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Hollings Filled Hooves

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Brand: Hollings Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 17:23
      Very helpful




      Okay, before I start I just want to say that this is probably one of the most bizzare items that I have reviewed! When I first started reviewing I never imagined myself reviewing cow hooves, however despite how gross it sounds, these dog treats really are brilliant so I thought that I should spread the word. Like most of you will know, I have four dogs, all of which are energetic. The only thing that calms them down is either a nice long walk, or a long lasting treat or chew. As I am about to give birth any second (babies head is dilated, scary stuff!) I obviously am not able to walk them during the day, and instead my boyfriend does it once he's back from work. This means that I have to keep them occupied during the day, and these treats work a treat (no pun intended!)

      I first came across the cow hoof treats last year while browsing Amazon. As I have already mentioned in numerous reviews, Amazon is personally my favourite place to buy dog toys and treats, especially in bulk. I came across these and was disgusted yet extremely curious, and the product description was very informative and I ended up coming to the conclusion that it was worth purchasing a box, as the price was pretty reasonable. I paid around £30 for a box of 25, and the current price from the same seller is £22.49 with £2.95 shipping. I think this is a fabulous price as you get so many treats, and I like that it doesn't cost a fortune to get it delivered. The cow hooves are also available from a variety of other online retailers and the cheapest that I have seen the pack of 25 for is £15.25 excluding delivery. The RRP is £17.77 however I have never seen these in a pet shop. Cow hooves can be bought seperately too but as far as I am aware Hollings is a brand that mainly sells them in bulk rather than seperately, although I have seen them on one website been sold at 71 pence each - whether these are exactly the same as the ones I get I don't know.

      The hooves come in a large blue cardboard box which is blue with the product name and the Hollings branding displayed clearly on the front. The 25 cow hooves weigh 5kg all together and are loose inside the box which is a big disadvatage - every time i've ordered a box (i've had 3 orders now) the box when delivered has absolutely stank of grease and meat, and the box always has a layer of grease at the bottom. This means that it is not practical to keep the treats in the box and instead I put them into resealable plastic food storage boxes and then store them in the garage as it's not really a very nice thing to store in my kitchen, is it?! The treats aren't too bad to look at, you can tell what they are but to be honest it doesn't gross me out. Most of them are a dark brown colour and a few are black. They have lines etc on them where the cow has worn its hooves down by walking etc. The hoof is filled to the brim with a flavoured filling. The filling varies in colour, some are red, some are brown and some are a greyish colour. The filling is packed in well and it doesn't fall out - it's not as messy as I expected. The hooves are a little flaky and stuff comes off which looks like a thin layer of nail - luckily I have wooden floor and am able to give it a good clean once the dogs have finished gnawing, however if you have carpet I would 100% reccomend putting your dog outside with these treats as they're flaky and greasy.

      I am very careful when giving these treats to my dogs to avoid any fighting. I give the most dominant dogs hers first and the more submissive dog his last. There is always a bit of playful growling (while they wag their tails!) but they soon settle down and eat their treats, starting by eating the filling out which takes anything from 20 minutes to an hour. If you have a food posessive dog, do not buy these treats - trust me, my boyfriend made the mistake of giving one to his parent's dog and the dog cornered us to keep us away from the treat - very scary. Once my dogs have eaten the middle they then start gnawing on the hoof, they do get little bits off of it here and there but the hooves usually don't get completely chewed up and I bin them after 3 or 4 days for hygiene reasons and then let my dogs have another one around a week after.

      These overall are good treats. They keep my dogs occupied and they're not too messy. They don't smell disgusting and my dogs really enjoy them. I wouldn't reccomend them to anyone with a food posessive dog but for people with dogs who are normal around food and treats and enjoy chewing, I would 100 percent reccomend them. Obviously though if your dog has fragile teeth, it isn't ideal to let them have this as it is very hard in texture - oh, and on a side note, if your dog is the type to throw their bones in the air with excitement, put them outside with this - it could do some serious damage if it met with a tv screen or window!


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