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Good Boy Tripe Sticks

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Brand: Good Boy / Food Type: Dog Food

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    4 Reviews
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      27.12.2012 18:47
      Very helpful
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      Take A Whiff Of These

      Every night when I put my dogs to bed, they have a little treat. One of my kitchen cupboards is literally bursting with treats for them. One of their favourite treats (and my least favourite) are Tripe Sticks, made by Good Boy.

      These tripe sticks come in a blue bag made from the same sort of material as a plastic bag but a little bit thicker. Unfortunately the bag does not re-seal which can be fairly unpleasant because the tripe sticks really do smell awful. Once I have opened them, I fold the packaging over and pop a peg on it to ensure the tripe sticks stay fresh for my dogs and to make sure they don't make the kitchen cupboard smell! The bag is probably about a foot long by half a foot wide so it's a fairly big bag.
      On the front is a small cartoon picture of a dog along with the Good Boy logo at the top of the bag.
      On the back of the packaging there is a chart which tells you how many treats your dog can have according to their weight.

      I buy these treats from my local pet shop where they cost £2.99 for a 500gram bag. I think this price is very reasonable as they tripe sticks do last quite a while and you get a good amount of them in the bag.

      The Tripe Stick
      These tripe sticks are actually quite good for your dog which makes a nice change from some of the other treats available. For starters they are made from 100% natural ingredients meaning they are as natural as dog treats come. They help to remove plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth and promote healthy teeth and gums.
      The tripe sticks actually vary in size - some are quite short and thick and others are thinner and longer. On average the tripe sticks are about 5 inches long and half an inch thick.
      How Many Sticks Do You Get In A Bag?
      The amount of sticks you get varies from bag to bag but on average you get about 35-40 sticks in each bag so plenty of treats to keep your dog happy.

      How Long Does The Treat Last?
      It takes both my dogs a good five minutes to finish the tripe stick which is pretty good going as my dogs tend to eat their treats extremely quickly. Because the tripe sticks are very hard, they actually have to sit down and chew the treat, rather than swallowing it whole.

      Marley and Dax's (my dogs) opinion
      As I already mentioned, this is one of their favourite treats. My youngest dog Dax is quite a fussy eater but he gets very excited when he smells the tripe sticks coming out of the cupboard and will follow you around the house until you give it to him. They both take the tripe stick to their beds and make themselves comfortable before eating it. The both hold the tripe stick between their front paws and chew away at it until it is finished. I can tell they both really love these treats because when they have finished it, they always stand up and have a root around to see if they can find any crumbs!

      62% protein
      5% fibre
      6% oil
      10% ash

      I would 100% recommend these dog treats. They are good value for money and you get a good amount of treats in each bag. The treats are a good size, meaning your dog will sit down and enjoy the treat rather then eating it in seconds! I like the fact that they are made from 100% natural ingredients as it means they are fairly healthy for your dog and to top it off, they are good for your dog's teeth and gums.
      The only downside is that they do smell awful. I have a pretty strong stomach but these come close to making me gag!


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        08.04.2012 03:22
        Very helpful



        4/5 stars, smell and price let the treats down

        **Tripe Sticks**
        Tripe.. up until I owned dogs I had no idea what the stuff was! So, what is it? Well, it's basically the stomach of a cow, pig or sheep.. gross I know. Tripe apparently has an acquired taste, but I would never eat it personally so I have no idea what it actually tastes like, but I do know one thing - it smells vile and doesn't look much better! These particular treats are dried tripe, made from the stomach of cows. Doesn't sound appealing really does it?

        My four dogs go bonkers for it though and I buy a packet of it once in a while as a little treat for my dogs. I only buy it once in a while not only because it smells horrible, but because it's quite pricey. Nevertheless though my dogs love these treats and will do anything for one, so I can't fault them too much. The treats are obviously 100% natural and help promote healthy gums and teeth.

        They are suitable for all breeds of dogs and are described as 'tasty treats' by Armitage and are suitable for use as a treat, reward or training aid. Armitage also state that the tripe is easily broken down. I'm unsure whether they mean in the dogs digestive system, or as in easily broken apart to feed to the dog, however I personally don't break them up because they're so crumbly - I just give them to my dogs whole, as they're only medium sized chunks anyway.

        **Price and Value for Money**
        These treats are actually quite pricey and in my opinion not the best value for money. The treats are sold by weight rather than quantity and are available in packs of either 200 or 500 grams. The 500 gram pack retails between £9-10 and the 200 gram retails for £3-4, obviously prices hugely vary depending on where you purchase them from.

        I purchase the 200 gram pack from Sainsburys to save on postage, as although the treats are slightly cheaper on pet retail websites, postage brings the cost back up again. Sainsbury's currently sell the 200 gram packs for £3.95 which is why the tripe sticks are once in a while treats; for £3.95 I could buy almost four large boxes of normal dog treats, so not the best value for money. My dogs do love them though and the quality seems okay. A 200 gram pack will last anywhere between a few days and a week depending on how often we do training with the dogs, I have four adult dogs though so if you have just one or two dogs or a puppy, a pack will obviously last considerabely longer.

        The tripe sticks come in a plastic packet. The packet is not re-sealable meaning the treats have to be transferred into a sealable tupperwear box as soon as they're opened, not only to contain the smell but to also keep them fresh and hygienic. The pack that the treats come in has a blue colour scheme and due to this the treats are instantly recogniseable as a Good Boy product. The branding is simple and all the information you could need are listed on the front of the packet. There's also a clear piece of plastic which acts as a window, meaning the treats can be seen through the pack, making it clear what the packet contains.

