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Bakers Nutri Chew

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4 Reviews
  • unlike some treats
  • Does not cause bad wind from my dog
  • some 'naughty' ingredients
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    4 Reviews
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      21.10.2014 15:25
      Very helpful


      • " unlike some treats"
      • "Does not cause bad wind from my dog"
      • "Dogs seems to enjoy chewing it"
      • "Nice treat for mans best friend"


      • "some 'naughty' ingredients"

      Give mans best friends a lovely treat to chew

      I like to think that my dog eats a good healthy diet, meaning that, even at his age, (almost in double figures), he can still run with the younger packs. I feed him a complete meal, giving him all the goodness he needs whilst enjoying what's in front of him. But when it comes to treats there's so much on offer that it's hard to figure which is the best one?
      I have tried many treats for him, from small, ;training' treats that he seems to swallow without chewing, to massive jumbo bones that he carries off to his bed in order to enjoy in peace. And these, the chewy bar, that claims to be a nutritious treat that any dog will enjoy... well, they got the last bit right...

      Anyway, this is made for adult dogs and is designed to help give those dogs the nutrients that they need to maintain a happy and balanced diet. All you have to remember that this is a 'treat' and is in no way a substitute for a proper meal. It is bone shaped – imaginative – and feels tough, although my dog easily chomps through it with only a slight crunching noise as his teeth go to work on the small bone shaped morsel.

      It contains such things as Calcium and Vitamin D, which both help maintain your dogs bones, giving him more of a chance to be jumping and running when he reaches his later years. Sadly though, it also contains things that you'd think dogs wouldn't eat if they could only read the labels. But I supposed all dog treats contain something that sounds like it should be banned from existence don't they?
      This is one of those treats that I tend to give my dog every so often, choosing other treats before this one. But when ever I get it he eats it quicker than I can throw the wrapper in the bin.
      It doesn't seem to upset his stomach, as some treats he eats seem to give him a bit of a smelly rear end, which doesn't go down well when we're having our dinner and the smell wafts in through the open doors. But this one seems to keep that wind at bay.

      These cost about £1.50, roughly, but this all depends where you shop. In fact, some shops, such as my local Asda, have not sold these for a while now?, but I find them in other shops easily enough.


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      23.12.2008 20:57
      Very helpful



      A nutritious chew that went down a treat.

      Buster loves to have a tasty chew to get his teeth into, when he was a little bit younger if he had a chew then it helped to stop him chewing the things that he wasn't meant to chew.
      There is such a variety on the market and I have to be honest I like to give him different chews to keep him interested but on the other hand I also like to think that the chew may have some nutritional value.

      I was wandering around Tesco comparing the wet dog food prices, Buster loves the canned food and try as I might I can`t get him interested in the dried food.
      Dogs are just like humans they love to have their treats and I always like to know that I am well stocked up on his dog chews.
      I spotted the new Bakers Nutri Chew and as always I fished my glasses out to read the information on the packet, I don't mind quite so much about the price but the quality is all important.
      Bakers state on the packaging that the chew contains glucosamine, calcium and Vitamin D for healthy joints and bones.
      The chew also contains various sugars, minerals, egg and egg derivatives, vegetables, cereals and a couple of preservatives.
      A small amount of sugar more than likely makes the chew more appealing, but I had slight reservations about the sugar content. The other ingredient that slightly concerned me was the egg, as we all know egg white tends to bind and I didn't want a constipated dog.
      Buster is a young Golden Retriever and any dog lover will know that Retrievers are quite prone to having problems with their hip joints.
      I tend to give him a chew if I am going shopping, it just helps keep him occupied.
      The chew is sealed in a plastic sheath, much like a cereal bar.
      When I took it out I noticed that the chew was very firm, the texture was similar in appearance to a Farley's rusk, but that's as far as the likeness went, the smell was completely different.
      The chew had a distinctly `meaty`aroma which was fairly pleasant. It is suitable for medium or large dogs, but not for puppies under nine months old.
      Given that they class the chew as a complimentary pet food Bakers recommend that you adjust your pets meal accordingly, also that a bowl of drinking water should always be available when you give your pet the chew.
      A 150g Bakers Nutri Chew works out at around £1.42, so that is a little bit more expensive than some, but having said that the chew is large.
      Also, quite handily they give guidelines of the amount of Nutri chew that a dog should consume within a week, Buster should have no more than three Nutri chews a week, but I wouldn't be prepared to spend £4.50 a week on treats.

