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Iams Adult Proactive Dog Food

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Brand: Iams / Type: Dog Food

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    3 Reviews
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      27.10.2012 15:43
      Very helpful



      They did us in an emergency!

      At the moment my mate is staying with me with her kitten Henry and her poodle Daisy as she has dislocated her knee and is unable to move!

      I however am used to dealing with Daisy dog as we have always shared her between us and at the moment I'm feeding her and this is the food I bought her whilst I was out the other day as we had run out and they had none of her usual Bakers Complete she usually eats instore!

      The Packaging:

      This food comes in a bright green plastic bag and I bought it in a 1kg size, it isn't silver foil lined inside and it isn't resealable either which is quite a pain to be honest. On the front of the bag there is photograph of a collie dog and we are told that it is 'Good For Life' IAMS and that it is suitable for dogs 1-6 years and that it is ProActive Health and for Adult Small/Medium and that it contains Probiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion, chicken for strong muscles, has daily dental care for healthy teeth and 7 essential nutrients for a healthy heart and that a 1kg serving gives 7 days worth of food and there is a picture of the kibbles (biscuits) shown. Other information on the bag includes ingredients being listed as well as feeding advice and lots of information about the product is given, the size is stated and contact details for the manufacturer are given.

      The Food:

      The kibbles are light brown in colour and biscuit like of course and round and square in shape and not very big at all. They kibbles contain chicken and turkey, maize and yeast as well as a few other things as well and to me smell a bit meaty and a bit yeasty.

      Daisy will eat these but she doesn't with enthusiasm as such. I mean she will eat them when hungry and a fair few of them but I can see the difference from when she eats her Bakers Complete which she really does munch through and seems to enjoy.

      The feeding instructions on the bag are easy to understand and goes on the weight of the dog to the amount of the food they require a day, luckily we know how much Daisy weighs otherwise you may have to rely on guesswork.

      I am happy that these are good quality, they certainly look it and are from a brand most of us are aware of however if I can find Bakers Complete I will buy that instead of this in the future!

      Available in all good supermarkets and pet stores and I paid £3.50 for this 1kg bag in my local Asda store.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        20.03.2011 16:35
        Very helpful



        Accepted by the world's fussiest canine.

        When we first got our Staffy, Tora, I was not expecting her to be quite so fussy. After all she had be re homed a few times, and hadn't always had the best of care. I did not realise at first though, that her canines were severely damaged, which I am guessing had put her off her food. At any rate the owners seem to have put her on a diet of cat food, chips and sausage which she enjoyed very much. Her canine broke the rest of the way off playing ball the next day and the vet said the other canine would soon follow suit, as it did. Surgery was advised against due to the complications of removing the canines on a dog so young, and the Dr felt she would be better off with her newly flattened canines then none. However the stage for picky eating seemed to have been set, and at first she would not even eat Iams.

        Now I refuse to buy cat food for a dog - it's over priced, not nutritionally balanced and it stinks in my opinion. So we experimented around and after the butchers suggested tried her on the cheapest most horrible meal you could buy - which she actually liked. It was then a simple matte of mixing that with Iams until she got used to the Iams, but after a very short time she came to prefer the Iams alone. I suspect she would still rather have cat food but too bad.

        Having had dogs all my life, as well as having worked in a pet shop, I have found almost all dogs to seem to like this food. It is made primarily from real meat, in this case chicken and turkey, not meat by products. You can actually feel the difference with this and many lower priced foods as this contains far more oils, giving it a bit of a greasy feel. Tora is the first dog I've know to be at all fussy about this food. I must admit though, this dog honestly will not eat steak if it is well done, and has been known to turn up her nose at roast chicken if it had gravy on it ( she doesn't like gravy either). So over all I think she ranks as one of the fussiest eaters of the canine race, and that fact that she will eat this is a major endorsement.

        Now I know there are several other brands of high quality food available, but this does have the major advantage of being available anywhere, even Tesco. I am happy that this has a high meat content, using actual meat, not by products, and appears to made of quality ingredients. Like many Staffies, Tora is prone to dry skin and flaking. Since feeding this food, her skin has completely cleared up and her coat is lovely. I can't say this has made great changes in her energy or vitality level. This dog has always had unlimited energy and could run or swim forever. But her overall health is good, her coat and skin lovely her breath reasonably odor free - for a dog anyway, and she does seem to enjoy her food, although I do add meat or other goodies as well.

