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Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits

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Brand: Bonio / Food Type: Dog Food

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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2010 13:25
      Very helpful



      Great puppy sized tasty treat with a healthy kick.

      *What are Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits*
      Puppy Bonio Milk biscuits are a special formulated biscuit for your growing puppy. They have the goodness of milk and are traditionally oven baked. Whilst being a scrummy tasty treat the treats are designed to help your puppy by keeping good care of their teeth. The Bonio treat helps to gently clean their teeth by cleaning away plaque and tartar that can build up.

      My partner and I have just recently got a puppy ourselves and with not ever having a puppy before we were spoilt for choice at the amount of different treats that you can buy for your puppy. We went down to our local supermarket and even at a supermarket there is plenty of choice for puppy treats. The puppy Bonio biscuits stood out to me most, being in a bright red box with a dog on the front with a slogan "Keeps teeny tails wagging". Not only do they look appealing with their advertisement but my picking up the box i learnt that they are very healthy treats for my puppy.

      If you are looking for a treat that isn't expensive and that is going to last your puppy a while these Bonio biscuits are defiantly worth a try. The Bonio treats are very easy to get hold of and are available in a variety of different stores. You will find that in most places the biscuits come in a 350g small box, which is ideal if you don't have much room. You can purchase them at most larger supermarkets at just a £1 a box. They are also available at Pets at Home at £0.99 for a 350g box.

      I purchased our 350g box from my local supermarket, Morrison's, for £1.

      The Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits are biscuits made with milk and as the name suggests they are obviously designed to be suitable for younger dogs. The box suggests that they are suitable from your puppy being 16 weeks to a 1 year old. They help provide an ideal treat for early training sessions and also takes them a while to chew so they keep them occupied for a short while.

      Until i got home with the box I didn't realise that the biscuits were recommended for puppies from 16 weeks onwards. With my puppy only been 10 weeks I was really disappointed that I would be unable to use the treats for another 6 weeks. Ignoring the recommendation I broke the biscuit up slightly and gave it my puppy who devoured the biscuit in no time and had no problems chewing it. However all puppies are different and some may have problems chewing the biscuit. I would recommend that you make your own judgement on what your own puppy is like if you want to use the biscuits earlier than the box recommends.

      The biscuits are relatively small, the perfect size for a puppies mouth and are made with fresh milk. The fresh milk provides calcium which is very important in your puppy's diet. Calcium is required to help develop strong healthy bones and teeth and also a wide selection of various vitamins and minerals to help with the overall development of internal and external features within your puppy. It is important that your puppy has all the correct ingredients in their diet to develop in the way they need to. A puppy grows very quickly in the early stages of their life and it is important that the correct nutrients are provided. A puppy should double its birth weight by a week old then followed by a consistent 5%-10% daily increase.

      A dog reaches its full height before it reaches its full weight. This example suggest that at 4 months old (16 weeks) the majority of dogs will have only reached about 30% of their adult weight but will have already have reached 60% of the adult height. Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits are great as the packaging provides a daily feeding guideline on the expected bodyweight of your puppy. The Bonio's give you a number of biscuits that you should give your puppy per day and substitute these for its feed. Fresh drinking water should always be available to your puppy.

      I bought the biscuits about 2 weeks ago and I still have half a box left so they last a long time. I use them to praise my puppy and take some out on a walk with me so when he is good he can have a tasty treat along the way.

      Overall I think the Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuit are great and would strongly recommend them to anyone who is trying to decide on a treat for your puppy. They are a great treat but are also healthy and helpful to your puppy.


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        06.03.2010 12:54
        Very helpful



        A classic dog treat now for puppies too

        Boney M did I say? No. It's Bonio. Bonio Puppy Milk at that.

        Excuse me while I get my leads uncrossed (and please don't get hot under the collar!). The Bonio dog biscuit has been around for as long as I can remember and a lot longer than that it seems as they have been made for at least the past 75 years. The familiar, almost cartoon-like bone shape and the hard, crunchy texture are well-known to most dog lovers. I could even say the taste; as a child I certainly joined in at treat time... my teeth must have been better then. I remember especially liking the charcoal ones. But Bonio Puppy Milk is a new variety to me that I only discovered after we got our new Labrador Retriever puppy just before Christmas.

        According to the box, these keep "teeny tails wagging". Well they certainly are enjoyed by our puppy, who devours them in 10 seconds flat. They do make quite a lot of crumbs though puppy quickly cleans these up too. Handy thing, a long thin tongue! Does her tail wag? Certainly, but this is true most of the time, especially when eating. Strictly speaking her tail is no longer teeny, more like a slim rubber truncheon, but let's not cavil.

