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Good Boy Selection Box

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Brand: Good Boy / Food Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2008 20:35
      Very helpful



      A lovely idea for any dog and owner.

      *What is the Good Boy Selection Box?*
      This treat selection pack is a produced by the well know Good Boy brand, which is owned by the famous pet care company Armitages who also own Rotastak which produces products for small animals and Good Girl, manufactures of cat treats and products. They make a large variety of treats, chews and biscuits for dogs of all life stages, from puppy to adult hood.

      *The product itself*
      You would have probably guessed that I am one of those sad people who buy lots of presents for their dogs at Christmas, wrapping them each up and putting them under the tree with the rest, and they usually end up with a pile bigger than anyone else's and I indeed, generally do spend more on my canines than on most human friends or relatives. Most my family tend to humour me, and buy small gifts for my dogs too, but quite understandably draw the line at buying for my other animals though! One of the presents my dogs received this year was this Good Boy Selection Box.

      It's a very cute idea- identical in design to a normal Christmas chocolate selection box for humans, but filled with a variety of dog treats from the Good Boy range. The treats are laid out in a plastic tray, again like you would find with selection boxes for people and contains the following goodies for your canine friend:

      - Chocolate Drops (50g)
      As we all should know, normal chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and can lead to death if eaten in large quantities. So the clever people at Good Boy have came up with a canine friendly formula so our four legged friends can join in and enjoy the taste of chocolate too without any ill effects! The drops look like chocolate buttons- around one centimetre in diameter and very thin with what looks like a very thin coating of flour on them, I'm not quite sure what this is, but there's not much of it and the dogs don't seem fussed by it at all. I buy the Pets At Home own brand doggie chocolate for Grace and Benson occasionally which they love and they seemed to enjoy the Good Boy version just as much. The drops are small enough for any sized dog and can be eaten quickly on the move so therefore ideal for training sessions, they also won't melt like normal chocolate which is very handy.

      - Mini Choc Chip Cookies (75g)
      These were perhaps my dogs' favourite treat contained in the selection box. They are fairly large, chunky biscuits which resemble short bread and have chocolate chips made from the same dog friendly formula as the chocolate drops I spoke about above. They are around an inch wide and an inch thick, making them a decent sized treat for any dog, they crumble into tiny little crumbs when crunched by the dog which is a bit of a pain but will probably be hovered up by your dogs tongue in a matter of seconds. Both these Cookies and the Chocolate Drops are safe if accidentally eaten by children, which is a good thing to know I suppose if you have young children in the house as these two treats look very similar to the human versions.

      - Turkey & Cranberry Bones (50g)
      Another treat which my dogs' enjoyed massively were these festive Turkey & Cranberry Bones. They are around an inch and a half long and two centimetres or so thick and have a pale pink colour to them, presumably from the cranberries. They are extremely crunchy bone shaped biscuit treats which are low in fat due to the turkey and have antioxidants contained within them thanks to the cranberries. I liked the fact that this selection box actually contained Christmassy themed treats, unlike the Pedigree selection stockings which just have normal Pedigree treats in them which are available all year round.

      - Christmas Dinner Delights (100g)
      These were probably my dogs' least favourite treat but I thought they looked nice enough. They are fairly large, chunky moist meaty treats in the shape of things you would find within a Christmas Dinner, as the name of the treats suggests! My two tend to favour hard crunchy treats over moist chewy ones which is maybe why they weren't as keen on them as other treats in the selection box, but they did eat them and seemed to like them. They are flavoured with beef, lamb and chicken (no turkey?!) and have a very strong meaty smell to them, which will appeal to most dogs.

      - Munchy Rolls (10 pack)
      These aren't a product I'd ever normally buy for my dogs'. They're chewy sticks around 5 inches long made of chopped rawhide and starch and packed full of food colouring. I let Grace and Benson have them as they were part of the gift and I didn't want to waste them but I don't normally give them stuff like this purely because they are full of colourings and very little else. The crunchy, abrasive texture of the chews do help to scrape teeth clean and keep gums healthy though (if all the colourings don't stain them bright red or blue first!!).

      - Rawhide Knuckle Bone (1 bone)
      A nice simple rawhide bone completed the selection box. It's made from pressed rawhide, so is very solid and tough and around 5 inches long and an inch thick so ideal for pretty much any sized dog. Rawhide is a completely natural product, so good if you don't like feeding your dog any artificial junk and it's extremely beneficial to teeth and gums, helping keep them clean and strong. Rawhide is a favourite with my dog's and due to the fact there was just one bone in the selection box they had to share it, and even so it lasted them around 20/25 minutes so was very long lasting considering two big dogs were both chewing at it.

      The treats are held in a black plastic tray which sits inside a mainly blue and white cardboard box. Photographs of the contents of the box are shown on the front, as well as the Good Boy logo and a festive cartoon sketch. On the reverse there is a cut out activity for you to do but I didn't pay any attention to it to be honest so I can't tell you what it was. Along the sides of the box we are told the ingredients and nutritional information for all six treats contained within the selection box and also contact details for Good Boy. The cardboard box and plastic tray are both recyclable.

      *Price & Availability*
      As I mentioned before, this was purchased as a gift from someone else to my dogs but is available in most larger supermarkets and pet stores. Being a seasonal product though it is only available in the run up to Christmas. They cost £4.20, which isn't a bad price considering the amount of treats inside- it would certainly cost more than that to purchase all the packets of treats separately.

      *My opinion*
      My mother-in-law-to-be came down from Middlesbrough to stay with us in Essex for the Christmas period and after picking her up from the train station, on the drive back to mine and my fiancé's house she asked if we would mind stopping in Sainsbury's, which of course we didn't, and in she went with my fiancé whilst I waited in the car. I presumed she had just forgotten to bring something with her and wanted to pick it up from there and thought nothing more of it. When we arrived home of course my two furballs were extremely eager to greet her, she's met Benson before, but we didn't have Grace when she last came to stay so was understandably a little shy and nervous around the dogs at first, which I suppose is the natural reaction to most not entirely dog loving people when they first meet a Rottweiler, but anyway they got to know each other after a little while and then out came the Sainsbury's bag.

      Mother-in-law-to-be pulled out the Good Boy Selection Box and jokingly told us she has came to terms with the fact she will never get any grandchildren (from me and her son at least!) and said if she has no grandchildren to spoil then she will have to spoil her ''grandogs'' instead, bless her! My fiancé was never allowed pets growing up (which is maybe why he is now a vet!) and M-I-L-T-B has never owned a pet, never mind a dog, so I thought it was lovely and I was quite touched by the fact she had thought of them, especially seeing as she is quite scared by dogs.

      The dogs massively enjoyed all the treats in the box, with the exception of the Christmas Dinner Delights which they weren't overly keen on, and I thought the selection box idea was something novelty and different to most dog gifts available. I noticed the selection boxes were down to less than half price in Pets At Home today, and although I declined buying more because Good Boy isn't a brand I am overly keen on feeding to the dogs, I did really like this section box and was thrilled for my dogs to receive it and I'm sure most other dog owners would be too.

      It's worth bearing in mind for buying next year though that none of the treats contained within the selection box are suitable for puppies, and the Munchy Rolls in particular can cause stomach upsets in sensetive dogs due to the amount of food colouring in them.


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