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Bakers Gravy Bites 2 in 1

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7 Reviews
  • wet or dry food
  • no bad smells from bowl
  • can look 'dodgy' in the bowl
  • My dog became bored of taste after a while
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    7 Reviews
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      21.10.2014 16:23
      Very helpful


      • " (or dogs bottom)"
      • "no bad smells from bowl"
      • "Full of essentail stuff that dogs need"
      • " wet or dry food"
      • "Two choices to give the dog"


      • "My dog became bored of taste after a while"
      • "can look 'dodgy' in the bowl"

      A dog food that acts like a gravy ....???? what ever's next...????

      I've tried giving my dog a variety of foods, trying to stay as close as I can to the Bakers complete choice, eventually landing at the bakers complete that he eats now. During the trip down food choice avenue we stumbled up on a food that is dry as well as wet??? and this is that food, which kept me and my dog in the bakers complete road to happiness.
      It may sound crazy, but this food can be given both dry, which is a matter of dropping the required amount into the bowl and letting your dog begin feasting, and wet, which means pouring some warm water, (boiled and allowed to cool), over the dry food in the bowl so that the food begins to look like it's moulded together. Either way the food is as good as it should be. I do have to say that if you use hot water make sure that the food is cooled down enough so that it is not going to harm to dog.

      As I said, I tried my dog on this as he seemed to be getting a little bored with the other food he was on, so, as this was on offer, I gave it a go. At first he seemed to like it, although not as much when I used the moist method. He did not seem to like it when it was mushed up. But as dry food he wolfed it down, although some bits he nosed out of the bowl and onto the floor. But most of the food he ate.
      But, as usual, he was soon nosing most of the food out of the bowl, eating only the meaty parts and some of the green pieces. The rest had to be swept off the floor. This made me change back to his 'normal' bakers food which I know he loves. But you have to try these things.

      It contains all that is needed for a healthy dog, protein, fibre, carbohydrates, calcium, mineral and iron, which covers everything from bones to stamina, running around to rolling around.

      The cost of this two in one dog food is depends on the size box/bag you want. For example, a 1.3kg box is about £2.50, where as a larger 3kg bag sells for about £6.00.
      you can get larger bags, 15kg, for about £20 from many big pet shops, which is good value for money but if your dog goes off the food you're stuck with a lot of food that needs to be thrown away.


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      28.08.2011 17:27
      Very helpful



      A wonderful food for dogs that gives a variety at mealtimes

      Having had two dogs before my current dog my family and I had used Wet food, however our third dog, Dizz is a runt from a litter of Spaniel Gun Dogs who doesn't like loud noises.

      She would not eat wet food so we tried her on normal bakers biscuits. She appeared to love them until one day she just suddenly stopped eating. As we saw Bakers 2 in 1 bites advertised we thought that this would be a great variety for her making her meal times varied. She is now 5 years old and is fed a variety of this food along with Bonio biscuits on a morning and is occassionaly given Wagg training treats and raw hide bones.

      I'm not to sure of her exact weight however she is a good sized spaniel and is what I would say is just about right, she isn't overweight and certainly isn't underweight! She has a good thick glossy coat which is a rich chocolate brown shade with patches of bright white fur. Her skin is also in good condition and her muscle tone is well defined. She managed to pick up scraps of food when out on her walk (she is let off the lead in our local park where people often leave wrappers and food) which we believe makes her breath bad however her teeth are in excellent condition.

      Her number 2's are quite solid and leave a slight residue on the pavement, however if she has managed to eat something that someone has dropped this can vary in consistency.

      You might mention the primary ingrediants (1st 3 listed)

      The food can be mixed with warm or cold water which gives off a strong smell to the dog this seems to be delicious or can be served as just biscuits.

      How well the gravy turns out depends on how long you mix the water with the biscuits for. If you add the water and mix it around a couple of times the gravy won't form. However if you stand for a good few minutes and give the food a good mix a thick light brown gravy is formed around the biscuits.

      Sometimes Dizz still doesn't eat her food but will still eat it if the gravy is dried.

      Cereals (35%)
      Mea and animal derivatives (26% meat in the chunk, 4% beef in the red and brown kernels)
      Vegetable protein extracts
      Oils and fats
      Derivatives of vegetable origin
      Various Sugars
      Vegetablets (4% vegetablets in the green and orange kernals)

      Nutritional additives: IU/kg: Vit A: 22,000; Vit D3: 1200;Vit E: 100;mg/kg: Fe(E1) 91; I(E2):2.2; Cu(E4): 10; Mn(E5):6.9; Zn(E6):164; Se(E8):0.22. **With colourants,antioxidants and perservatives.