        **My Opinion**
        I've been buying these treats on and off for around four years now. All of my dogs love them and they're probably the most strong smelling treat i've ever bought for them meaning they are very succesful as training aids and my dogs come running as soon as I get one of these out! The smell is very unpleasant and strong, to the point where one of my friends literally nearly threw up once when she opened the box of treats, lol. I guess as a dog owner though I am used to unpleasant smells whether it be dog poo, cat poo, fox poo, dead rabbits and so on so the smell doesn't effect me quite as much as it would someone who's not used to the usual smells that a majority of dog owners have to put up with.

        The treats are dark in colour and very dry. They vary in sizes and although they are marketed as 'sticks', there are often weird shaped pieces of tripe in the pack; eg short and square, and some are actually quite sharp so it's worth checking it's not sharp before giving it to my dogs. My dogs absolutely love these treats and my husky acts quite weird whenever he has one; he rolls in it making sure the scent gets all over his collar area and then eats it.

        My other dogs usually gobble theres straight down. My boyfriends dog barks whenever we give her one of these and instead of eating it she plays with it lol. As the treats are so strong smelling my dogs do get a bit greedy and try to eat them all at once sometimes causing arguements amongst themselves (nothing serious, just growling and playful barking) and therefor I would not reccomend these if you have a food posessive dog or an agressive dog.

        One treat lasts for around 5 minutes so they're not the most durable but not too short lived either. The texture is suprisingly hard and you can hear the cracking sounds as the dogs tuck in. The treats are quite messy and leave behind a pile of crumbs, but as I have a wooden floor the dogs just lick the crumbs up and I clean up afterwards with a wet wipe.

        Very stinky and quite expensive but extremely effective training aids.


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        09.04.2011 11:26



        Great treats

        These little gems are brilliant but sooooooo smelly!
        If you have a delicate stomach I would say stay away from these. They are purely dried bits of tripe. I feed my dogs raw tripe every now and then and so am used to mashing up bits of cows stomach lining and have come to like the smell. It was not good first thing in the norning!

        These come in a bag of random amounts of sticks, sold by weight rather than amount. depending if you want lots of little sticks or a few large sticks pick wisely!
        I tended to go for lots of little ones, reason being that these aren't long chews. They are generally gone in about 30 seconds! one large one would be a waste as it would be gone quickly with the packet going quickly.
        Pricewise, I've picked these up in Tescos for about £1-£1.50, but it does depend where you buy them and what weight you buy. Once again you can get boxes of these and they then become cheaper.
        The strong smell of these are really good to use for recall training as they smell the whole field out and dogs tend to like smelly food.
        I use these are a treat when they get back from a walk, this makes getting wet muddy dogs straight on beds and not running around the lounge very easy.
        Be warned though, as with feeding raw tripe, if your dogs has these reguarly, their farts will smell of tripe too and this is not nice!

        All in all these are great treats and my dogs will do anything for them, if you can handle the smell then get a packet!


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        24.04.2009 01:05
        Very helpful



        great natural dog treats if you can stomach the smell

        My dog Bonnie loves anything that smells disgusting, if it stinks and she can eat or roll in it then she is in doggy heaven. She has incredibly healthy teeth so we try to minimise treats that might ruin her sparkly whites! However, she loves something to chew and is not terribly enthused by the typical denta-rask (and similar brand) treats. One of the few treats that she loves is these discusting tripe sticks!

        The treats are part of the Good Boy range of treats and come in a blue packaging. The 500g pack sells for around £3 and seems to be pretty good value considering you get plenty of the sticks in the pack so we find that one packet lasts a good few months.

        The tripe sticks are made from natural ingredients and are supposedly good for your dogs teeth. As soon as you open the packet you will be overcome by the terrible stench. It literally smells like an already dirty public toilet after someone has had a nasty accident! They do stink.........really badly! But Bonnie loves them. Each one is about 5inches in length and is black/brown in colour, they are hard and dry and come in random sizes. When you take one out of the packet you will need to wash your hands with soap to get rid of the stench. However, at the sight of one of these beauties, Bonnie will drool and obey your every command! She will generally lay down and chew away at the tripe stick, although other times she will throw it around and play with it first or even roll on it. Bonnie is a very good chewer and can destroy the average "invincible" dog chew toy in minutes, so it only takes her a couple of minutes to engulf this particular treat if she decides to eat it in one go.

        Strangely, whilst the tripe sticks smell vile, they do not give Bonnie bad breath, and as much as I don't understand why, they actually seem to result in her having better breath! She absolutely loves these treats and if given the choice of these versus any other doggy treat, these tripe sticks win hands down. My grandparents dog also loves them and he tends to spend longer chewing them than Bonnie does. I must admit that they are a pretty good bargain given the price, the number that you get in a pack and how much dogs seem to like them.

        The only real issue is whether you can cope with the smell. They are beyond disgusting and if you are going to have them in your house then you need to have some method of isolation! We initially tried keeping them in Bonnies treat drawer in the kitchen but that was awful, so the next step was to close the end of the bag with a peg, this was mildly successful but you could still smell them if you walked past that drawer. We have not come up with a solution which is to keep them inside an airtight Tupperware box, you still have to endure the smell when opening the box but you can shut the lid on them nice and quickly.

        Over all they are definitely worth a try. They have done no harm to Bonnie's teeth and she really does love them. They aren't too expensive and will give your dog a little bit of fun as they chew on them. They stink but if you can get over that then I do recommend them. I cant quite give them five stars because the smell is just too much but I do give them a very strong four stars.


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      • Product Details

        Dog treats / 500g pack / Being 100% natural, these sticks are great for your dog, as well as being tasty treats suitable for treating, training and rewarding.

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