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James Wellbeloved Pouches Lamb with Rice

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Brand: James Wellbeloved / Food Type: Dog Food

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    5 Reviews
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      11.05.2012 15:07
      Very helpful



      A good quality wet food at reasonable price

      When I picked up my puppy he had real tummy trouble. Was weaned on Wagg food and this obviously did not agree with him. Tried him on several other brands such as Royal Cannin, Barking Heads but nothing helped.

      One weekend we were staying at my MIL's and she bought us a bag of James Wellbeloved Kibble to try. This was the first food that Max managed to eat with no tummy problems and he can now eat any of the dry kibble or wet pouches in this brand.

      So what is so great about James Wellbeloved. Well it states that it is hypoallergenic. It has no wheat which is in a lot of dog foods or pork and beef which some dogs react to. They are also egg and dairy free. Obviously one of these was causing my dogs tummy upset because on moving to JWB all his problems have gone.

      Because my dog is a bit fussy I use some of this wet food mixed in with his JWB kibble. It just makes it smell nice and looks tastier too! The pouches come in two flavours - turkey with rice and lamb with rice. Both of which are popular in my house.

      You get 150g in an easy to open pouch. Once opened you need to store the pouch in the fridge. You can see the meat pieces and vegetables, it is not a complete mush!!

      I purchase the pouches from my local peshop at approx 72p each. They are often on offer for 10 for £5. Feeding wet food only is ore expensive than dry but by adding just a little bit to kibble or stuffing a kong to leave with your dog when you have to go out makes things a bit more interesting for them.

      I am very happy with this food and so is Max!!


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      24.10.2009 16:04
      Very helpful



      I doubt you'd regret switching your dog to this food.

      James Wellbeloved is a British dog food company, that specialises in natural and hypoallergenic dog foods. Until recently, they only did dry food, but they recently introduced these meat pouches. The wet range currently only has two flavours, lamb and rice and turkey and rice, which are available in adult and puppy forms, the food contains all natural ingredients, and is a minimum of 26% lamb or turkey meat. This is a lot better than some canned dog foods, which can be as little as 4% meat. The food uses rice as its main cereal, as this is supposed to be healthier for your dog and easier for them to digest, and suitable for some dogs with allergies.

      The pouches can be fed on their own, or with dry dog food. If it is mixed with dry dog food, the pouches will go further, and the dry feed can be reduced (the website recommends reducing dry feed by 40g for every pouch used for adult dogs, and 35g for puppies). The pouches are more expensive than many other wet dog foods, but they are so much better for your dog, and much higher quality.

      The meat used is more easily digestible for dogs than pork and beef, and lamb is a hypoallergenic meat source. They also contain vegetables, (peas and carrots) these provide extra protein and fibre for your dog. Alfalfa is used to help digestion, and linseed oil is used to help maintain a healthy coat. You can read more about the features of each ingredient on their website, which I think shows the company are proud of what goes into their food.

      There is a reason that James Wellbeloved is recommended by dog trainers, vets and any animal expert really for your dog, and that is because it is healthy and rich in nutrition, and excellent for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. If you have any concerns about your dog's diet, I would suggest talking to your vet about this type of food.


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        13.10.2009 18:46
        Very helpful



        Benefits outweigh the disadvantages

        No artificial colours or preservatives, easily digestable, what more would you want from dog food?

        After taking my dog to the vet, I was told to buy him James well beloved. My dog moults alot if he doesnt have the right diet. Pedigree chum, bakers complete etc none of those products are good for my pet, but after a week of eating this dog food he shed less hair. My pooch also loses weight if he eats all those rubbish junk food type brands like the ones I previously mentioned, but James well beloved helped him to start putting on weight again.

        I will never go back to ordinary dog food in a tin again. James well beloved is like caviar for dogs and now I can understand why vets nationwide recommend this food brand over others.

        I is more expensive than other brands but wouldnt you want to pay a bit more if it means your dog is healthy?

        If you do buy this once your dog has eaten this for a week or so, have a look at your dogs poo, it should end up looking like a nice, healthy turd after a while. You can tell if the diet you are feeding your dog is bad by looking at their poo.


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        11.11.2008 22:25
        Very helpful



        Fantastic variety, wet or dry food for cats and dogs, if I were a dog, I'd eat it!

        James wellbeloved is great for our dog. We have a Westie, which are prone to yeast infections in their skin, which give them a real doggy smell. Unlike most brands of dog food, the James Wellbeloved variety is:

        Hypo-allergenic, which means a reduced risk of food allergy or intolerance.

