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Bakers Crunchers

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Brand: Bakers / Food Type: Dog Food

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    3 Reviews
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      29.12.2012 10:38
      Very helpful



      The Cruncher

      Seeing as I seem to have gone a little mad doing lots of reviews on dog treats, I thought I would continue the theme and do anther review on my dog's favourite treats! Here I will be reviewing Baker's Crunchers.

      About Bakers
      Purina Petcare are actually the company that are responsible for producing the Bakers range. Bakers are one of the leading names in dog food - they produce puppy food as well as a complete food for adult dogs and they even do a special low fat food for dogs that need to loose a few pounds. Bakers also produce a specially designed food for dogs with sensitive stomachs which is called Baker's Sensitive and a food for older dogs called Baker's Senior.
      As well as producing a large selection of complete food for different types and ages of dogs, they also produce a rather impressive range of treats which are very popular with my dogs!

      Bakers Cruncher treats come in a plastic bag which is re-sealable! I really appreciate it when dog treats come in re-sealable bags as it means the treats stay fresh, especially when they are biscuit based treats like these are.
      The packet is fairly large, about a foot high, by half a foot wide. The Bakers logo is written across the front of the packet in big white writing. Crunchers is also written across the front with a picture of the Bakers Cruncher on the front underneath the writing.
      One the back of the packet is all the usual information about the product, as well as information about the other products that Bakers sell. There is a feeding chart informing you of how many treats you dog should be allowed depending on its size.

      I tend to buy these treats at Tesco and they are normally on a buy one get one free offer so you basically get 2 packs for £2. When they are not on this offer, they are usually £1.48 per 350 gram bag.
      Many other places sell these and quite often at Pet's At Home they are on offer - 2 for 3 for you get three packets for the price of two - bargain!

      As well as making this biscuit Bakers also produce quite a large range of other treats including Sizzlers Bacon and Cheese, Wirlers, Munchy Morsels, Drummers, Sizzlers Bacon and a few more.

      The Cruncher Biscuit
      The Cruncher Biscuit itself is fairly large for a dog treat. They are about 2 inches long by an inch thick. It is light brown around the outside and then inside the biscuit is a darker colour, sort of a mix between orange and brown. I think these treats look very similar to Marky biscuits in the way the biscuit is designed.

      I actually really like the smell of these biscuits! They smell a bit like bacon or beef crisps and obviously you can smell the biscuit too! If I wasn't a vegetarian then I would be tempted to have a taste myself!

      Dog's Opinion
      These are a firm favourite in my household! My youngest dog Dax is very fussy when he eats but these treats are gone very quickly when I give them to him! I am always keen to find treats that my dog have to sit down and eat rather than these bite size treats which are swallowed whole and don't even get tasted. This is another reason why I like Baker's Cruncher because they are large enough that both my dogs have to chew on them before swallowing. Of course they also take great delight in clearing up any crumbs afterwards too.

      These get a 10/10 from me and the dogs. They are always excited when they know they are going to get one of these and as I said, even Dax my fussy dog shows interest in these.
      They are good value for money as you probably get around 20-25 biscuits in a packet. At £2 for two packets, I would certainly recommend them!
      A real highlight to these is the fact that the packet is re-sealable, it amazes me the amount of dog treats that come in bags which can not be re-sealed, meaning you have to store them in another container.


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      07.06.2011 20:58
      Very helpful



      Great when you can get hold of them

      I rescued my Rotti 4 years ago from a local animal shelter and when I went to see him before taking him home the staff used to feed him these to keep him sweet! He was a little grumpy.

      When I took him home I decided to get a few bags of these from their shop as he seemed to like them.

      These treats are like giant fig rolls, just with a meaty filling not a fig filling!!

      They are probably the biggest dog biscuit out there and if you try to break them into little bits they just fall apart. Luckily for the dog it is easier to just feed them the treat all in one go!!

      There are not many treats in the bag due to them being so big and they were about £1.50 a bag. Having such a large dog meant that it was okay to feed him a whole one. If feeding a smaller dog this may not be the best treat. They are Bakers so I do fear they have sugar but the idea of them is so brilliant that I let this pass to give the dogs this. They also really liked them so I didn't complain.