      Analytical Constituents
      Protein 23%
      Fat content 11%
      Crude Ash 8%
      Crude Fibres 2.5%

      All nutritional content found on the side of a paket of Bakers Complete Complete Beef Gravy Bites 2 in 1


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      10.05.2010 14:36
      Very helpful



      Try it when it's on offer!

      I have two small dogs and whilst they are not really fussy eaters, they do tend to enjoy their 'wet' food more than dry kibble. I saw a 1kg box of this on offer in Wilkinsons for £1.74 as apposed to the normal price of around £2.20 so I thought I'd give it a try (well not me personally!!) as it can be fed to the dogs wet or dry.

      The food is basically chunky looking kibble in a few different colours and sizes, the meaty chunks being the biggest in size and I think this is what makes the majority of the gravy. Each colour reperesents a different benefit for the dog:

      Brown - Contains Iron for healthy blood

      Yellow / Orange - Carbohydrates for energy

      Green - Vitamins and minerals

      Red - Calcium and fibre for healthy teeth and bones and a shiney coat.

      Meat chunks - The meaty flavour

      To serve it dry you litterally feed it to them straight out of the bag and into their bowls. As my dogs prefer the wet food I decided to add a little water to it as instructed. I boiled the kettle as I didn't think adding cold water would make it very nice for them, I wanted it to taste like real warm gravy.

      I poured a little onto the kibble in their bowls and it did actually smell gravy like. I gave the contents a stir so that the gravy coated all of the food and didn't just settle at the bottom. The dogs looked at it for a second and sniffed it, then it was gone. They seemed to really enjoy it as it was gobbled up as quick as their tinned meat food that they prefer and their bowls were left without any trace of food touching them!

      There is advise on the packaging about how much to feed your dog depending on the size of them; which I think is useful as there are so many overweight pets out there!

      I wouldn't feed this all the time to the dogs as I like to vary their diet but I would keep a box of this in stock. The Bakers Gravy Bites comes in the Chicken and vegetables and Beef and vegetables variety, the box I bought was the beef but I will try them on the chicken too.

      Worth a try with your dogs especially if you spot this on special offer. For some dogs the gravy can be a bit too rich, if you dog turns his nose up try adding a little more water to lessen the taste.

      Thanks for reading!


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        19.04.2010 01:14
        Very helpful



        Our dogs don't like them wet but love them dry

        bakers are one of the leading brands for dog food in the UK and offer a wide range of pet foods and treats at a reasonable price point. Their products are widely available at most supermarkets and pets at home.

        We have a household with 4 dogs and mealtimes can be a real chore. Our oldest dog is very fussy, our puppy will eat most things and then our other two will only eat wet foods, which is causing their teeth to have a small build up of tartar, which we wanted to address.

        We have tried all of our dogs on lots on different dry foods but they were not keen on any of them. They would try it, go mad and have a really good chomp. The next day we would put it down for them and they wouldn't touch it.

        As a last resort after seeing an advert for this food I thought it was worth a try and brought a small pack to try between them all.

        I brought the 1kg box which costs around £2.20 but you can buy a larger pack which is better value giving you a 3kg bag for £6.70. We brought the msaller one to start with in case they didn't like it.

        After trying it for a few days we found that although the older dog didn't like it at all, the other 3 ate it well and seemed to enjoy.

        This food is a great idea because the dogs can either have it dry, which is the best for their teeth or you can add a small amount of water and use it as a wet food. I found it was a bit soggy when adding the water and our dogs didn't seem to like it that way all, in fact they wouldn't even touch it. The idea is that the chunks of food have a coating of gravy and when you add the water the gravy turns liquid and moistens the food. What actually happened was that the chunks swell up and go a bit stodgy.

        Our dogs ahve continued to eat this food for a good couple of months and continue to enjoy it. we do still fedd them wet food a couple of times a week but these seem to be helping their teeth, which I am very pleased about.


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        22.01.2009 19:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good product, and seems to get the approval of a fussy dog!

        Bakers Complete Gravy Bites 2 in 1 is available in a variety of different sized packages, but currently there are only 2 flavour options - beef and vegetabes, and chicken and vegetables.

        The product itself looks nothing unlike the "normal" kibble, however it is slightly "chunkier".
        But unlike the usual dry dog foods you add warm water to this for a moist meaty meal. It's a good idea to give the chunks a good stir so that they all get coated in the water and begin to soften slightly.

        The feeding instructions list suggested amounts for breeds based on a 100g mug and so many parts warm water.

        The meaty chunks in the food are multicoloured with each possessing a specified nutritional purpose:

        Brown - iron for healthy blood

        Yellow/Orange - carbohydrate for energy

        Green - vitamins and minerals

        Red - calcium and fibre for healthy teeth, strong bones and a lovely shiney coat

        Meat Chunks - beef or chicken

        Our dog seems to love it, his bowl is ususally completely clean after he's had it. The first time he had it he was a little confused by it, but once he'd realised it was for eating it was gobbled up quickly. The only bad thing is that the gravy can be a little rich the first time you give it to the dog so it might be best to give them a smaller first portion.


