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James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble

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Brand: James Wellbeloved / Type: Dog Food

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    3 Reviews
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      27.10.2010 12:36
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      Great for a dog with allergies or sensitive digestion, a tasty natural food

      I have two dogs, and one of them has a very sensitive stomach and often ends up with diarrhoea. When we first brought him home as a puppy, we tried countless brands of dog food desperately trying to find something that would not upset his stomach. Finally, we found it! I happened to see Jameswellbeloved in my local pet store, and despite the extra cost decided to try it. I am so glad that I did, as it is totally worth every penny.

      Both of my dogs enjoy this food, and it is available in a variety of different flavours. Although I usually serve the biscuits dry, they can also be wet with hot water which I tried after one of them had an operation, and both of the dogs really enjoyed this too. The food comes in a variety of bag sizes which is really helpful depending on the size of your dog/how often you want to go to the pet shop/storage space available. The packaging is really sturdy and easy to reseal, so even on the occasions that I have bought big bags of food the biscuits have stayed fresh. Also the brand has food for puppies, junior dogs, adult and senior dogs so the canine members of my family are set up for life now!

      This food gives my dogs everything that they need for a balanced diet, is natural, hypoallergenic (it doesn't use ingredients that are known to be common allergens, such as egg and soya), and great for sensitive stomachs and digestion. What more could I ask for?


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        02.10.2010 11:17
        Very helpful



        Buy it!

        James Wellbeloved Lamb and Vegetable Kibble


        You can purchase this pet food online and also in all good pet stores. You can also sometimes find it on special offer so it is worth keeping your eyes open. there is a variety of flavours available and the company also produces cat and fetter food too. A 1.5kg bag will cost you around the £8 mark and there are larger bags available too, if your pet is new to this food, you may want to try a smaller bag to ensure that they like it. having said that, my pets have always loved all of the Wellbeloved range so it is likely that even the fussiest of pets will be delighted with this range!

        The big difference in Wellbeloved foods is that they use only natural ingredients and produce hypo allergenic products which are designed to avoid causing food intolerance. For this reason, pets who have sensitive stomachs or food intolerance are likely to have no problems with these products.

        In all fairness, I should point out that this range may be a little more expensive than some other brands, but in my opinion, the price is easily justified and well worth paying. Our little dog had quite a sensitive stomach which meant that she was unable to digest some brands of pet foods. When we switched her to the Wellbeloved range, these problems almost immediately stopped and she looked and seemed healthier and happier too.

        All products in the range have a full ingredient list so you can see exactly what you are feeding your pet, making it easy to check for any ingredients that you may want to avoid, not that you are likely to find them in this kibble anyway.

        Oh and of course, there is the taste test. Unlike some "specialised diet" foods, this one has always been met with resounding pleasure and quickly wolfed up! If you want a happy and healthy dog with bright eyes and a shiny coat then this is definitely the way forward, so what are you waiting for, get to your nearest stockist now!

        5 stars from me, this stuff is worth every penny!


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        14.09.2010 17:01
        Very helpful



        A brilliant dry food which dogs love, and is healthy too!

        *What is James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble?*
        This complete dog food is produced by the James Wellbeloved company, a long established and well trusted manufacturer of pet products, that produces a wide variety of natural, high quality pet food for cats, dogs and ferrets of all ages.

        *The product itself*
        Ever since I brought my two wonderful dogs, Grace and Benson, home as puppies nearly 3 and 5 years ago respectively, they've been fed on a diet consisting mainly of James Wellbeloved dry food.

        The simple reason being, it ticks absolutely all the boxes, and meets everything I want when looking for a dog food. It is healthy, free from artificial junk, has a good meat content, it is reasonably priced, and most importantly, my dogs love it.

        The thing that puts James Wellbeloved in a different league to the pet food market leaders of Pedigree and Bakers, is simply the sheer quality of the ingredients. Whereas Bakers and Pedigree fuel more money into their advertising campaigns than they do their dog food ingredients, and produce a product made with very little meat, cheap cereal fillers, artificial additives and sugar, James Wellbeloved do things the other way round. You may find an advertisement in a specialist dog magazine for their food, but you certainly won't find commercials all over the telly, or adverts splashed on pages of completely unrelated magazines. All their funds go into producing a high quality dog food made only from fresh, human grade meat, wholesome rice, vegetables and with only natural extracts. Not a mention of e-numbers, added sugar, animal derivates, cereal fillers or excess salt in sight.

        Naturally, it makes sense that a healthy dog food, made from good ingredients results in a much happier and healthier dog! I do wonder if owners knew what was actually in Pedigree or Bakers, if they'd be so happy to serve it to their dogs? Anyway, that's an argument for another day- on with the review!

        James Wellbeloved's 'original' dog foods, are based on meat and rice, and this is the food my dogs have been eating for many years, but recently, when they brought out their new recipes based on meat and vegetables, we had to try them!

        James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble is a dry food, designed for adult dogs over 1 year of age, and is a 'complete' diet- meaning if you wish, you can solely feed this food to your dog and he'll be getting all the nutrition he needs.

        The difference between this Lamb & Vegetable Kibble, and James Wellbeloved's 'original' Lamb & Rice Kibble for example, is quite simple. The new recipes contain no rice, or other cereal whatsoever. Instead it is made with a blend of fresh vegetables including peas, tomatoes, potato and carrot, that makes up a hefty 26% of the ingredients total, along with a respectful 26% lamb. Quite some difference when compared to Pedigree or Bakers, with their 4% meat content.

