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Bakers Sizzlers

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Brand: Bakers / Food Type: Dog Food

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    6 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 11:45
      Very helpful



      A snack that looks nice - and obviously tastes good, too.

      Today I am writing about my dog's favourite snack, the "Sizzlers" by Bakers!

      Shopper's appeal
      The first time I bought this about three years ago. I love buying treats for my dog - he is a long-haired chihuahua and it's so cute when he rips bigger snacks apart! He gets so exited when I am about to give him a snack - especially if it's a snack that smells really tasty.
      The "Sizzlers" caught my attention because they look like bacon strips. I love it when Muffin eats something that look like human food as it just looks so cute! I also thought bacon strips must be tasty for him - so I went ahead and bought them.

      The packaging
      The snacks come in a resealable bag. It's main colour is blue, with a big "Sizzlers" logo on it. You can see pictures of the bacon strips and in a red circle it says the product has a "tasty bacon flavour". The "irrestible chewy rashers", as they are called, are also supposed to be low in fat and it is written that they contain omega 3 and 6, vitamins and antioxidants.
      On the back of the bag, these benefits are further explained and you also get advice on how much of the product to feed your dog. Small dogs shoudl just have one a day, medium-sized dogs can have two and big dogs can have three of them.
      The ingredients and the additives are also listed, so you pretty much get all the information you need on the packaging. The bag contains 120g.
      Further information can be found on www.purina-bakers.co.uk.
      How does Muffin likes them?

      My dog loves the Sizzlers. Since they aren't available in Germany, we always buy a few bags when we're in England so he can have them more often.
      The snacks are quite big, so they do not only provide a treat food-wise but are also entertainment to him since he has to gnaw on them and rip them apart.
      My dog get's really excited about the snacks and jumps around all exited. I'd say he is quite enthusiastic about them. He doesn't get tired of them too quickly and still liked them after all this time.
      He has also coped well with them health-wise - there were absolutely no problems.

      My impression
      I think Bakers Sizzlers look very nice and make a nice treat for your pet. They smell of barbecue and even I as a vegetarian didn't find the smell too off-putting. Muffin always gets really happy when I offer him of these snacks. he takes it with great enthusiasm and wanders off with it so he can eat it on his blanket.
      The snacks are easy to rip into smaller chunks if you want to give your darling just a little treat or need smaller treats for teaching tricks.
      I also think the treats look cute, just like I hoped. I'm really satisfied with these and have bought them multiple times now. I'd really recommend them!

      Nutritional information

      Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Meat and animal derivate (min. 4% meat), Various sugars, Oils anf fats, Minerals, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Milk and milk derivatives.

      Nutritional Additives:
      IU/kg: Vit A: 9 990; Vit D3: 675; Vit E: 70
      mg/kg: I (E2): 1,7; Mn (E5): 4.7; Zn (E6): 120; Se (E8): 0.16
      With antioxidants.

      Analytical Constituents:
      Protein 15.0%
      Fat content 6.0%
      Moisture 24.0%
      Crude ash 4.0%
      Crude fibres 1.0%

      The price
      At www.petscorner.co.uk they are available for £1.61 a bag.
      At www.collinspetsfoods.co.uk you can buy them for £1.60.
      At www.petplanet.co.uk they are £1.52 a bag.
      I also found this at _Poundland shops now and then. They were in a slightly different packaging, but defenitely by the same brand.

      Muffin really enjoys them and I like them because they don't smell too bad and look nice. I am a bit disappointed since there is so little actual meat in them, but that's the case with most dog snacks.
      I recommend them since Muffin loves them and they have never causes any diggestion problems!


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      23.02.2010 19:38
      Very helpful



      A bacon treat for dogs ;)

      Having a very fussy eating Labrador can be really tricky at times; he loves his treats but it's very much trial and error on finding one he will actually like.

      My chocolate Labrador Josh is 8 and shall be 9 on the 14th March, he weighs in at 60kg and being told from the vets that his weight should be more around the 40kg mark. I needed to find a treat he could have which was low in fat, as I just couldn't stop giving Joshy treats, he's used to them and it wouldn't be fair (not to mention the sad faces I shall be getting off him!)

      Though that being said Josh doesn't look like an overweight lab in my eyes, but vets know best. Josh's normal treats would be two pig's ears per day, some chicken bits inbetween and anything left over from our meals (but I have stopped that now). Since telling the vet of Josh's passion for pigs ears she informed me that they're very fatting and should only really have 1 or 2 per week!

