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Good Boy Fresh Breath Strips

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Brand: Good Boy / Food Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2009 18:21
      Very helpful



      A tasty treat for your dog that will help keep their teeth in good shape too.

      *What are Good Boy Fresh Breath Strips?*
      These treats are produced by Good Boy who makes a large variety of toys and chews for dogs of all life stages, they're owned by pet care giant Armitages who also manufacture the Good Girl and Armitages range of pet care products.

      *The product itself*
      Like most dog owners, I'm always on the look out for new treat products for my dogs, to prevent them from getting bored with the same diet day in and day out. I normally purchase treats from the Pedigree or Bakers ranges for my dogs- they generally go down very well and they're affordable and readily available too, so they're a good medium- satisfying both me and the dogs, although sometimes I do like to go for a bit of a change and offer Grace and Benson something completely different- sometimes they're a hit, and sometimes they're not. As a change from meaty treats, recently I decided to purchase these minty treats for the terrible twosome.

      They're produced by the Good Boy range of pet treats, perhaps best known for their doggie chocolate drops, and are treats with a difference. As well as being a tasty treat for your canine friend, they also help to care for teeth and gums and freshen breath at the same time, helping to reduce the risk of tooth problems and gum disease in later life caused by poor dental hygiene and a build up of tartar on the teeth.

      The treats are long, flat strips, around 6 inches in length, an inch wide and just half a centimetre or so thick and are made from chopped rawhide. This is identical to the rawhide that is used in pure rawhide chews that dogs are so fond of, but instead of being pressed into shapes such as bones or sticks, this rawhide is chopped into small flake like pieces and then mixed with a cereal binder to produce these treats, they're then flavoured with spearmint, which is the ingredient that obviously helps to freshen your dogs breath. They also have the added bonus of being free from gluten, so may be a nice treat for dogs with certain allergies.

      To the touch, the treats feel very rough, they are designed so that when your dog chews on them, the small particles of rawhide scrape against your dogs teeth to help create a mild abrasive effect and help to effectively scrape your dogs teeth clean of tartar build up and food debris. They're quite a crunchy treat yet chewy at the same time, as your dog chews them their salvia will soften the chews enough to enable them to break pieces off and safely swallow, and the spearmint scent then lingers in your dog's mouth for a while after the chew has been eaten.

      The treats come packaged in a fairly thick blue and green plastic sachet with a clear panel section which enables you to see the product contained inside. A resealable strip runs along the top of the sachet which enables you to reseal the pack and keep the treats fresh even after opening and prevents them from going soft or loosing their spearmint flavour. On the front of the sachet you will find the product and brand name, and then on the reverse all the information you would expect to find such as ingredients, nutritional information and contact details for Good Boy. Handily, the sachet is designed with the base larger than the opening, so it can stand freely and easily in your pets store cupboard.

      *Price & Availability*
      Good Boy is quite a popular brand, so you should be able to find these treats stocked in most of the larger supermarkets, so you can conveniently buy them along with your groceries without the need to go to a pet shop. I purchase them for my dogs from Pets At Home, where a 20 stick packet will cost you £2.29.

      *My opinion*
      Thankfully, my dogs have never been ones to suffer with foul doggie breath, this is probably helped by a good quality dry kibble diet and the fact that they get lots of products to specifically help with their dental care, including raw marrowbones so this wasn't the sole purpose of purchasing these treats, I just wanted them as a general change from the usual meaty or biscuit treats I normally give to Grace and Benson, but they turned out to be a big hit with lots of good benefits.

      Firstly, Grace and Benson adore the treats, which isn't unusual- they'll eat most things whether edible or not but its clear that they both do actually enjoy these treats and are not only eating them for the sake of it. They aren't quite as long lasting as I had initially hoped, with each chew only lasting the dogs 3 minutes or so, an awful lot less than normal sticks of pure rawhide which can last them well over an hour. But for the time the dogs were chewing their treats, it was obvious they were benefiting their teeth a lot- as the dogs were laying, holding their treat upright in their paws they were using their back teeth to chew them, and you could hear the grating sound as the treats scraped against their back teeth giving them a good clean without damaging their gums or making them bleed. The treats are also quite easy to snap in half, so I don't always need to give the dogs a whole treat each, I can snap one strip in half and give a bit to each of the dogs for a light and quick treat for them to munch on.

      Secondly, this is the main reason I continue to buy these treats. As most of you probably know by now, I am a Veterinary Nurse and both my dogs come to work with me each day. As well as just mooching round the practice looking pretty and keeping visitors company in the waiting room, they also have their jobs to do like everybody else! Once I week I run the Dental Care Clinic at the practice, where clients who need help or advice with their pets dental care routine, can come in for an hour, bring their pets and learn how to care for their teeth and gums properly, and Grace and Benson are my 'models'! If I am showing a client how to clean their dogs teeth, or how to correctly check their gums for abnormalities then I'll use one of my own dogs to show them, and then, if they want to, they can practice on one of my dogs who both have rock solid temperaments, before they attempt it with their dog. I like to feed the dogs half of one of these treats each before the Clinic starts, much like a person might eat a mint before getting up close and personal with someone and it just freshens the dogs breath and gives a nice pleasant scent for the people who are looking in my dogs mouths! I can then use the other half to break little pieces off and feed to Grace and Benson as little rewards throughout the duration of the Clinic- so they get a nice tasty treat for their good work and behaviour without subjecting everyone to stinky meaty breath!

      All in all, a highly recommended product. They may not be packed full with the most healthiest of ingredients, or full of that much nutrition but their job is to help keep teeth and gums healthy, and breath fresh, and they do that very well, as well as being a tasty and enjoyable treat suitable for any age or breed of dog. And what's more, they're affordable too!


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        10.12.2008 18:18
        Very helpful



        a nice treat for henry

        Good boy fresh breath strips are a chewy treat in a thin long strip that has spearmint to freshen your dogs breath.

        They come in a plastic pouch that has a resealable strip along the top to keep them fresh and stop them going off so you can use them over time as a treat for your dog.

        Each strip is about 8 inches long and thin enough to bend, they are soft and chewy so can be eaten by any dog no matter how big or small as they can be given whole or broken into smaller pieces for a smaller dog, they help to keep teeth and gums healthy from plaque build ups as the dog chews on them although my dog never chews them for long, they are gluten free and contain spearmint which smells very strong, it helps to freshen your dogs breath nicely and works wonders on henrys breath although they hadnt used to last long on my old dogs breath.

        You get 20 strips in a pack for £1.99. Henry loves these as a treat and realy enjoys them.


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      • Product Details

        Ideal for keeping your dog's breath fresh and convenient for rewards when training.

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