      When I say liked I should say loved, they passed the nose test and immediately sniffed the air when the bag opened so that was a good sign.

      In the last few years I ahve not been able to find these treats which is a shame as it is the only Bakers treat I would buy reguarly! Anyone knows where I can get these please tell me!


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        29.12.2007 11:36
        Very helpful



        A dog biscuit treat for dogs

        What are they?

        Bakers Crunchers are described as a "tasty marrowbone flavour and beef seasoning crunchy biscuits with a soft meaty centre". You might think yuck but dogs seem to love them and that's what's important in a dog biscuit or treat! They come from a range of Bakers meaty treats for dogs.

        What's in it?

        Do you really want to know? Yes, well ok but its not pretty! They have a minimum 14% meat. They are made with cereals, meat, animal derivatives (I hate the picture that conjures up), oils and fats. The description goes on to tell us that there is 12% protein, 8.5% fat, 9% ash, and 3% fibre. They highlight the fact that they contain vitamin A, D3 and E but before you go thinking that they might be good for you dog the vitamin E content is 50mg per kg - i.e. not enough that would have any benefit for your dog.

        How much should you feed your dog?

        Well firstly they tell you that this product isn't suitable for dogs under 5kg, for me this isn't a problem but I think the information could have been made a bit clearer for people when they first pick up the packet rather than having to read the small print to find it out.

        There is a chart on the packet telling you how much to feed your dog depending on its size.

        For dachshunds, cocker spaniels and other dogs between 5kg and 15kg they should have a maximum 2 biscuits per day.

        For border collies, Labrador retrievers and other dogs between 15kg and 30kg they can have 4 biscuits per day.

        For Bernese Mountain dogs, great Danes and other dogs 30kg and above they can have 5 biscuits per day.

        Baker's points out that you should alter your dog's meals depending on how many biscuits you give them so you don't over feed them.

        What's the packet like?

        They come in a plastic packet which has a flat base so it can stand up in your cupboard. The top of the packet rips off and its easy to tear so no needing to go and find scissors to make your way in. The top has a resealable strip and it's a good tight with a strong seal so you don't have to store it in another tin to keep it fresh. Bakers advise you to store in a dry clean place (and out of the reach of your dog!) The packet also has a website or "wagsite" as it puts it for bakers complete which has news, fun, competitions and prizes. There is also a Purina (the people who own Bakers) dedicated pet care team for any questions and they give you a phone number for this.

        The packet contains 350g, I had 12 biscuits in my packet with each biscuit weighing on average about 30g. They cost around £1.49-£1.99 and you can buy them at most pet shops, online pet stores and supermarkets.

        So what do they look like?

        Well they look a bit like sausage rolls. They have a crispy biscuit outer which is quite hard and crumbles a bit when you break them. Inside is the minced meat core which is softer. They smell to me like smokey bacon even although they are meant to be beef flavoured. They smell is quite strong so when you open the packet you get your dogs attention.

        What does my dog think?

        Well my dog is called Oscar and he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and he's a big dog, according to the packet he should get 5 biscuits per day, this would mean a packet would only last just over 2 days. Personally I think this is a bit much. He gets three meals a day and he gets rawhide chews which he loves and are good for his teeth. I tend to only give him a piece of the biscuit as a treat now and again. This has meant the packet has lasted me for months! I see them as a treat and not as a daily supplement to his diet.

        Oscar loves them and would probably like me to give him them more regularly! As soon as he sees you getting the packet or catches a whiff of the smell he stops what he is doing and his full attention is on you. He then sits as good as gold or tries giving you his paw, anything to get his reward!

        My final thoughts?

        I would buy these again, they are a tasty treat for dogs. However on the downside they are quite big and when you try to break them up they do tend to crumble quite a bit. I would like them to come in a smaller size so its easier to regulate portions. My dog certainly loves them and providing you don't feed them too many they don't do any harm. Oscar certainly gives them the thumbs up - or should that be the paws up!

        (Also published on Ciao under AJ26)


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