheaper and with free delivery. There are quite a few websites I've found that sell it and I just tend to go with whichever has got a deal on at the time. For a 2.5 kg bag of this Ocean white fish and potato sensitive Arden Grange I pay around £10.00. It might sound like a lot of money, but the bag lasts for ages and I know Red is getting the best I can give him.

      Happy Dogs = Happy Owners.

      All Arden Grange food comes in various sized bags depending on your dogs size, age etc. They also do wet foods, if that's what you prefer to feed your pet. There is something for every dog and cat, available from Arden Grange and I for one highly recommend them.

      5 Stars for this Arden Grange Sensitive it has helped Red and this pleases me, I will continue to use this food and I think it's worth every penny I pay for it.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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