      Having a look around my local pet shop I came across Bakers Sizzlers in tasty bacon flavour, 85g pack and a little circle on the packet saying low fat. I picked them up just getting the one packet for now,
      as I said he's fussy and didn't want to waste money if he didn't like them.

      Getting home I was greeted by Josh, as usual he gives me a big fuss then starts sniffing away at my bags wondering what I've brought home this time. I took the pack out of the bag with his tailing waggling away, I opened the Sizzlers and was hit with a really strong bacon scent, but it wasn't unpleasant like some treats I've known it the past. I took one out of the packet and they looked like little bacon rashes, with a slight moist feel to them.

      Josh was very excited, his first reaction to the treat was to give it a smell as dogs do, then he started to munch away. It was gone in seconds, he loved it and wanted another straight away, showing his enthusiasm by jumping on his hind legs and giving me the 'please one more!' face.

      Bakers description:
      'Scrumptious Bakers Sizzlers look, taste and smell just like real bacon. Tantalisingly tasty, moist and mouth-watering, Sizzlers are low in fat too so you can treat your dog without worrying about his waistline!'

      On the back of the Bakers Sizzlers there is a handy eating guide:
      Small breeds up to 15kg = maximum of 2 per day
      Medium breeds 15kg to 30kg = maximum of 4 per day
      Large breeds 30kg and above = maximum of 5 per day

      Each packet holds 6 bacon sizzlers per pack and each of them are around 4 inches long, so a treat size for a smaller dog I would recommend you break them in half.

      The packaging is eye catching in bright blue with a photo of some of the treats inside; on the back of the packaging there is the normal ingredients list, daily intake, and product contact details.

      When fastening the packet back up it was a press seal bag so the treats would stay fresh once they had been opened. Great when I only paid £1.
      These are something I shall certainly be buying again as Josh loves them and they save me money too. Pigs ears cost me 60p each which works out at £1.20 per day and £8.40 per week just on treats with the rest of his food shopping yet to go on top! Would recommend to all dog owners, I can't think of a dog that wouldn't like them!

      Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Meat and animal derivatives, various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Milk and milk derivatives. With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.
      Contact Details:


      Call 0800 21 21 61 in the UK or 1800 50 93 68 in the Republic of Ireland,
      8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
      (National charges will apply)


      Nestlé Purina PetCare Ltd,
      PO Box 297,
      New Malden,
      KT3 4WL.

      5 out of 5 stars from and Josh


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        28.12.2009 19:51
        Very helpful



        Well worth buying

        Bakers Sizzlers

        Description: Brand: Bakers / Food Type: Dog Food / Tasty bacon and cheese flavour rashers.


        You can buy these dog treats from most supermarkets and pet stores. An 85g bag costs between £1.25 and £1.50 and they can sometimes be found on special offer.

        The treats come in a bright blue plastic bag with the Bakers logo and some pictures of the treats. The bag is resealable so the treats remain fresh, and this also helps to prevent the smell leaking out, which is great as they do smell quite strong.

        As soon as you open them, you will notice the strong and meaty smell, which immediately attracts the interest of our dog. She is very keen on these and as they are fat free, they are a handy treat to give occasionally.

        The treats are quite soft and of a decent size, but they are quickly scoffed by our dog so don't tend to last for very long! There are quite a few in the bag though so as long as you are giving them occasionally, will last for a couple of weeks.

        These treats contain the following ingredients;

        Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Meat and animal derivatives, Various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Milk and milk derivatives. With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

        These treats are a firm favourite in our house and a good way to give a dog a treat from time to time. As always, make sure that you are providing plenty of fresh water and never use treats as an everyday occurence or as a substitute for meals. I am sure that your dog will be pleased that you bought these!


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          25.10.2009 20:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Well worth buying

          Bakers Sizzlers

          Description: Brand: Bakers / Food Type: Dog Food / Tasty bacon and cheese flavour rashers!

          The Bakers bacon sizzlers are produced by Nestle Purina pet foods.


          Available in 85g packs, these complementary dog food treats are a firm favourite with our dog. They smell revolting, which seem irresistible to her, and are fat free so you know that they are a treat which is okay to give her.

          The packets re-seal allowing you to keep them fresh and they are quite soft so okay for older dogs who may not like things too crunchy.

          Ingredients are as follows;

          Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Meat and animal derivatives, Various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Milk and milk derivatives. With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

          Nutritional information is as follows;



          We like to be able to give our dog treats but are conscious that it isn't good for them to feed them human food (except for the obvious things of course such as chicken etc) so always try to have some kind of pet treat on hand instead. These were on offer at our local supermarket for £1 so we bought some to try. As soon as we opened the pack, she became quite excited (probably the strong smell) and wolfed these down with relish. Although she can't speak, I am sure that if she could, she would testify as to how delicious these are!

