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Hi Life Complete Dog Food

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Manufacturer: Hi Life / Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 15:00
      Very helpful



      Sounds good, looks okay but my dog hates it.

      I quite recently reviewed Baker's Complete dog food, which my dog, Joey, seems to really enjoy but, it was brought to my attention that the meat content is extremely low (4%) in this dog food. Because of this I naturally became concerned that perhaps my pet's nutritional needs weren't being met whilst giving him his food, although I do add to the complete food. Because of this I am currently trying different complete foods for my West Highland Terrier, Hi Life Complete moist, being one of them.

      I purchased this dog food for Joey some weeks ago. Before buying I studied the ingredients and saw that it contains a minimum ( beef and meat meal) 20% of meat which is an improvement on Baker's complete. My dog is fussy but I thought he might like this dog food as it states that it's rich in beef and flavoured with cheese. Well, my dog adores cheese so it seemed worth trying him with. It also contains, protein, fibre and vitamins. I cannot vouch for the quality of the products used but hope they are better than what is contained in many of this type of dog food.

      I was interested in his reaction. I considered this food looked meaty and might appeal to a canine pet but he wasn't at all interested and turned his nose up! Later, I added some of his usual, Baker's Complete and a little cooked meat. He ate the Bakers and the meat but picked out the high life, placing it on the floor around his feeding bowl.

      This Hi Life is made up of mince style pieces of a light and darker brown colour. It does look like minced meat. I have tried this food for a few weeks now mixed with other foods but he always manages to pick most of it out, discarding it, leaving it to be swept up. Even if he seems very hungry he will only eat this if it is so well mixed into his food that he doesn't realise. I am going to discard the remains of the pack.

      I am now trying Joey on' Iams' complete food, which I will review when he has tried it for long enough to give me a good idea of whether it's a success.

      Hi Life Complete Moist food claims to be nutritionally balanced and ready to serve. It is:

      soft, moist and meaty

      High quality meat protein

      vitamin and mineral enriched

      no artificial colours

      It is made in the United Kingdom and the website is: www.hilifepet.co.uk

      It comes in a bag that has a resealable tab. The packaging contains a full list of ingredients and a table showing the amount that should be fed daily to your dog according to it's size. I bought the 1.5 kg bag from Sainsbury's. I paid, £3.43.

      Whether this food is good nutritionally or not it was a waste of money for me as Joey has no interest in it whatsoever.

      If you feed your pet this type of food please remember to supply plenty of fresh water. They do get very thirsty when fed on this food.


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