        James Wellbeloved avoid using many of the ingredients renowned for causing food intolerances. This means their range of cat and dog food and treats do not contain beef, pork, wheat or wheat gluten, dairy products, eggs or soya.

        The food is also filled with:
        Natural ingredients - The natural, wholesome ingredients are specially selected to provide the nutritional goodness that your pet needs.

        No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. All the James Wellbeloved cat and dog foods are hypo-allergenic and use a single source of animal protein to help your pet avoid the misery of food intolerance. The company are very proud of the raw materials they use and the fact that they have nothing to hide that they print a full list of ingredients on every pack.

        After changing our dog over to James Wellbeloved years ago, we have nothing but praise for what a difference it has made to our dog - she is at least 10 years old now and hasn't visited the vet once since we got her, testament to Wellbeloved.

        Now Bonnie is sweeter smelling for longer, thanks to the benefits of a healthy diet.

        Make the difference to your pet, change now...


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        11.11.2008 20:34
        Very helpful



        An excellent quality feed or treat that your dog will enjoy, at the same time being good for them!

        *What are James Wellbeloved Pouches?*
        These wet food pouches are part of the James Wellbeloved range of pet foods which includes specialist natural dry diets for cats, dogs and puppies aswell as food for ferrets and natural treats for cats and dogs of all ages.

        *The product itself*
        When it comes to choosing main meal foods for my two dogs- Benson the three year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and one year old Rottweiler Grace, only the best is really good enough. I allow them treats from the Pedigree or Bakers ranges but insist on their main meals being very high quality feeds with only natural, wholesome ingredients and minimal preservatives and additives, hence the reason I am a huge fan of the James Wellbeloved range. All their foods meet my fussy requirements and they are something the dogs enjoy massively too, so everyone's a winner.

        These pouches are the newest addition to the range. They contain only named meat as the meat protein source, in this case, lamb, and easy to digest boiled rice as a provider of carbohydrates with carrots and peas for vitamins and fibre, all mixed together in a meaty gravy and packed in pre-portioned 150g foil pouches. The food is hypo-allergic which means they contain no beef, pork, soya, wheat, dairy or eggs and therefore makes it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and can help soothe itchy skin and allergies, aswell as helping to calm over hyperactive dogs as they are additive free. Extra ingredients alfalfa, seaweed and linseed are added to help condition itchy, dry skin and lastly tomatoes as an antioxidant. The food is cooked in the pouch in which it is contained meaning it retains more natural vitamins and minerals than canned dog foods or other pouched foods that are put in the pouch after cooking.

        The food is complete, which means if you wish you can feed this food exclusively to your dog and he will receive all the nutrition he needs to stay happy and healthy, the food can is designed for adult dogs (over 1 year old) but has no top age range limit so is suitable for senior dogs too, a puppy version is available for younger dogs. Its worth bearing in mind though that soft foods coat the teeth and lead to plaque and tartar forming, so if you feed just this food alone to your dog, then be sure to provide hard crunchy biscuits or chews for your dog regularly to help scrape the teeth clean and gums firm and healthy.

        Unlike Pedigree pouches, these James Wellbeloved ones contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no meat and animal derivates (feathers, bone, skin etc) and the meat, rice and vegetables are set in a thick pale gravy, not cheap jelly. Smell wise, they are pretty nice to be honest, even I thought they smelt quite pleasant and I'm a vegetarian! They smell like the meat they are supposed to and you can see how high quality the chunks of meat are, and the separate pieces of rice and vegetables in the mix.

        The design of the James Wellbeloved pouches is pretty basic and rather old fashioned looking. They are made from strong, thick foil with an easy tear strip along the top and a wider base so they can stand alone easily in your cupboard if needed. The colour scheme matches that of the dry bags of food (yellow for lamb and orange for turkey) and thick red stripes run along the length of the pouch. At the top is the James Wellbeloved logo and the intended age range for the product aswell as the flavour and all the nasty additives that the food is free from. On the reverse is a feeding guide, the ingredients list and contact details for James Wellbeloved. Once empty, the pouches can be rinsed out and recycled.

        *Price & Availability*
        James Wellbeloved is a specialist brand and therefore not available in supermarkets, only the larger pet stores such as Pets At Homes or even some veterinary surgeries. The pouches are only available in one size only (150g) and two flavours- lamb with rice and turkey with rice. As yet, no multipacks are available and the pouches are only available singularly for 59p each. These seems quite expensive considering a 150g Pedigree pouch works out at just over 36p each if they were purchased separately, but you pay for quality.

