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Asda Hero Dried & Pressed Tripe Sticks

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Brand: Asda / Type: Dog Treats

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2013 16:50
      Very helpful



      A fab buy for Daisy!

      As many of you will be aware if you regularly read my reviews I am the proud owner of a kitten called Myrtle and four hamsters....Trevor, Reg, Englebert and Winifred and not a dog and of course the review I am about to write is about dog tripe sticks. Some of you though will be aware too that my mate of 20 odd years has a poodle called Daisy (and kitten called Henri) that almost live round my flat and the animals are as close as close which is why we tend to let them all be together as much as possible as they seem to be at their happiest.

      Me and Daisy have always had a very close relationship. She is amazingly beautiful and intelligent and even when occasionally my mate goes home (not often that it tends to be a couple of hours!) we allow Daisy to decide where she wants to be. On the nights my mate does go home I usually end up with Daisy with me refusing to leave so she really is a shared dog and I do help with the upkeep of her cos I want to and she's such a good companion of mine!

      I bought her these in my local Asda store and they cost me £1.00 for 15 sticks of treats which I though was great value. Since buying her, her first pack though I have bought her several in with my weekly shop as she enjoys them so much, as does my kitten Myrtle which I will come on to later lol.

      The packaging of these is simple. They come in a long oblong bright green easy to tear open bag and on the front of it there is a picture shown of some of the sticks and a Labrador and we are clearly told that they are Asda Hero 15 Dried & Pressed Tripe Sticks 'A complementary pet food for dogs' and that they are made with 70% tripe and are vitamin enriched and that they contain no artificial colours or flavours and are 90g in weight (the 15 sticks that is!). On the back of the pack other information listed includes the ingredients given and nutritional value of them, a feeding guide is given as is storage advice and the best before date and contact details for Asda (the manufacturer of the product) are given too. I do like that on the back of the pack there is a peel off sticky label you can use to seal the pack up with too when using it and you have sticks left inside and on that label little diagrams are shown on how to do so to.

      The Sticks:

      About 6ish inches long these are dark brown and to me stink. They smell meaty and I guess that's the smell of tripe but it isn't particulary tasty smelling to me....in fact it is yuk! They are dry and cylinder in shape and dark brown in colour and easy to snap if I wanted to which I did when I first got them. These are great for a dog of Daisy's size. She can hold them well and although dry to the touch look moist when shes bitten a bit off and they seem really easy to chew and tasty to her cos she can have one of these eaten in literally a minute so chewy? Not really! She makes eating one of these look easy!

      I mentioned my cat Myrtle earlier loves these and she really does. She has no issues nicking one of these off Daisy though Daisy growls and isn't happy she has been taught not to hurt a cat and the cat gets away with it. She can hold it well and again can have one gone in under a minute. Usually I wouldn't allow her to eat anything not meant for her however these are made with only naturally found ingredients with a minimum of 70% meat content so whilst I don't encourage her to eat them if she does I don't worry and she prefers these to any cat treats I give her anyway.

      All in all I think for the dog these are great. They don't make a mess and flake anywhere or leave a greasy mess or anything on my laminate flooring, the only issues I have is limited her intake of them cos one never seems enough or stopping my Myrtle stealing them so I am more than happy to keep purchasing these in the future!

      Only available in Asda stores at a pound a pack.


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