        This is of course more expensive then most dogs foods, but I do find that you feed less because it is more digestible. This also means less poop to scoop. I do think a good dog food is a worthwhile investment. Because so much of their diet comes from a single source - kibble - I feel it is important for that source to be as healthy as possible. I also think it should be something the dog enjoys. If we had to have one single food make up over 50% of our overall diet, we would want something tasty wouldn't we?


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        19.03.2011 16:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not the cheapest or the dearest option but good value for money

        Product: 'IAMS Adult Small Medium Breed Rich Chicken'

        Iams is a high quality dry dog food from Procter & Gamble Petcare. Our dog thrives on it, just as our previous one did on Eukanuba, which is actually manufactured by the same company, as a 'superior' nutrition.

        The Iams range is promoted in the UK under the strapline 'Good for life', as a complete daily nutrition solution for dogs (and cats). This line is described as a 'Proactive medium [with] succulent roast chicken' and seems anything but inferior!

        When we collected our 'new' rescue dog, Lilly, from the Dogs Trust we were kindly provided with an initial supply of Ardern Grange hypoallergenic dry dog food. While this range is available online, for practical reasons we decided first to investigate local alternatives. Iams looked quite promising, as a familiar product from a well established company.

        There is a bewildering range of quality dog foods available from larger and specialist suppliers, with varying claims to fame. For example, Eukanuba carries the slogan 'Extraordinary nutrition', at a price...

        ~~Price, quantities and availability~~

        Iams is widely available online and on the high street. It may not be the cheapest option but by my calculation it's, at the very most, just over £3 per kilo (kg) and is currently on offer at Asda for considerably less:

        * Asda : 3kg special offer - down from £8 to £5
        * Pets at Home : 3kg for £9.18 or 15kg for £33.69
        * Amazon : 3kg for £9.46 or 15kg for £31.99

        (Eukanuba equivalent up to £5.17 per kg)

        Also available in 1kg and 7.5kg bags. Other supermarket prices vary, but these prices are indicative.

        A 1kg bag of IAMS Adult Small Medium Breed Rich Chicken should be sufficient for 15 servings on average. By my calculations, that's just 20 pence per meal, or almost half as much while Asda's current offer lasts. We've just stocked up!

        Exact quantities required depend on the size and nature of the dog, naturally; weight needs to be monitored and adjustments made if necessary. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this.

        There may be cheaper alternatives - but not necessarily better value for money.

        ~~The mix~~

        Iams claims to provide a complete, balanced feed. For the sake of completeness, the ingredients are listed as follows:

        'Chicken (>24%), maize, wheat, animal fat, poultry meal, sorghum, barley, dried beet pulp, chicken digest, fish meal, dried whole egg, brewer's dried yeast, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, DL­methionine'

        To quote the Iams website:

        'As well as a high content of animal-based protein, Iams also contains:
        * No added colours, flavours or preservatives
        * Prepared with high levels of succulent chicken: for outstanding taste and excellent overall condition.
        * Quality ingredients and optimal levels of vitamins and minerals: helps support the body's natural defence system and overall health.
        * Special fibre: promotes healthy digestive system, small stools and easy clean up.
        * With Omega-6&3 fatty acids: promotes superb skin and coat condition.'

        ... to which 'kibble' we tend to add a little 'wet' dog food for variety and, yes, the occasional treat!

        ~~The proof of the 'pudding'~~

        The bottom line, as they say, is a happy, healthy dog. In our experience so far, the manufacturer's claims appear to be valid, in terms of overall health, skin, coat, teeth and digestive system etc.

        I'm very pleased to report that Lilly goes from strength to strength on this diet, combined with regular fresh air and exercise, particularly in the parks reviewed here recently. It seems reasonable to suppose other dogs may do as well.

        ~~An added bonus~~

        Recently we've taken to keeping back a handful of kibbles to put in Lilly's 'Kong' toy for some amusement later. This is a bonus as it provides further entertainment at no extra cost, either financial or dietary. In fact, these toys are probably worthy of a separate review.

        ~~Help and support~~

        There's a fair amount of nutritional and product information on the Iams website, in addition to the clear instructions on each bag. See link below.


        Not the cheapest or the dearest option but good value for money, the reward being a fit, happy and healthy dog. Let's hope she does at least half as well as our previous rescue dog who was with us for some 15 years after we rehomed her...!

        ~~Related links~~

        Iams website : www.iams.co.uk
        Eukanuba : www.eukanuba.co.uk

        [© SteveS001, 2011. This review may appear on other review sites]


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