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          12.01.2009 12:20
          Very helpful





          I thought I would review this product as it is new on the shelf at Tesco. We have always fed Pippa our golden labrador on Beta food as recommended by our vet. However, she was beginning to tire of it and so we bought this to spice things up a bit.

          ***THE PRODUCT***

          I purchased the Beef and Country Vegetable variety (3KG) and the new 2 in 1 bit, is that you can either serve it dry or with warm water to create a 'gravy' that looks more appetizing. The packaging has a yellow NEW triangle on the top, and this was on offer in Tesco on an end aisle, so they are obviously marketing it strongly. The packaging is bright and shiny and it is not cheap paper packaging.

          It is a dry food in chunks and when you add the water the smell is quite disgusting. However, Pippa wolfed it down and looked like she really enjoyed it, which led me to believe, that like humans it probably was full of stuff that wasn't good for you. In fact, my children have nicknamed this food after a famous fast food chain!

          The side of the packaging is full of info about the vitamins it gives to dogs, but there is nothing about the finer detail. A previous review of Bakers Complete states that manufacturers only have to put E numbers and additives etc if the pack is over 10kg, which seems absurd and quite misleading!!

          ***MY OPINION***

          Pippa didn't lap this up for nothing and I believe that the vagueness of the ingredients tells me that this is not going to be good for her. I am going to ditch this and keep searching for something else to add variety to her diet. I won't be buying it again. To be truthful if I had read the reviews on here first, I would never have bought it in the first place!

          It is available at Tesco for £3.10 (usual price £6.21)


          I won't buy it again at half price - never mind full price. I wouldn't compromise my children's health to save money and the same goes for Pippa. I feel bad that I bought it in the first place.


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            04.03.2008 19:56
            Very helpful



            Dogs Love It

            Some of you may have read some of my previous reviews and know that I have an ill doggy, with a pancreatic insufficency and is on tablets to control it. Even though it can be controlled by using these tablets, you do have to be careful about what you feed him. Rich foods play havoc with his stomach, and do't suit him at all, thats why when I found Bakers Complete I was really happy when it suited him and didn't make him have any problems.

            However Purina, have just recently created another meal for our lovely pets, Bakers Complete Gravy Bites 2 in 1. These were on an introductory offer at my local Tesco and basically I just thought I would try one box to see hoe Sandy got on with them, if he didn't like it or it didn't suit him, there are plenty of other dogs in the family that would lap it up and have no problems.

            Bakers Complete Gravy Bites 2 in 1, is available in two different flavours at the moment, Beef and Vegetables and Chicken and Vegetables, Sandy always has the Beef flavour of Baker complete as thats what suits him best, so I opted for the Beef and Vegetable flavour of this new product.

            The packaging is virtually exactly the same as the standard Baker Complete just with a different product same and a big yellow new sign so people are able to spot it more when shopping. When you open the product it doesn't really look any different to the standard complete, all the kibbles and meaty chunks are present, they just look a little chunkier for some reason.

            The exciting bit for dogs however is, you can use this product as it comes out of the packaging, or you can ad waerm water, for a more moist meal. All of the kibbles and meat have a gravy coating on them, so when adding water, it leaves a little gravy in the bottom of the bowl. For every three parts kibble you add one part warm water to release the tasty doggy gravy. Sandy knows when he is having this as he watched his bowl being moved and they kettle going on and he starts to wag his tail, wandering round as if he can't wait for it.

            The kibbles are made up of various colours that all have their own purpose for a healthy nutritonal meal:

            Brown: this is the iron in the meal and is good for healthy blood

            Yellow/Orange: This is packed full of carbohydrate for energy for your dog

            Green: All the vitamins and minerals that your pooch needs are present in this.

            Red: Calcium and Fibre for healthy teeth, strong bones and a lovely coat

            Meat Chunks: Beef chunks thats are packed full of protein

            It is available in several sizes, 1kg and 3kg, however is a little more expensive than the normal complete. I picked a lot of it up on a special offer when it was first introduced which was half price.

            The Result

            Well Sandy certainly like's it and knows when he is having it. I don't find it to be the best meal for him as I think the gravy is a little too rich for him and can be a little heavy for him too digest, however he does have it twice a week as a treat which is not too bad for him. He laps it up and after eating all the kibbles, there is a little gravy residue around his bowl which he licks clean without fail, so in my opinion i give it the thumbs up a couple of times a week for Sandy.


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            Moist soft chuncks available in beef or chicken flavour.

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