      Buster had no qualms about trying the meaty chew, I think that he thought he was going to demolish it in two minutes flat, but that idea didn't work, but i noticed that as he chewed through the tough outer coating the inner part of the chew seemed to be a bit softer but overall it lasted well.
      With dog chews it is all a question of trial and error, whether the chew helps strengthen Busters bones is something that only time will tell. I will more than likely buy the odd Bakers Nutri Chew for him, but I will be carrying on buying some of his other favourites too.

      The chews are low in fat but high in protein, they also contain Ash, Fibre, Vit A, Vit D3 and Vit E and as I mentioned earlier they contain glucosamine and calcium.
      Bakers advise you to store them in a cool place and to use them by the sell by date.

      The only way that Buster can show any appreciation is by enjoying the chew, if he takes a dislike to anything he just turns his nose up and walks away, so I can only tell you that he gives them the seal of approval and as long as he is happy then that is fine with me.


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      11.12.2008 15:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      i have mixed feelings about this chew

      Bakers is a brand that is very well known even if it is for its unhealthy properties most of the time.

      This is a meaty tasting bone type treat that is soft textured.

      These chews are low in fat says the packet which sounded great to me when i saw them in the shop as henry is getting a bit on the chunky side these days but after reading the packet at home i wasnt too impressed to find that these have sugar in them which obviously isnt good for henry when we are trying to shed the extra pounds off him.

      The fact that this chew had to be chewed by henry should have been good for his teeth as it would help to remove any buildup on his teeth but the content of sugar does worry me as surely this will rot his teeth and cause cavities the same as sugary foods do in humans.

      They are advertised as being long lasting and for a smaller breed of dog they may well have been but not for henry, he took about 10 minutes to eat this chew which i admitt is longer than with other treats but for the price of £1.49 i would have expected it to last longer than this.

      This chew cannot be used by all dogs, it isnt allowed to be given to dogs under 9 months old, less than 15kg in weight or over 7 years of age, you are also restricted to 5 a week but i wouldnt be buying that many anyway due to the price of them.

      On the plus side the reason i was attracted to this in the first place is the fact that it contains calcium, glucosamine and vitamin D which are all good for keeping bones and joints healthy which is always a worry with a large dog, i suppose the fact that these are added is a good thing but due to the sugars and price i dont think these will be becoming a regular treat for henry maybe once a week will be good enough.


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        07.12.2008 16:03
        Very helpful



        Not bad, but first and foremost a treat product - with some small health benefits.

        *What is the Bakers Nutri Chew?*
        This chew treat is part of the popular Bakers range, owned by Purina, they produce a large variety of dried food and treats for dogs of all ages from young puppies, through to adult dogs and lastly senior life stages. Purina also owns many other popular pet food companies such as Bonio, Winalot, Felix and Go-Cat.

        *The product itself*
        One of the very few down sides that come with owning large breeds of dog is the worry and fear that they may develop serious bone and joint problems in later life caused by the pressure and weight on their frames. Whilst my two dogs are still young with Benson at just over three years old and Grace just past her first birthday, I like to make sure they are getting products to help with their bone growth and maintenance and to help minimise the risk of problems as they grow older. Although I don't give them proper joint care supplements just yet, I like to occasionally give them treats and foods that will benefit their joints and add either cod liver or salmon oils to their meals daily.

        This Nutri Chew by Bakers has been produced to provide young to middle aged dogs with nutrients to help keep their joints and bones supple, strong and healthy. The treat, which is shaped like a bone and continues the shape throughout is of a pale beige colour and has a hard, chewy texture to it, contains three ingredients beneficial to your dogs joints:
        Glucosamine- an amino sugar which may help to rebuild damaged cartilage
        Calcium- as we all know, this is essential for healthy and strong bones and teeth
        Vitamin D- regulates the calcium levels in your dogs body, helping him get maximum nutrition from the chew

        The treat, flavoured with meat, egg and milk is advertised as being long lasting- but as with as most dog treats you'll have to see for yourself if your dog gets it to live up to this claim! The chew can make an ideal treat for overweight dogs or those on diets as the packaging claims the treat is low in fat. One thing to bear in mind before purchasing this chew for your dog is to check the packaging- it comes with an unusually large amount of feeding guidelines- the Nutri Chew must not be fed to dogs under 9 months old, over 7 years old or to dogs that weigh less than 15kgs, and you mustn't feed more than five Nutri Chews to your dog per week. Seems like a lot of warnings but I suppose they wouldn't be there if not needed, it does however reduce quite drastically the amount of dogs who will be able to be fed the treat.

