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Eukanuba Adult Lamb & Rice Large Breed Dry Food

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Manufacturer: Eukanuba / Type: Food

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2013 21:31
      Very helpful



      A high quality dog food which both my boys enjoy.

      Whilst many people opt to find a food their dogs like and stick to it, I like to give my dogs a change every once in a while. If I were to eat the same food every day I'm pretty sure I'd grow rather bored of it and I can't help but feel this would probably be the case for my two dogs, Oscar and Lenny, too.

      I do, however, have to be particularly careful of what I feed my dogs. Oscar is just an annoyingly fussy eater anyway but Lenny does have a sensitive digestion system. He'll eat pretty much anything placed in front of him but if it doesn't agree with him Lenny, me and my carpet certainly know about it! I also worry about Lenny becoming overweight, I currently pride myself on being the only person I know with a Labrador (and there's many of them) who isn't overweight. I don't want him to become fat and subsequently unhealthy and Labs do seem to be prone to piling on the pounds.

      With all of this in mind I always make sure I'm feeding my dogs a high quality pet food. Good nutrition in dogs is just as an important as in humans. I'm careful not to pump too much junk into my own stomach thus I'm careful not to do the same for my dogs. This is where Eukanuba comes in.

      Eukanuba, who have quite a catchy slogan of 'dogs are extraordinary. Feed them accordingly', are a pet food company who produce rather a lot of different types of dog food, all catered to specific nutritional needs. They sell food catered for specific breeds, puppy, adult and senior food catered for different breed sizes and foods for specific problems such as sensitive digestion, skin, joints, weight control and even a food for working and endurance dogs. After doing some research into the food and discovering that a lot of dog owners who feed this to their dogs are happy with it I decided I would try my two boys on it.

      I opted for this Adult Large Breed dog food in lamb & rice flavour (also available in salmon and rice) as it was a food which suited both of them. Feeding my two different food is virtually impossible as they have a habit of just switching bowls half way a through a meal so I opted for the food which would be suitable for both of them.

      This food is suitable for adults dogs aged between one and six years (Lenny is actually only ten months but I find puppy food upsets his stomach more than anything else) and weighing 25Kg+. The food is also available for small dogs weighing less than 10Kg and medium dogs weighing between 11kg and 25kg. It comes in either 3Kg packs or 15Kg packs.

      I purchased my first 3Kg bag from Pets at Home just to try my boys on it to ensure they liked it and I was happy with it and paid £16.99. Surprisingly, this seems to be one the cheaper prices I have found for the 3Kg bag when looking online and it's not often I get to say that about a purchase from Pets at Home! A 15Kg bag costs £54.00 from Pets at Home but this can be found for much cheaper on various websites selling pet food. When happy with the food and deciding to purchase the 15Kg pack I ordered from swellpets.co.uk where it cost me a much friendlier £40.49 with free delivery. You can also purchase two 15Kg bags from this site for £72.29 offering an even better saving.

      Eukanuba claim their food 'provides clinically proven ingredients in six key performance areas' so your dog is getting complete nutritional value from their food. These 'six key performance areas' are strong defences which antioxidents in this food promote, skin and coat which an 'optimal ratio of Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids' help to promote, lean muscles promoted by 'animal based proteins', optimal digestion promoted by prebiotics and beet pulp, strong bones which are promoted by calcium and '3D Dentadefense', apparently this food is also clinically proven to reduce tartar build up in twenty-eight days whilst reducing plaque and maintaining strong teeth. I'm sure you'll agree, this sounds pretty good.
      The actual food is made up on small, round, dark brown kibble. It's around the same size as a 5p coin. This did surprise me somewhat as large breed adult dog feed usually contains much bigger pieces of kibble. Having said this, this didn't really put me off. I knew Oscar preferred his food in little pieces anyway and frankly I don't think Lenny cares how big it is as long as he can eat it!

      This food does have a slight meaty scent to it although it's really quite weak compared to the smell of some similar dog foods I've fed my dogs which is a massive plus side for me as I really don't like pet food smells in my kitchen. My dogs still have no trouble sniffing this out when it's dinner time too so I'm a big fan of its weak smell.

      This is a complete food so there's no need to feed this to your dog along with other foods although I do still occasionally mix in some 'proper' meat with it too. As I general rule I'll put the required amount into each of my dog's bowls and then add boiling water, waiting ten minutes or so for the kibble to absorb the water and for the food to cool down before feeding it to my dogs. Every now and again I'll replace the boiling water for gravy and once a week I'll mix this food in with tripe (something I can't stand but my dogs absolutely love).

      My dogs will happily eat this whether it's with water, gravy or tripe (although tripe is definitely their favourite) although they're not so keen on it dry. I've tried some dry dog foods which both my dogs will happily eat as treats but this is not one of them. If I leave this in a bowl dry then they'll only eat when they really are hungry and it's clear they're not enjoying it. For Oscar this isn't unusual but Lenny isn't a fussy eater in the slightest so for him to not be bothered about this when dry does suggest it probably tastes pretty awful that way.

      Fortunately, I only ever serve my dog's food in this way if I'm in a massive rush for whatever reason which isn't very often so they don't have to worry about this! All in all I would say that both my dogs do enjoy this food given they'll happily eat it served any other way.

      This hasn't caused any problems for Lenny's sensitive digestion system either. This is always a massive relief for me and I do worry about trying him on different foods because of this. Pedigree, for example, gives him liquid bright green poo and regularly vomiting after eating - a nasty experience for me and my dog. Obviously I avoid foods which may have this effect on him like the plague and even pretty experience 'premium' brands have caused him to have bowel explosions! I'm very relieved and pleased to report that this particular food isn't one of them though so I would claim that this is safe for sensitive tummies too.

      Oscar and Lenny have just come to the end of their current bag which has lasted around five weeks and I do feel like their coats are benefitting from it. Both feel particularly soft just recently and do look very shiny. They seem to have that just bathed clean, shiny coat look about them. I cannot confess to seeing any other changes in their health from feeding this food but then both my dogs were in pretty good condition health wise anyway so perhaps there were no differences to be made for me to notice. It certainly hasn't worsened their health in anyway though and Lenny is staying at a healthy weight which is pleasing.

      All in all, I really like this food. I plan on alternating between this and their usual James Wellbeloved food from now on as both of these seem to please me and my two dogs. I'm thoroughly pleased with the foods nutritional content and Lenny and Oscar seem to like it. That's all I need from a dog food really!


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