        All of the James Wellbeloved foods, including this one, are hypoallergenic, meaning that contain none of the ingredients that are known to trigger allergies in dogs, such as pork, beef, egg, dairy products, soya or wheat, and of course, since this particular variety also excludes rice and other grains, is it especially suitable for extra sensitive dogs.

        James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble comes packaged in stripy green foil bags giving all the normal information you'd expect to find, such as nutritional breakdowns, ingredients, feeding guidelines and contact details for James Wellbeloved. Handily, the bag is resealable, helping the keep the food fresh after opening.

        *Price & Availability*
        James Wellbeloved is a specialist feed, and therefore not available in supermarkets. It can only be purchased from Pets At Home, or from other independent approved retailers. I tend to purchase our bags online (to save lugging them from store to car, then car to house!) from www.petsupermarket.co.uk.

        As well as the lamb & vegetable variety this review is based on, it also comes in turkey & vegetable and fish & vegetable varieties too, with 10kg bags of all flavours retailing at £39. Smaller 1.5kg bags can be purchased for £7.99.

        *My opinion*
        I was first introduced to the James Wellbeloved brand when I picked the furry ball of mischief, Benson, up from his breeders, and along with the ridiculously cute puppy, I was given a bag full of James Wellbeloved puppy food, and told this is what he had been eating. So obviously it was what I stuck with for the few weeks, to avoid any tummy upsets, but it soon became clear it would not make any sense to change brands because he was doing incredibly well on it, so we stuck with James Wellbeloved. Similarly, when I got Grace two years later, she was being fed on a low quality puppy food by her breeder, so I changed her to James Wellbeloved as soon as we could, and to this day, both of them are still eating James Wellbeloved as fully grown adult dogs- and doing remarkably well on it too!

        Normally, I buy them the regular 'with rice' formulas of James Wellbeloved, and rotate the brand monthly with Burns food, which is of equal high quality, and they absolutely love all the flavours in both ranges, not preferring one brand, or flavour over the other. Grace and Benson will eat absolutely anything, oblivious to the fact whether it is edible or not!

        However, a couple of months ago when I went to put our order through on Pet Supermarket, I noticed a little ''have you tried this?'' box directing me to the Lamb & Vegetable formula, so decided it was worth trying as a little change for Grace and Benson. Initially, I thought the product was new, having not seen it before, but now, I'm not quite so sure that it is. I think it may have been around for a while but has just somehow slipped through the net!

        When our order arrived a few days later, Grace and Benson were right at the bottom of their current bag of food, so they soon got to sample their new offering.

        Opening up the bag, a rich meaty scent wafted out, which smelt a lot stronger than the normal James Wellbeloved foods, I suppose this is because vegetables are stronger scented and richer than rice, but either way, it wasn't a problem, the food still smelt nice and Grace and Benson agreed. They were over in an instant! The first thing I noticed was the improved design of the bags. The vegetable formulas are packaged in resealable foil bags, compared to the rice formulas that come in non-resealable paper bags, I'm not quite sure why this is, but I definitely prefer the foil bags that keep the food fresher.

        Scooping out the food into their bowls, the kibbles were all a dark rich brown colour, which may look unappetizing, but it is only because they're not pumped full of artificial colours to appeal to the owner! They're all a good medium size. Not so big that little dogs struggle to eat them, and not so tiny that big dogs like mine can gulp them down without chewing. I really liked the shape of the kibbles too. They were almost 'X' shaped when looked down upon from above, and this shape means the kibble is slightly more awkward to eat when compared to standard circular shaped dog food kibbles, so this aids oral health even more so than regular kibbles.

        Putting their food down, and allowing the dogs to tuck in, it was clear the new food was a hit! Grace and Benson love vegetables, I always have to give them a little portion when I cook them for mine and my fiancés tea, so they obviously loved the high percentage of them in their new food. Tails were wagging a mile a minute until their bowls were cleared, and after they'd eaten, they came over to try and scrounge a bit more off me!

        The food, when compared to the regular 'with rice' James Wellbeloved food, is a little bit more expensive, but I suppose this is to be expected considering vegetables obviously cost more than rice. I pay £39 for 10kg (£3.90/kilo) of the vegetable formula, compared to £45 for 15kg (£3/kilo) of the rice based recipe, so this is a relatively steep jump in price, especially considering the feeding requirements of both foods are exactly the same. But even so, 10kg will feed Grace and Benson for around 12 days, so this works out around £3.25 per day, which isn't at all bad for two large dogs.

        To conclude, I'm really happy with this food, and it's nice to be able to offer Grace and Benson something a little bit different than rice based dry foods from time to time. Whilst eating this food, they've stayed in the same brilliant condition with shiny fur, plenty of energy, bright eyes and healthy digestions, so it suits them well. I can't say I'll completely be changing them over from the regular James Wellbeloved, but this product is definitely something I shall continue to buy in rotation with the rice based James Wellbeloved, and the Burns dry food that we also use.

        I can highly recommend it to all owners looking for a reasonably priced and high quality food for their dog, but it is especially worth trying if you have an extra sensitive dog, as it excludes almost all the common allergy triggers!


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