        There is a clear feeding guide on the box advising the maximum number to feed your puppy daily (10 for a large breed) and the recommended age range is from four months to adulthood. Very few puppy treats are recommended before four months of age in my recent experience. However, this is not really a problem as even very young puppies can eat cheese or peanut butter. The guide also advises that each biscuit weighs 8.5 grammes and this should be subtracted from the total amount fed daily. This means that if I gave her the maximum allowance, I would need to reduce her main meals by about a third, which is significant and important to avoid over-feeding. Fresh drinking water needs to be available too, since this a dry complementary food.

        What do they contain? The main ingredient is cereal with milk and milk derivatives next (minimum 4%). As the type of milk is not specified it would certainly be cow milk (not dog milk as possibly implied by the name). Then come oils and fats, "derivatives of vegetable origin" and unspecified minerals. This mix is preserved and coloured with antioxidants and EC additives. A more detailed analysis shows them to contain 10.7 % protein, 5.9 % oil, 3.1 % ash (curiously, most pet foods seem to contain ash)and a small amount of fibre. Minerals present are calcium, phosphorus and copper together with vitamins A, D and E, although I could see no information on the recommended daily amounts for puppies. No sugar or salt is declared.

        Regular Bonio are claimed to be good for a dog's teeth and gums, helping to scrape off plaque as your dog chews. No specific claims are made for the Puppy Milk variety other than that they are "great for their (puppies') little teeth and tums". Given their similarity though it seems likely they should have a beneficial effect too.

        Bonio Puppy Milk are made by Nestle Purina PetCare and come in a 350 gram box with no inner bag or foil; hence ideally they should be transferred to an airtight container on opening. They should cost around £1 or a few pence less in supermarkets. The box is stated to be 80% recyclable.

        The Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II has been awarded to the makers so your puppy will be keeping up with the Corgis too.



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        07.07.2009 17:43
        Very helpful



        The perfect product for puppies to slobber on, gum, chew and crunch!

        *What are Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits?*
        These dog biscuits, designed exclusively for puppies, are produced by the Bonio company, the hugely popular dog biscuit manufacturers, owned by Purina who also make many other popular pet food brands such as Felix, Go-Cat, Bakers, Pro Plan, Winalot and BETA.

        *The product itself*
        Those who read my reviews regularly may have been following the story of a litter of 6 little Collie cross puppies that I have been hand rearing. They've been here since they were just a couple of days old, and they are now nearing 7 weeks, so it'll soon, very sadly for me but fantastic for them, be time to make their way off to their new separate homes, where I just know they will be spoilt rotten and have lovely happy lives.

        Every time I raise a litter, whether it be puppies, kittens or whatever, each time I always tell myself that I won't get attached, as the more attached I get, the harder it is to let them go at the end, and as much as I'd like to, I obviously can't keep them all. Firstly, it just wouldn't be possible, and secondly, their space is much needed for other animals that require the care they had. This litter has been no exception, I started off all strong saying I wouldn't get attached, and now seven weeks later, I keep having brief moments of wanting to keep one!

        I won't be however, and as sad as it'll be to see them go, the Collie Six will be leaving in a week or so- and it's actually rather heartbreaking! So, in the pet shop this week whilst stocking up on supplies for my own pets, I decided to have a little look at what they had to offer in the way of puppy treats to spoil the little pupsters with during their last few days with me.

        My own two dogs are nearly 2 and 4 years old now, so it has been a while since I had need to buy puppy treats so I wasn't really sure what was available, nor what price ranges they were in. Scanning the shelves of the pet shop, it was this bright red Bonio box that caught my eye- my own dogs enjoy the adult dog Bonio biscuits immensely, so after a quick read of the packaging, these were the ones I decided to go with!

        The Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits, are as the name suggests, biscuit treats, made with milk and designed to be suitable for younger dogs, those aged between 16 weeks and 1 year and help provide an ideal treat for early training sessions and also provide a safe, tasty outlet for your pup to let out all that chewing frustration that comes with teething!

        The small biscuits, the perfect size for little puppy mouths, are made with fresh milk which provides much need calcium which is required to help develop strong, healthy bones and teeth and also, a wide selection of various vitamins and minerals to help with general overall well being and the healthy development of eyes, fur, the digestive system and the immune system.

        The hard, crunchy texture of the biscuits presents a moderate chewing challenge for younger puppies, helping to build up mouth, jaw and neck muscles whilst the slightly abrasive texture of the biscuits helps to scrape teeth clean and keep teeth and gums strong and healthy from a young age.

        These treats come packaged in a bright red cardboard box, similar to those of the normal Bonio biscuits but it is stated clearly in the corner that these are infact the puppy version. On the box you'll find all the usual information you would expect such as ingredients, nutritional information, feeding guides and of course, contact details for Purina, the guys who make Bonio.

