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Fish 4 Dogs Original Sea Jerky

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Brand: Fish 4 Dogs / Food Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2011 04:30
      Very helpful
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      buy these all the time

      These treats are great. As soon as the bag is opened the dogs are going crazy over the strong fishy smell as it wafts out of the bag. Luckily there is a resealable bit on the bag so that the smell does not fiill the room it is in. Word of warning though dont leave these in a hot car. No matter of resealable bag will be able keep the smell in and the whole car will smell of fish, very embarassing.

      These treats are small amounts of fish skin which has been rolled and dried. They are quite large and hard so breaking them into smaller bits is impossible. Luckily for the dogs they then get the whole treat and not just a bit of the treat.

      My dogs absolutely love these treats. They go mad over the smell and and mad over the taste.

      I love feeding my dogs these treats and if I could afford it I would buy these all the time as they are healthy and the dogs love them.

      They are about £2.99 for a bag of which does not have many treats in so very expensive. If I am feeling flush they get these treats.

      I do think if my dogs could chose treats they would buy these each time.


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        29.05.2010 21:15
        Very helpful



        10 out of 10 from myself, Benson & Grace.

        *What is Fish 4 Dogs Original Sea Jerky?*
        These natural dog treats are produced by the Fish 4 company, a popular manufacturer that makes and produces a small range of cat and dog foods- including complete dry diets, wet foods and a selection of various fish based treats and snacks for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.

        *The product itself*
        Regular readers of my reviews will probably know all about my two extremely active canines by now, who without a doubt could power entire cities off of their constant, non stop energy! You see, they just don't stop from the moment they wake up until the moment they drop off to sleep again in the evenings and they are the kind of dogs that would just be a nightmare to be around if not exercised properly. In Grace and Benson's case however- walks alone are simply not enough! I could walk them to Timbuktu and back, and they'd still be raring to go, so in addition to their thrice daily walks, I rely heavily on various other activities to help dull their energy supply!

        The three of us (well, should I say, the pair of them!) take part in three different activities. Firstly is agility- the much loved and hugely popular 'doggie obstacle course', I do it just for fun with Grace, but compete competively with big bro Benson. Then there is flyball, a high energy sport which involves the dogs charging up a straight path, clearing 4 hurdles, retrieving a tennis ball and then coming back again- you may have seen it on Crufts! Then lastly, we do mock gun dog training, where the dogs do all the traditional gundog skills and exercises, but simply retrieve canvas dummies instead of birds. So all in all, they are quite an active pair.

        The most important thing I need for all those activities however (apart from the dogs themselves- duh!) is a treat they would do absolutely anything for! Biscuits, bog standard chews and regular treats may be all well and good but when doing the kind of activities and training that we do, I need something they absolutely cannot resist, and most importantly (but unfortunately for me!) is very stinky, since the smell captures the dogs attention, and makes them work that little bit harder. Therefore, over the years, I've come to the conclusion fish based treats are the best ones to use, and after trying several different brands, the absolute best we've come across are these Fish 4 Dogs Original Sea Jerky.

        In the few years the Fish 4 company has been around they've made a fantastic name for themselves and built up a brilliant reputation of making top notch cat and dog food and treats using fresh fish as their main ingredient, and the Fish 4 Dogs and Fish 4 Cats products are, in my opinion, some of the best currently available in the pet food market.

        The Fish 4 Dogs Original Sea Jerky treats are small cubes, roughly 2.5 centimetres square and contain just one single ingredient- cod skin. No junk, no cereals, no artificial additives, no bulking agents- nothing but 100% responsibly sourced dried fish, making for a natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free treat that is packed with omega 3 and fish oil to promote a soft, shiny coat, supple skin, healthy joints, good brain development and general all round wellbeing.

        As an added bonus, the rough naturally abrasive texture of the hard and crunchy treats acts as an edible toothbrush- helping to scrap the dogs teeth free of plaque and tartar, and in the long run, will also help to improve the freshness of your pets breath.

        The treats come packaged in a blue resealable packet with a clear, cut out window enabling you to see the treats within, and printed on the pack you will find all the usual information you'd expect to find such as ingredients (or 1 ingredient, in this case!), nutritional information, feeding guides and contact details for the Fish 4 company.

        *Price & Availability*
        Fish 4 Dogs seems to growing in popularity, and their products are now readily available in most of the larger pets stores and online. I purchase our packets of Sea Jerky online from my favourite website- www.pet-supermarket.co.uk- when doing my big monthly orders, and they cost £2.28 for a 100g packet (bare in mind, these treats are just dry fish skin so very light- great value for money!). Although Pet Supermarket is a discount supply store, so you should expect to pay a touch more if purchasing elsewhere.

        *My opinion*
        Although I am more than happy to allow my dogs to have the cheaper, poorer quality treats from the ranges such as Bakers, Pedigree and Winalot from time to time, I'd much rather them have something natural and healthy, and probably just as tasty, if not tastier- so this is the reason I always use Fish 4 Dogs Sea Jerky when I need a high value training reward for our agility, flyball and mock gundog sessions.

        After trying numerous brands and many varieties, Fish 4 Dogs is always the one I come back to, and this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, is the sheer quality of the product- although to the human eye and mind, it looks and sounds disgusting- after all, the product is nothing but fish skin that has been squashed into cube shapes and then dried into a rock hard crunchy substance, but of course to a dog, it is absolutely delicious and feeding this product gives me peace of mind that I actually giving my dogs something good and worthwhile, not a product with very little meat packed full of crap, and this is hugely important given the regularity in which I feed training rewards. We all know fish is naturally healthy and packed with goodness, and the way in which this treat is made means all the natural goodness is preserved, so all that nutrition is going into the dog, and the oils within the fish- great for skin, bones and coat condition- makes the treat much more beneficial than if it was made from dried chicken for example.

        Next up, the treats, although incredibly stinky and will leave everything they touch smelling of fish (always, always, always use a training pouch for these- never your pockets! Oh and hand sanitizer is a god send whilst on the go!!), are the absolute ideal training aid. The strong smell appeals to dogs, captures and holds their attention and gives them something of high value to work for, and enables them to have something extra tasty when they do what is asked of them.

        The treats are fairly chunky cubes, so best suited to medium to large sized dogs- they can be bashed up with a rolling pin or whatever for smaller, easy to eat pieces and this is what I do for agility training when I need something the dogs can eat without barely chewing, although doing this you are obviously loosing the dental care benefits that occur when the dogs crunch their way through a whole cube.

        All in all, I'm fully aware I sound like someone on commission for promoting these treats, but you've got to understand, I'm one of those rather sad people who get excited over things like dog treats, and when I find a product this great, I get a bit carried away!!

        So there we have it- an absolute fantastic treat that is healthy, natural, full of goodness and extremely palatable. My dogs will do anything for them, making them an absolutely excellent training reward- not to mention the fact they are great value for money, and have added oral health benefits. Brilliant stuff!!


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