        *Ingredients & Nutritional Information*

        James Wellbeloved Lamb with Rice (59p per 150g): Lamb meat (min 26%), rice (min 4%), peas (min 4%), carrots (min 4%), sunflower oil, sugar beet pulp, linseed oil, calcium carbonate, seaweed, alfalfa, potassium chloride, tomatoes.

        Pedigree Lamb & Poultry (36p per 150g): meat and animal derivatives (min 4% lamb, min 4% poultry), cereals, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extracts, minerals. Contains EEC permitted colourants.

        The top list is the ingredients for this food, and the second is a list of ingredients for the closest match from the Pedigree range. I have put both up for a comparison. You can clearly see where the difference in price comes from and what food is the better for your dog. Whereas Pedigree contains mainly animal derivatives and no actual real meal or whole pieces of rice or vegetables and is set in a cheap jelly not a thick meat gravy. Pedigree also contains additives, artificial flavours and colours, James Wellbeloved is free from all three.

        Protein 5.5%, oil 4.5%, ash 1.2%, fibre 0.5%, moisture 82%

        Nutritionally, the James Wellbeloved pouches are a good, notorious food. Although the amount of protein looks small considering how much meat is in them, it's actually a nice reasonable amount- enough to be beneficial to your dogs muscles but not enough to cause hyper-activity or stomach upsets in sensitive dogs. The oil content of the food will help promote a healthy skin and conditioned skin. The fibre content however is low and could cause constipation in some dogs if this food is fed exclusively. As with all wet foods, the moisture content is shocking high, and the reason you need to feed so much more wet food than dry, as it is mostly just water.

        *My opinion*
        Grace and Benson are both fed on a complete dry food, either the dry food from the James Wellbeloved range, or one made by Burns but I do like to add a bit of something different to one of their two meals everyday to provide different tastes and textures and to add a bit of variety to their diet and prevent them from getting bored.

        Raw beef mince, cooked chicken breast, boiled vegetables & rice, offal, canned fish, boiled pasta and canned dog food are on the 'weekly menu' and I add something different from that selection everyday of the week to their evening meal. On the canned dog food day I had previously been using any brand of canned dog food, as after all they are only getting one can between the two of them once a week so it wasn't going to do them any harm, but when I received a free sample of these James Wellbeloved pouches with their bag of dry food I was completely converted.

        Upon opening the pouch I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the food. Large chunks of meat were visible and you could see the small strands of rice and lots of pieces of vegetables all coated in a decent amount of gravy, and to be honest, it smelt lovely, actually like the meat it was supposed to unlike the horrible stench I was use to from the cans of food I had been previously giving them. The next meal time I used a whole pouch between the two dogs as a topping for their dry food and they absolutely devoured it. I mixed it up with their kibble so it was all coated in gravy and it went down better than anything else I had given them, and they were licking their bowls clean for ages afterwards. Granted, Grace and Benson will eat anything you put in front of them but it was clear that they had thoroughly enjoyed the James Wellbeloved pouches. Both dogs have guts of steel so I was pretty confident the food wouldn't upset their stomachs and I was right, but even if you do have a sensitive dog I'm sure even this food would be ok as the gravy isn't too rich and the meat, vegetables and rice are all easy to digest.

        Another feature I liked was the style of the pouches. They were incredibly easy to open and didn't need any spoons or forks to serve, simply squeeze the food from the pouch straight into your dogs bowl and you don't even need to break it apart into smaller pieces for your dog to eat, so it really is clean, quick and easy to feed and would be confident if you were out for the day with your dog and they needed a meal whilst out.

        I wouldn't even like to imagine how much it would cost to feed your dog only this food and nothing else, as the larger breeds will need up to ten pouches a day but I will definitely continue buying it to be fed alongside their dry kibble once a week, and use it also on the days I have been unable to get to the butchers to pick up offal, mince or the like for them.

        *Pro's & Con's*
        + Extremely high quality natural ingredients
        + Human grade meat
        + Cooked in the pouch to retain natural goodness
        + Contains vegetables
        + Hypo-allergenic
        + Smells lovely
        + Not bulked out with cheap fillers
        + Contains real meaty gravy, not cheap jelly
        + No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
        + Puppy version available
        + Contain no animal derivates
        + Easy to serve

        - No larger 300g pouches
        - Multipacks not available
        - Only two flavours at present


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        Tender lamb bits, for meat protein source, combined with rice and vegetables.

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