        The Nutri Chew comes packaged in white, red and blue plastic wrappers which tears easily down the side, a clear panel is included to enable you to see the treat inside. On the wrapper there is all the usual information you would expect to find such as the company logo, product name, ingredients list, nutritional information and feeding guide. There is also a contact address and telephone number for Purina should you have any comments or complaints about the product.

        *Price & Availability*
        This product is still fairly new on the market so you will probably need to go to the larger supermarkets or pet stores such as Pets At Home to find it for the time being until it becomes more readily available. The Nutri Chew is sold in 150g packets, which contains just 1 chew for £1.49.

        *Ingredients & Nutritional Information*
        Vegetable protein extract, Various sugars, Minerals, Egg and egg derivatives, Meat and animal derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origins, Vegetables, Cereals, Milk and milk derivatives (min. 0.8%). Coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

        Bakers seem to have a very poor reputation where their ingredients are concerned. As with all other Bakers products, there is no actual named meat in these chews- just derivatives (beak, feathers, blood, skin, scraps) and the same goes from the vegetables, milk and egg in the chew. Disappointingly, there is also added various sugars and additives, colourings and preservatives.

        Protein 45 %, Fat 3%, Ash 5%, Fibre 3%, Moisture 17%

        The nutrition your dog will get from this chew is thankfully a tiny bit better than the ingredients contained within it! There is a large, decent amount of protein which is essential for strong healthy muscles and the treat is low in fat. The moisture content is also pretty good- its not so high than the treat is going to run right through your dog, but also not so low that the treat is rock hard. The ash and fibre contents let the treat down- with very little fibre and too much ash.

        As this treat claims to be beneficial to your dogs health and joints, I'll also include the analysis of the three vitamins and nutrients I mentioned earlier.

        Glucosamine 600mg/kg, Calcium 1% and Vitamin D3 500IU/kg.

        *My opinion*
        It's important to take care of your dogs joints and bones, whatever age or breed he may be, but with my two dogs it is especially important for a number of reasons. Firstly, with Benson, my Bernese Mountain Dog- he takes part in agility and flyball activities three to four times a week, with also 2 hours of off-lead exercise daily so he is using his bones and joints much more than perhaps the average dog would, combine this with the fact he weighs 46kg- there is a lot of pressure on his bones so I like to make sure he is receiving enough nutrients to keep himself healthy. I had previously been giving him Pedigree Joint Care sticks two-three times a week as they too contain Glucosamine and calcium as these are the main two extra nutrients he needs, but when I saw this chew a couple of months ago I decided it was worth a go, as a change more than anything. I purchased two, one for each of my dogs, and took them home to see what they thought of them.

        Both of them were instantly very interested as soon as I took them out of their wrappers, the Nutri Chews have quite a strong meaty smell and they couldn't wait to get their paws on them. The packaging claims that the treats are long lasting but I have to disagree, granted my dogs are very powerful and strong but they managed to chew their way through them in less than five minutes. The really did seem to enjoy them though, they laid down and held the treats between their paws to have a good chew at them so they appear good for the teeth too, especially with the calcium content. They are clean and easy to feed, leaving no mess behind and as they are light coloured they shouldn't stain whatever surface you feed them on which can be a problem with a lot of dog treats.

        Obviously I'm not going to be able to tell if the Glucosamine etc is actually doing them any good as they are young dogs with no joint problems yet but I like to think they are doing something to help keep their joints and bones healthy. At £1.50 a chew though, they won't be getting them often, although they are not bad value for money as the chews are very large, that's not what I want- I want a small light chew that will give them the same benefits for a lesser price, so I'll be continuing with the Pedigree Joint Care sticks although I will buy these for a bit of variety sometimes. As the treat is so large, it is recommended that you reduce your dogs main meal ever so slightly to prevent them for becoming overweight.

        *Pro's & Con's*
        + Chewing action good for teeth
        + Calcium for healthy bones and teeth
        + Contains glucasomine
        + May help keep joints and bones strong and healthy
        + A large sized treat
        + Contains vitamin D
        + Longer lasting than some other dog chews
        + Tough and chewy texture

        - No guarantee they will help your dogs joints and bones
        - Only available singularly
        - Not suitable for young, old or small dogs
        - Not readily available
        - Costly for just one chew


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      • Product Details

        A healthy treat containing glucosamine, as well as calcium and vitamin D, to help keep your dog's joints and bones fit.

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