          A definite winner - treat your canine friend today.


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            04.01.2009 21:39
            Very helpful



            Good replacement for the denti stix at a much cheaper price......


            At this time of year my dogs are inundated with doggie treats and sweets, myself and my husband spoil them rotten but as a Christmas gift my little niece bought my two old English sheep dogs these Bakers sizzlers.

            Baker's sizzlers are not a treat that I would have bought for my dogs in the past as I have always opted for the denti stix, but ever since these sizzlers have been tried and tested I have been converted as the dogs really enjoy them and they seem to do the same job as the denti stix.


            The Bakers bacon sizzlers are produced by Nestle Purina pet foods this is a company that seems to have the monopoly over most pet foods and treats. In my opinion Purina are one of the best company's within the pet food industry.

            Anyway these Bacon sizzlers are meaty chewy dog treats that are shaped like rashers of bacon and are packed full of bacon taste. These even smell similar to bacon, which is not a good thing as they do turn my stomach every time I give the dogs a treat but the smell seems to get the dogs all excited.

            I can cope with the smell as the dogs love them and each of these little chews is low in fat, so they are healthy for the dogs. This is the major factor on why I have continued to feed them to the dogs as their health is very important to me.

            Some may be wondering why I have swapped from the denti stix to these sizzlers, well the fist reason is basically the price as the sizzlers are so much more cheaper than the denti stix, but they also do the same job as they are very chewy and this too will help the dogs fight against plaque buildup on their teeth.

            Secondly the dogs seem to enjoy these more than the denti stix, so I can cope with the smell if they like then and it saves me a few pennies.

            You get roughly 15 bacon sizzlers in each packet and the packet pouch that the treats come in is resealable so the treats stay nicely fresh and moist, not only that it also keeps the horrible smell of bacon concealed so this is a genius packaging design in my opinion.

            Like most dog treats these are not recommended for puppies under four months old, this will be down to the fact that they really need to be chewed and pups may try to swallow then whole.


            These Bakers Sizzlers can be purchased from many super markets and pet shops for roughly £1.29 a packet, I have even spotted these sizzlers in pound shops at certain times but it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to buy them there all of the time.

            More recently I have purchased these from www.petplanet.co.uk for the slightly cheaper price of £1.16 for an 85 gram packet.

            More recently Purina have introduced a new flavor of bacon and cheese, I have not yet seen these on sale in the supermarkets but I can't wait to try them on the dogs.


            The ingredients contained within these sizzlers meaty treats are Cereals, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Oils & Fats, Various Sugars, Minerals, Vegetable Protein Extracts and Milk & Milk Derivatives.

            The nutritional values are Protein 16% Oil 6% Ash 4% Fibre 1% and Moisture 23%.

            These sizzlers are low in fat so if your dog is on the podgy side these might be worth a try.

            MY OPINION

            To be honest I detest the smell of these but the dogs love them and I don't have to eat them, so this is something I can put up with as they are healthy treats for the dogs and they save me money, what else could I need in a dog treat.

            The packaging is really handy and keeps the little bacon stripes fresh and moist, so I am sure these can last a long time providing your doggie does not eat them all at once.

            For the price I find these to be exceptional value for money, I can honestly say the dogs adore these so if you love your dog let them try these, the smell is rather bad but if you can stomach it your dogs will love you.

            I cannot recommend these highly enough, so if you see them give them a go.


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              15.12.2008 15:33
              Very helpful



              disapointed with the added sugars

              Wholst shopping in poundland recently i noticed these dog treats, the original appeal to me was the fact that the lable stated low in fat and with henry getting a bit on the porky side i thought these would be a good idea as a treat for him.

              They come in a plastic packet that is resealable to keep the treats fresh, inside the packet you have got lots of small treats shaped like pieces of bacon, they smell and look just like bacon, according to the packet they taste like bacon too but i cant personaly comment on that as i havent tryed them but henry seems to enjoy them a lot.

              They are chewy so take a while to eat and last longer than other treats with henry and the chewing action is good for his teeth.

              Wholst reading the ingredients i have noticed that they have sugars added which i am not impressed with seen as these are supposed to be low in fat, the sugars in these are neither good for henrys waste line or teeth.

              An 85g packet cost me £1 but they are around £1.20 in pet shops and supermarkets.


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            • Product Details

              Tasty bacon and cheese flavour rashers!

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