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Fish 4 Dogs Finest Salmon Mousse

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Brand: Fish 4 Dogs / Food Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2010 15:39
      Very helpful



      Great if you have a fussy eater!

      I have a dog. She is lovely. She is wonderful. She is a crossbreed rescue dog,fairly small weighing in at around 15 kg. She is full of energy and would chase tennis balls all day. She is loyal. She is intelligent and quick to learn. She doesn't chew up the house, or bark at the neighbours.She really doesn't cause me much stress at all. Except when it comes to food.
      We think she may have some labrador in her, but it is certainly more the collie side that wins out when it comes to food.
      I like to think I am a good dog owner. When we got Bella, I took her to training classes. I have worked endlessly on improving and proffing her recal.I researched dog beds and bought her the best I could afford. I tried 3 different vets before I found one I was happy with. I researched what to feed her endlessly , comparing all the eveidence for and against different foods. Then I purchased my chosen premium quality dry complete dog food.And this is where it all went wrong.
      Bella will NOT eat dry complete food alone.I have tried MANY brands.I have been firm(and yes this is the dog that didnt eat for 8 days when Iwas "being firm") I gave in and gave her wet for a while, but it didn't suit her long term. So I tried a raw diet. Fine initially until her fussy side kicked in and she decided she would ONLY eat chicken wings.....
      So,back to dry it was. I ordered some fish4dogs dry completehaving heard great things about this food.But,yes, she wouldn''t touch it!!With my order I had received a small pouch of the salmon mouse.So I decided to try mixing a little with her dry food. HOORAY - She loved it. She was instantly interested and enthusiastc about her food. Instead of sniffing it and walking away she tucked straight in. And best of all she ate ALL her food. She didnt just lick off the mouse and leave the kibble,as she often did when I tried to add other things!She has had it for 3 days now, and so far so good. I mix about 1/3 pouch with each of meals. It doesn't seem to have affected her tummy at all - allstill looks good on the poo front LOL Her coat is lovely and shiny as well, I guess all that fish!

      **The product-what it is**
      The salmon mouse comes in a small foil pouch. You need to rip the top off to open it, then sort of squeeze it out.I do find the packaging a little bit fiddly, especially if ,like me,you are not using the whole pouch in one go.
      The mouse itself is sort of a gloopy consistency,slightly more solid than I was expecting. It is a greyish/pink colour,and to me looked decidedly un-appetising. ( but then I must remind myself that Bella likes eating flies given the chance so I guess has different ideas what makes an apetizing meal!) And it stinks! Yep,there is no getting away from the fact that this is a smelly food! If you don't like though of you kitchen wreaking like a fishmongers first thing in the morning, then this may not be for you! But, don't forget that for dogs smell is very important when checkeing out food.In fact,ususally,the smellier the better as far as our canine friends are concerened!
      It doesn't "coat" the dry food,but does mix in fairly well, not too disimilar to how a tin of tuna might. Best of all it seems to impart it's flavour to all the dry food to ensure that this gets eaten too!
      It made from the off-cuts of salmon,and contains 100% salmon, so you can be sure you are not adding nasty artificial things to your doggy's top quality kibble! It is designed to be addded to dry food, orf ed on its own as a treat, and I have heard of people using it to stuff Kongs too which I think would work brilliantly.
      It is currently priced at 0.55p for a 99g pouch,but buying in bulk can bring down the cost,with a box of 45X99g pouches currently selling at £19.99


      All in all I think this is a great product. It has certainly worked well to tempt my fussy eater.
      I love that it is 100% natural, and that it can be used in many different ways.

      If you were feeding a larger dog, and giving this daily it could bump up your food costs quite a bit though.
      The packaging could be better. A pack that made it easier to feed abit at a time would be very useful!


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