        Handily, the box can be recycled once empty.

        *Price & Availability*
        The Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits are pretty easy to find, being readily available in most of the larger supermarkets and most, if not all, pet shops, as well as from various places online.

        I purchased our 350g box from my local Pets At Home store for £1.09.

        Keep in mind that Pets At Home often have money saving offers on the Bonio range, including both the puppy and the adult varieties, such as 3 for 2 or buy one get one free, so keep your eyes peeled and stock up whilst you can!

        *My opinion*
        I've been a Veterinary Nurse for 8 years now and between myself and my Vet fiancé, we've had a fair few litters of puppies and kittens come and go throughout the years. Whereas the kittens are generally Jason's main responsibility as they are his main love, I tend to focus more on the puppies, as dogs are my number one love!

        The current 6 little Collie crosses (crossed with what? I have no idea!) that we have here at the moment have a very special place in my heart, and always will do, as not only are they the puppies that were in the worst condition (and all survived) when they came to me, they are also the tenth litter I have raised, which is a little personal milestone for me!

        So, when picking up supplies for my own gang in Pets At Home, I thought I'd get a little something for the pups too and it was this box of Bonio Puppy Milk Biscuits that came home with me for the little ones. The first thing that drew me to them was the fact they were of course by Bonio- my own dogs love the Bonio biscuits for adult dogs and I thought these ones would be just as good for the pups. Also, I must admit, the price sealed the deal. At £1.09 for a big box, they seemed very good value, especially as 7 weeks of heat lamp bills, milk formula, weaning food and puppy toys has drained my pocket enough, and I've got their first vacations to pay for in another week, at £25 per pup!

        Anyway, back at home, I took the box straight through to where the pups are living to see what they thought of them! Here, I was very disappointed to read in quite large letters on the box that the treats were for puppies 16 weeks and over! I was just about ready to sling the box in the cupboard, ready to give to one of the new owners for one of the pups when it was old enough, when I decided what harm could a couple do?! Yes, my guys are only 7 weeks old, but I felt I have had enough experience raising puppies and owning dogs to be able to judge things for myself, and decided to go ahead and let the pups have some anyway. True be told, purely because they were driving me insane chewing everything else in sight- my fingers, trouser legs- even poor Grace and Benson!

        Sitting down on the floor with the pups, I opened the box and I was instantly mugged! After a brief battle trying to get them all sitting and waiting relatively patiently, I handed them one each. They had great fun squabbling between them over what biscuit they wanted but all soon settled down for a munch! Being just 7 weeks old, the puppies don't have all of their teeth yet, they are the Gummy Gang at the moment, as we like to call them, but that didn't stop them from tucking in!

        Some pups struggled more than others but they were all determined to demolish their biscuits! As the pups chewed them, well more like gummed at them, they started to remind me of a babies rusk biscuit. Although the biscuits had been hard and crunchy to start with, as the puppies chewed at them, they were soften by their saliva and became rather soggy, melted and gooey, but much easier for the pups to eat and they were loving them! Some pups finished their biscuits, whilst others managed just a corner or so, but regardless of how much they ate, one thing was clear- they all LOVED their treats! And after 7 weeks of milk formula, boiled rice and bland puppy weaning food- can you blame them?!

        The chewing required to eat the treats really knackered the pups! They all had to spend ages gumming away at them in order to break small soggy pieces off and after 20 minutes or so, whether they had finished or not, all puppies were whacked- completely sound asleep! Thankfully, they also seemed to satisfy their urge to chew and both my fingers and my trouser legs, as well as poor old Grace and Bensons ears and tails, were safe once again!

        Although the pups were almost ten weeks younger than the recommended feeding age, I was pleased to find later that day that none of them had suffered any unwanted reactions where toilet habits are concerned as a result of eating the biscuits. They only had one, or less, each but that was more than enough for them and didn't upset their delicate tummies whatsover.

        I brought the biscuits on Sunday and the pups have been having one each a day and they have been fine, even though they are apparently too young, they are loving the biscuits and I feel they are great for them- providing a nice, safe item for them to just gum, chew and mess about with , whilst also been full of calcium and vitamins, not to mention how good they are for working their jaws. This morning I also tried mashing a couple of biscuits up with their milk formula to create a biscuit/milk mush and that went down very well- granted, they done more rolling and paddling in the dish than eating it, but even so, they enjoyed it, and that's all that matters!

        Overall, great little biscuit treats which the six of them love, I imagine this box will last us another week until the pups leave me and even then, I'll be recommending them to all the new owners of the little puppies.


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        Great for little teeth and small tummies.

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