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Bonio Rawhide Chew

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bonio / Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2011 03:10
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      Only buy as a special treat

      I saw these at Sainsburys and got some for my dogs. The price put me off a little, for one chew they are £2.50, for three dogs meant I was forking out £7.50 a time, I hoped this would last a long time.

      They are knotted rawhide so not thick bones. they are very light so I was a bit worried that they would be gone in a few minutes.

      There is only one size which is not very good if you have smaller dogs. There is a chicken and a beef flavour.

      I have bought both flavours and the only difference I can see between the two it a colour of rawhide fed through the knot. The chicken is yellow and the beef brown.

      These did actually last a long time, about 30 mins for my dogs which are very good chewers. This made the price a little better but they are still very expensive and so not something I buy all the time.

      These are made by Bonio so a good reputable company. They are quite large, about 25cm long so not good for little dogs or puppies.

      I dont tend to buy these often due to the price, even thought they do last long they do not last long enough to justify the price.


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        16.02.2010 20:30
        Very helpful
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        Great occasional treat!

        Our dog would be the perfect advert for these things - I thought I'd get one as treat for him from Tesco a couple of months ago and when he got his teeth round it he ran round the room as if to say "THIS, THIS is what I've been asking for!!!" He absolutely loves them, it's the same reaction every time. Mind you, at £2.20 (ish - they vary a bit), it's once a week at the most, sometimes once a fortnight, and he has to make do with other chews in between.

        They come in two flavours, beef or chicken, and are basically a tied, bone-shaped rawhide chew with a meat flavoured strip wound round inside it, and are about 10 inches long ( approx 25cm). It's a substantial snack, but says that it has a low calorie content. It's also sold as an aid to dental health, with a paragraph on the back of the packet extolling its virtues as a remover of plaque and tartar due to its texture and shape. It certainly keeps him busy and he chews it from all possible angles, so he's giving it the best possible chance of getting the plaque off! As ever there is the reminder to always have fresh drinking water available for your dog, and in the case of this particular treat, this is vital - this is the first treat that I've ever given him that's seen him repeatedly empty his water bowl when he can tear himself away from chewing it. I have to be honest that this does concern me a bit as he doesn't normally drink much, and it's a good side-effect from the price that he doesn't have them very often.
        There's a warning that they may cause stains when wet (nothing like pale soggy chewed rawhide patches on dark sofa cushions); however the most annoying thing that we find is that the meat flavoured strip fragments all over the place as he trails it around, and unfortunately he doesn't seem to possess the usual doggy tendency of hoovering the floor of every single available crumb of food, so I'm forever having to pick up the bits and wave them under his nose for him to eat!

        The main ingredients as stated are Rawhide, Starch, Vegetable Oil and Flavour, with added EC preservatives and colourants, and the typical analysis as follows:
        Protein 63.68%
        Oil 6.7%
        Ash 9.9%
        Fibre 1.0%
        Moisture 7.0%
        They're said not to be suitable for older dogs, puppies under 9 months and dogs under 3kg.

        Bonio products are made by Purina, which I've just seen are part of the Nestlé corporation, and have the 'made by appointment to the Queen' crest.


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